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Anyone home? · 8:25pm Sep 10th, 2013

To my knowledge, i'm back to reading and writing, it took far to long to pull myself away from the hundreds of games, few friends and self pity but by tonight me and my new story friend Night Shimmer will be here, I will be reading and we will be writing.

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482017Of course I'm happy I went.... I just felt like joking around with applejack2357:derpytongue2::derpytongue2:

well think of it this way, your lucky you can GO to EQLA. I on the other hoof, can't even leave the town im in because i dont have the transport.

so ... BE HAPPY YOU WER EVEN THERE:pinkiecrazy:

461888My day was terrible--especially yesterday!:trollestia:

I was at EQLA for one day, and now it's over. Everypony keeps saying I just gotta wait til next year, but I WANNA GO AGAIN NOW!!!!

461825 Well, that's good. I hope you have a nice day!:pinkiehappy:

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