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When Metropony city falls under attack, who is there to save her?

That's right! Harpflank and Sweets are back, in the never-before seen lost episodes from their iconic first season!

The not-lost episodes: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/7621/Harpflank-and-Sweets

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Be sure to watch earlier episodes of Harpflank and Sweets if you're new to the series.


aw yea liked it now i need to read the old ones! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

aw yea liked it now i need to read the old ones! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Huh. Not bad. You captured Arcainum's sense of action and comedy pretty well. It's almost like how a different studio would take a series for a few episodes and do it in their style. The characters and plot are all the same, but you can tell the differences.

The action scenes I found confusing, however. The characters are bouncing from one piece of the scenery to another and it's not always clear who's acting or talking. Particularly during Sweets' scene. I think a little more fluidity would help.

Still, for a first time effort in this world, it hit all the right marks. A lot of mystery was added, which, given how this series has been released so far, the readers won't see for a while if you move to another, earlier episode.


Loving it. Looking forward to the next one! Also, boss cover is boss. Dem suits! Dat title!

Thanks for your honest opinions. I totally get what your saying about the confusions, I allways saw that as being the main flaw in my writing style. As to the chronology, when I pitched the idea to Arcainum, it was as a more continuous mini-arc that could fit in the timeline.


Most awesome indeed! So glad someone took up the offer and did an episode, I don't thank it could have went any better. Srsly, Surprise and Mare-Do-Well! Good show!

Surprise! :pinkiegasp:
Mare-Do-Well! :yay:
CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS SEASON TWO FORESHADOWERS, YAY! :scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry:

I'd say this entire episode was simply... SO... AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

YAY! Surprise makes a good Joker.

I wonder if that'll be what goes down between Surprise and Mare-Do-Well, if they AREN'T the same pony.


Seeing as they were both at two different sides of the city at roughly the same time, I don't believe it is very likely.
Out of curiosity SS, are you planning to write these "episodes" in a linear fashion or in Arcainum's usual anarchic method of progression? Keep up the good work.

I'm pretty sure that Surprise and Mare-Do-Well are one and the same, seeing as how Surprise stole Bon-Bon's superpowers after beating the tar out of her.
Loved the CEnTAuR Lunatron. Perfect adversary, considering Lyra's obsession with !HANDS!

Pretty sure it should be 'Bon-Bon', not 'Bon-bon', but that's just a teeny-tiny nitpick. Not really worth wasting time on.

Anywho, great episode! Looking forward to more. I'm watching you...watching you like a hawk.

Like a hawk!

That's not fair! Lyra and BonBon have tried very long and very hard to catch Trixie, and then Maredowell catches her. I'm with Lyra, Maredowell can't be trusted. She's TOO good, there has to be something off about her...
But I'm glad there a new Harpflank and Sweets. It's way to long ago that I had my chapterly portion.

2394648 Don't worry Trixie's the Villain of the week, (minus a few guest stars) She probably has a Get out of jail free device in hammer space just for this occasion. Unless this is all a plan to infiltrate the police department and has a grand scheme based around it. :trixieshiftleft:

Phew! What a comeback! Nice to see this is still in development.

This was a crazy chapter, with Bon-Bon all emotional, Lyra going in all full-cocked (as usual), Surprise just acting bonkers and Mare Do Well stealing the spotlight!

I feel the action was better handled this time around. I wasn't too confused as to what was going on which is good because there were a lot of action beats in this. Looking good!

Looking forward to how this wraps up! I'm sure Luna, as disdainful as she is towards Trixie, isn't going to let her subordinate rot in jail.

I think you leveled up your writing skills about ten times since the last chapter, and I for one, am so happy to see this story resurrected.:pinkiehappy::yay::rainbowkiss:

Considering it took me almost a year to work it to the point I was satisfied with it, I'm glad you think that it was an improvement. :scootangel:

Just as it seemed that nopony was even willing to breath

1. Breathe.

Oh god, the ending gave me feels of immesurable proportions. Poor BB... Be right back while I cry liquid pride:fluttershysad:

The Enchantress took exception to to the comparison
with only slightly worse burns then she herself now wore
while Flicking through the dry, cracked parchment
or won’t just be us who has to pay the price for this

1. Extra to.
2. Than.
3. Extra capitalisation.
4. Or it won't be just us who has to pay the price.

Dafuq is with the chapter titles


Is this a joke

I don't get it




never stop T_T

4183578 The original thing is just me writing random stories that happen to be connected and I gave them random episode numbers as an HOMAGE to the way you would always catch random episodes of shows on a weekend because they never got shown in order in the 90s.

