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The Cutie Map.

Created by the Tree of Harmony to help Princess Twilight Sparkle spread her mission of friendship throughout the land. Every so often, it will call on her and her friends, send them to another location plagued by selfish, belligerent, or just downright unfriendly ponies (or whatever), and lead them to the direction on the path of true friendship.

But how does it know where they should go? How does it know who should go? Why these places in particular?

Step into the world of the Cutie Map and find out how the mission begins.

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Hey there. Thanks very much for getting this short story up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. I have to admit, I DID enjoy the exchanges between the spirits in charge of the map and the reasoning for the selections. :-D

If this is told in second person, then it should have a 2nd person tag.

Cool. This is pretty awesome.

7198957 But it's not told in second-person. There's not even any narration whatsoever. (For the record, 2nd-person means the key narrative pronoun is "you.")

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