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Luna's been on the moon for the past millennium. So when she comes back, she feels out of place. No one she knows is alive anymore and this generation of ponies makes her feel even more alien. Celestia decides to have her meet some ponies who may understand her emotions and, in so doing, bring her out of her shell.

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Wonderfull as always ^^ :pinkiecrazy: Bring me more XD

Agreed. I to hunger for more. :pinkiecrazy:

Bat ponies :heart:

("Indoor voice", Luna)
(Hmf. Yes. As We were saying... Thy tale hath pleased Us greatly, scribe!)

This actually makes a considerable amount of sense, as far as filling in the gaps to explain Luna's absence through all of season 1, why she wasn't seen during the incident with Discord, and where the bat-winged ponies pulling her carriage came from.

Interesting, I shall read this.
But before I do I'd like to point one thing out

No one she knows is alive anymore and this generation of ponies makes her feel even more alien

Should be Nopony she knew or had known......
(The nopony thing isn't that big of a deal, just personal preference when reading stories that aren't anthro/human)

Very good story.
Have a like :pinkiehappy:

This is actually pretty good!

this was a very cathartic episode for luna. she still feels estranged from her subjects. it will take time to learn once again, how to socialize with her subjects, and this is a perfect opportunity to do this, and in the company of her own fellow creatures of the night. this story was very, to the heart of her insecurity, and I wish her much luck in adjusting to this new equestria. I love these kind of stories, because it brings out a kind of exploration frame of mind. it can be scary, like coming home, after a long absence. everyone looks at you strangely, because youre not the same as when you left. things change, and you feel somewhat out of place.

I would love to see many of the bat pony stories, like this one, put into an anthology, and published.

Another good tale, along these lines, is titled; Merry Moon Memorial, by Nuke. I seriously recommend giving it a read. I love the stories of Lunas' reunion with her thestrals.

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