4183609 Ah I understand yes I did that in the UK with things like the simpsons, top gear etc even if there is no continuity really but even so

However, what you don't know is that I have created a season 1 timeline that I reference to ensure that my entries never contradict any of the other episodes, as well as to leave sufficient space in between for there to be plausible transition without having to awkwardly manuver around the 'next time on Harpflank and sweets' previews.

This is one heck of an update.

I see a marked improvement in both exposition, action, and humor. The funny bits honestly had me chuckling a few times.

The action is much easier to follow. It's exiting and tense, just what this series needs.

I gotta admit, Trixie was a much chillier villain this time around. Instead of a powerful, but cartoony bumbling goon, she really exuded malice, even before the amulet's power took over. Very nicely done.

The Enchantress really is an evil... enchantress! But she didn't do any silly dances!

Rather touching scene with Luna at the end. All's the pity that she ends up Rainbowfied.

Wonderful work!

OK, despite not even knowing what she's doing half the time, Surprise is still f*cking creepy, Harpflank and Sweets are a team again, and somehow, Maredowell is simultanously Harpflank AND Sweets in addition to being able to switch between the three main pony races at will and Trixie is now forced to work with Surprise. Talk about a cliffhanger.

The Amazing Adventures of Harpflank and Sweets are back! The wait was long, but worth it!

Always a fun time when this updates!

More drama and less hijinks this time around, but Surprise managed to get several good chuckles out of me, even through the creepiness.

More Mare Do Well revelations! Now to wait to see just how this all came to be.

Also, Trixie is never NOT entertaining.

I’m loath to break you off from your work


Lyra’s only only guide on being a normal pony

Extra Only.

chances of Bon-Bon being

Extra spacing.

unless this some sort of creepy love thing

Unless this is some sort of creepy love thing.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t be some sort of creepy love thing.’

Meant to put an apostrophe instead of the opening quotation mark.

Rixie waved a hoof dismissively, her restraints jingling as she did so


through our base.The magic that

Forgot your spacing.

drew momentarily to a halt .

Extra spacing.

spreading like wildfire to ensorcel every colossal log in the warehouse


the campus had already been

Extra spacing.

Metropony loves it’s superheroes
returning the throne room to it’s regular dimly-lit state
a game that is millennia in it's progress
Surprise unslotted the Cylinder from it’s base
adjusted her hat to it's preferred angle
thanks to it’s not insignificant role
Holding up the communicator so it's camera could take in the damning evidence
for the Lunatron to stick it’s head in and bare open the cockpit for it’s waiting master
re-directing it’s plasma harmlessly into the air
and bit it’s head clean off


So... Creepy existential crisis created by genetic cloning/splicing of two super powered mares anyone? No? I think it is.

Dang, really thought I'd exterminated all of those it's. They breed like flies or something.

Seeing as you're checking all my mistakes anyway, could I ask you to be a go-to proofreader? As you can probably tell, it's not something that would require your services particularly often.

6363582 I don't mind at all but hope you don't mind my own schedule being somewhat erratic as well but mostly due to time zones in many cases. And yeah, the It's VS Its is a common thing around nowadays, happens to everyone.

So Mare-Do-Well is a mash-up between Lyra, Bon-Bon, and possibly Rainbow Dash? Whoa.

Surprise seems like an even less sane take on Dark Knight's Joker. Im impressed, if a little disturbed. :rainbowderp:

Glad to see our heroes have made up, now. Looking forward to the next prison-break.

Such a vastly under-rated series.

“Now, Fleur, I know I... killed your husband, b-but we can still come to some sort of agreement! How about I let you kill my wife. Then we’ll be even!”

