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Applejack is back at Equestrialand, hoping to actually enjoy the park this time. No such luck, though, as the security guard she met last time is now convinced that she actually was impersonating a law official. With Pinkie's help, however, maybe she can get this whole mess settled once and for all.

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This story is a sequel to Your Mission Begins Here!

Reading the original story is highly encouraged, but not entirely necessary.

The Cutie Map is back, and the Watchers of the Map are back too. And they have more friendship missions for the Mane 6 to take care of. How do they come to their conclusions as to who should go? How do they decide where they should go? And perhaps most importantly, how do they handle each other's... unique look on things?

These answers and more as the mission begins anew.

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The Cutie Map.

Created by the Tree of Harmony to help Princess Twilight Sparkle spread her mission of friendship throughout the land. Every so often, it will call on her and her friends, send them to another location plagued by selfish, belligerent, or just downright unfriendly ponies (or whatever), and lead them to the direction on the path of true friendship.

But how does it know where they should go? How does it know who should go? Why these places in particular?

Step into the world of the Cutie Map and find out how the mission begins.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Background Pony: Party Hardly

For the first story in the series, click here.

Vinyl Scratch, aka DJ-PON3, is getting ready for her first out-of-town concert and she is stoked. As the day draws near, she catches a magic show by a traveling magician. But the mare's tricks are nothing to brag about (not that it's stopping her). But in confronting her, Vinyl will have to decide whether she can do better or be better.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Background Pony: New Neighbors

Read the first story here.

Time Turner's been working on the TARDIS for a long time now. But after his latest repair job ends in near tragedy for him and Derpy, he starts feeling depressed. Derpy, being the good friend and bringer of happiness that she is, decides to throw Turner a surprise party to cheer him up. But can she, and the rest of their friends, keep it a surprise for long? And even if they do, will it be enough to bring Turner out of his sad state?
Extra character tag: Bon Bon (seriously, why can't we have six tags?)

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This story is a sequel to My Little Doctor Whooves: Horsing Around

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack are now the newest passengers aboard the TARDIS with the newly regenerated Doctor. And for their first adventure, they go to one of the most important points in Equestria's history: the Fall of Discord.
But something's not right. Instead of being defeated, Discord is practically unstoppable. It's up to these time-traveling ponies to find out what went wrong and how to make it go right.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Background Pony: Friendship is Magic

After the Summer Sun Celebration, the Doctor has been living as Time Turner and is enjoying his new life as a resident of Ponyville. He's got a good job, great friends, and life seems peaceful.
But it doesn't last. Ponies have gone missing lately, and it seems the perpetrators are not normal by any means. Can Time Turner, Derpy Hooves, Bon Bon, Vinyl Scratch, Lyra Heartstrings, and Octavia find out what's going on and, more importantly, put a stop to it?

Extra character tag: Bon Bon

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Canterlot, Equestria, Equus. This is where the Doctor has found himself after he crashes the TARDIS. He also finds he's regenerated into a pony of all things. While trying to adjust to his new situation, he meets six other ponies, their princess of the sun, and a familiar threat.
Rated for safety.

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Luna's been on the moon for the past millennium. So when she comes back, she feels out of place. No one she knows is alive anymore and this generation of ponies makes her feel even more alien. Celestia decides to have her meet some ponies who may understand her emotions and, in so doing, bring her out of her shell.

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A time-traveling alien pony.
A permanently cross-eyed pegasus.
A prim and proper cellist.
A hard-working confectioner.
A future DJ with attitude.
An aloof yet friendly lyrist.
These six ponies have been in the background for three whole seasons. Now it's time they got their own story. A story involving secrets, new friendships, and the return of a mare long thought to be an old ponies' tale.
Alternate Mane Six story. Due to five character limit, imagine Octavia tag.

Has an audio reading. Start here

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