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A time-traveling alien pony.
A permanently cross-eyed pegasus.
A prim and proper cellist.
A hard-working confectioner.
A future DJ with attitude.
An aloof yet friendly lyrist.
These six ponies have been in the background for three whole seasons. Now it's time they got their own story. A story involving secrets, new friendships, and the return of a mare long thought to be an old ponies' tale.
Alternate Mane Six story. Due to five character limit, imagine Octavia tag.

Has an audio reading. Start here

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Awesome job! I wonder why nopony liked it yet.

Also, I hope Bonnie isn't gonna be the Element of Laughter. Kindness, maybe, but I doubt Laughter.

I loved it ^^ keep up the good work :rainbowwild:

also i give it five out of five trolls

Who votes Derpy for Element of Magic?

2913134 Oh, trust me, that will be a surprise in itself.:ajsmug:

Lyra should be honesty.
Octavia should be generosity.
Bon Bon should be kindness.

Derpy should be laughter.
Vinyl should be loyalty.
Doctor should be magic.
^_^ great story. I see great things coming from this.

Hmmmm... Vinyl is my favourite pony, so I'll give this a read through:pinkiehappy:.

And PS: you forgot octavia in the characters.
Have a moustache :moustache:

Scratch that last PS (if you see what I did there) :facehoof:

Nah we went over this in a different story
The doctor can't be magic for obvious reasons
Reminder rule one: The doctor lies
The doctor is not kind to those he deems "in the wrong" unlike fluttershy whos kind to all
The doctor is loyal to none except the campanions he chooses but he could be called loyal to them because he watches and protects them even when their gone
Remember his nickname "the oncoming storm" and "his eyes contain fire ice and rage" yup doesn't sound like laughter
And finally one could consider him generous as he gives every one enemy or not a chance

Bravo sir, bravo, another good chapter leaving me eager to read more.

This chapter was once again, enjoyable and I hope you try to write some more soon.

Although I do have one inquiry; is this fic, going to be predominately shown from the Doctors point if view?

Until next time, peace out

2922884 Predominantly, yes. Exclusively, no.

*looks at own profile picture*
*looks at story*
If anyone wants to see a higher res version HERE.

Which bob-bon voice should I do? :twilightoops:

A story that takes random background ponies and makes them the main characters... MUST. HAVE. MOAR.


But what if there was an Element of Time eh?

Another excellent chapter, good sir.

Well done. :moustache:

Charlie Brown reference in the title?
Either way I love this story and cannot wait for more!

I can see the doctor mumble to himself "remember you, I was there!"

Charlie Brown reference for the therapy booth or a doctor who reference when he saves the planet from prisoner zero, or from countless movies about hospitals. Take your pick.

2930876 None, although you were closer with the Doctor Who thing. I'll give it a few more days before I give up my faith in humanity. :pinkiesad2:

Dang! I remember that line "The Doctor is In" from an episode in DW, but I can't remember it AT ALL. Le sigh.

Well I'm usually good with references, but this one has stumped me to somewhat of an extent. Nevertheless, a good chapter, and I am noticing you have a truly strong passion for writing, otherwise you wouldn't be uploading them so quickly.

But until the next chapter, some Z's may be needed as I've spent these last couple of nights reading through story's such as this until 2.30 in the morning, but it is still enjoyable to do so.

Peace out (keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:, I've already recommended this story to several mates of mine)

2933453 Actually, the reason for the quick uploads is because I write the stories out to completion first and then start posting them online. That way, no one has to wait so long for when writer's block and real life start to happen.

The only criticism is the Honesty trial was EXACTLY the same.

2936531 Well, in my defense, I tried to make it sound better. I mean, let's face it, Applejack's line was pretty... um... off during that part. (I can't really describe it any other way).

2936669 Mhm. STill though, the point remains.

That was definatly an unexpected twist.

Wonderful! There should be more stories like this!

Well, he's no Shadowbolt but he'll do as a test of Loyalty.....

The second dr got banished to earth and regenerated. The third dr than was stuck on earth for a while and worked for UNIT

By now, the ponies were only barely aware of what was happening. After a constant stream, the Doctor felt the

you may want to fix that ending

is the name a reference to epic wub time musicians of ponyville?

2958236 Um, no. Actually, it's the title of a fimfiction on this website by GrassandClouds2 (which you should really check out, BTW :raritywink:), the first story in the so-called "Cadanceverse."

2958149 Thanks. Don't know how I missed that. :twilightsheepish:

darn i thought i had that oh well

Its an epic wub time reference also

even close friends have to say good-bye. And he hated good-byes.

Would make a better reference if written like

even close friendships have to end. And he hated endings.

Get it lol

Somehow i don't like the doctors characterization here if he's onlybeen here for less than a day then why does he have equestrian bits? Why is he not fumbling with his hooves, messing up the terminology, or amazed at the magic use or weather manipulation? Kinda takes the comedy out of having a doctor who mlp crossover. Also why does he need a place to sleep he has the tardis and time lords rarely sleep anyway

2962808 All I can tell you is to keep reading. By the time I upload the final chapter, it should make more sense.

CAN'T.....HOLD.....ON.....MUCH LONGER....
and that's why he's called Cliff Hanger!!!

Ohhhhhh that explains everything in this fic he's always been a pony this isn't time lord in human form in Equestria like other fics

Time for the next story arc to be starred by the Background!

Awesome i can't wait for the next chapter

My favourite thing to do is to go around favouriting stories that were inspired/use the same picture as me. Unless they're bad. Which yours isn't.


Hey, you know what people like? Sequels and Doctor x Derpy romances! You should combine the two...:ajsmug:hint hint!

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