Tell me you crafted most of the story plot *just* so you could use this line, you evil person. :pinkiehappy:

I think the slow upload time hurts its chances a bit.


It's actually been in development since before Crusaders of the Lost Mark. But Spolied Rich fit in too well with the general concept so I was able to slip that one in there.

“But I can... I can keep you alive for as long as I want.”

Behold, ponified Mr Freeze, except so so much cooler.

"Alright you nutjob, I swear, if you make me say ‘freeze’, I’ll snap that frozen mane right off your head.”

She doesn't like puns, does she?

“That’s who I am, isn’t it? Just another deranged monster plaguing the citizens of Metropony.”

The fact that you acknowledge this shows that you are not.

Starswirl chuckled with almost paternal mirth at his student’s nagging.
“A winter cursed by spirits, and saved by the warmth inside the heart of a beautiful mare? You can’t tell me you aren’t the least bit nostalgic, Clover.”

This is very interesting.

(This is probably the longest and THE single best Harpflank and Sweets ANYTHING I've ever read, this is actually kinda reminiscent of the Mr Freeze episode back in the original Batman The Animated Series.)

And out of nowhere a new chapter shows up! Well, that was certainly a good two hours of reading. Good show! You still got it.

So are these meant to be superheroes or BDSM ponies? Because those costumes look really similar to stuff I've seen in other stories on this site. I'm not saying you stole designs, mind you - I'm saying they look like sex outfits that other people put up as their clopfiction cover art. It's really distracting and weird.

“Nanomachines, son.”

That aside, I really love how Surprise is kinda like Joker from Dark Knight, she just wants anarchy, the end of predictability and destiny, just pure chaos, she'd love Discord, and how Derpy, despite being somewhat silly at times, is EXTREMELY competent.

Surprise grinned in that signature menacing way of hers, tapping her hooves together in front of her. Rover couldn’t tell if she was meant to be scheming or applauding.

“Oh you silly pup, there’s no fun in destabilizing the established system if I know exactly what’s going to happen next! And, well - one of the perks of being certifiably insane is that you can lock away nuggets of information in the little cracks of your own Psyche.”

Oh my God, it's Pinkie Pie crossed with the Joker.

As if coming to a mutual agreement, they both chose to attack at the exact same instant. They leapt together, clashing in an exchange of jabs and blocks so fast that they created a vacuum where the air molecules were unable to keep pace with them.

For a normal pony, the exchange would only have seemed to last for a scant few seconds, perhaps just less than ten should the observer be sufficiently dull enough to spend that time counting seconds, rather than watching the epic showdown playing out before them.

Welp. They're doing the ORA ORA thing :rainbowlaugh:.

Disappointing that this didn't get many comments. I considered posting my own impressions, but I guess there's probably not much point digging up a two-year-old story just to criticize it.

Over 350 wpm? Pretty fast.

Poor ghosticorn. Sentenced to eternal confinement in the void, without anypony ever trying to communicate with her or question whether her vaguely reported "vileness" really justified her punishment. I bet that traumatized a lot of kids when it aired.

(I'm pretty sure it's "her", anyway; I don't want to reread the story to double-check.)

Can't say you've done a perfect job of that, but it was an interesting project while it lasted. I'd kind of like to see the scenes from the previews, though (at least, some of them). Too bad 4222927 undermines that slightly with their Episode 13.


I gotta admit, Trixie was a much chillier villain this time around. Instead of a powerful, but cartoony bumbling goon, she really exuded malice, even before the amulet's power took over.

Ironic how now it's the opposite if you read in "episode" order. She starts out malicious in Heart of Winter, but the next two episodes show her fear of Luna. Then she spends most of this story not in her right mind, or as a victim of the real villian, and it ends with that fluffy recovery scene.

The Enchantress really is an evil... enchantress! But she didn't do any silly dances!

"Evil" seems a little extreme. I don't want to downplay the act of selling a power source to ponies who want to turn cities into smouldering craters; but things arguably worked out for the better as a result.

Rather touching scene with Luna at the end. All's the pity that she ends up Rainbowfied.


Revisiting to add:


The fact that you acknowledge this shows that you are not.

This is some dubious logic despite reaching an arguably-correct conclusion.

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