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Fanboying over Fleetfoot · 5:44am Oct 10th, 2013

I think after seeing Fleetfoot in action in the comics, she has made a big fan out of me. If any of you have read the comics then you know what I'm talking about. But this is just a blog of me just gushing about this character, if your interested in this character or just curious to know what I'm talking about then read on.

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Can I say? I enjoy your story 'Equestrian Human'. I know you may think that it's a momentous task/not worth it. But despite a shaky start, you've got interesting characters and an intriguing potential plot. Hell, I based my Colgate off yours. Maybe if you didn't try to log in every appearance by Lyra/Bon Bon, you'd go along farther without much pain. Not every inane event needs to be mentioned. But things like the parasprites or Bon Bon getting her cart dumped on her, well, that'd do some stuff. Sorry for being annoying.


Sorry, my computer has bugged out and caught a bad virus. I needed to get a new one. It'll be coming out soon I promise

Why no update of equestrian human?

I'm glad you're enjoying my story Hey Diddle Diddle, A Visit From Fiddle. I hope it continues to entertain you. :twilightsmile:

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