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Welcome to Ray's Gallery.

So, yeah, this module is dedicated to the art Ray has done for me, all free of charge, because he's an awesome friend like that. :) Words can't express just how much I appreciate all of this.

Can't say how much I appreciate this picture Ray..... It really means a lot. ;~;
(Despite your little flub there with 'forever'. :P I still love it! <3 )

Such a cute couple, aren't they? ^w^


You know what Poppy? You like acting like a cat so much....... Let's fix that shall we?
........ O-okay?

There we go! D'awwwwww

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*smiles and softly giggles* Who says they'll have slitted eyes? Me or the handsome father here don't have them. *sticks her tongue out slightly before she nuzzles Ray*
True enough I guess. Heh.
*sighs happily watching the little ones play as she leans on Cinn* Not that if they do have those eyes you won't love them just as much though.
Of course. They are my little ones. *nuzzles her little twins, the two little fillies cooing and giggling in response to their mother's nuzzles*

2169555 Np bro! Theres other things to die from cuteness by! *looks at foal luna pic and promptly dies of cuteness/diabetes lol*

2096934 *Nuzzles him back* Even if they can tire us at times.
Well they certainly are quite nice to take care of, but that's mainly because we got you all to help out. *Nuzzles the foals softly.*
I wonder if ponies will think they are yours once they're older. Would be funny seeing them learn that they came from a Pegasus and unicorn. *giggles.*
Slitted eyes don't make them bat pony related.
Then it makes them snake related? *chuckles.*
Oh quite you. *chuckles*

Heh. Well thanks?
Too bad we've kinda moved this over to Skype only...... :ajsleepy:

But if you want, you can throw that guy Ray some love, he's the one who writes/draws. :raritywink:
He's the one who drew all the pictures above. :pinkiesmile:
Also, thanks for the watch. :twilightsheepish:

this whole thing is just..........*hngg*DAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!! *promtly dies of cuteness overload*

  • Viewing 2,146 - 2,150 of 2,150
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