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This story is a sequel to Your Mission Begins Here!

Reading the original story is highly encouraged, but not entirely necessary.

The Cutie Map is back, and the Watchers of the Map are back too. And they have more friendship missions for the Mane 6 to take care of. How do they come to their conclusions as to who should go? How do they decide where they should go? And perhaps most importantly, how do they handle each other's... unique look on things?

These answers and more as the mission begins anew.

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I like the take on this.

It leaves a lot to be desired content-wise, but makes up for it with it's simplicity. And the fact it can leave... future missions? (:rainbowkiss:) to the imaginations, such as Twilight and Rainbow Dash in Cloudsdale. was that one..?

Thanks very much for getting the sequel started. And, again, I like the reasoning for the teaming.

7838068 Don't worry, it won't be left to the imagination for long.:raritywink:

Again, excellent job on the exchange and the reason for choosing Applejack and Pinkie.

7853173 Do you, perchance, mean Fluttershy?

7853404 Yeah, I did. Thanks for the correction.

I liked the first one and I also like this one. It's a different take on the map-episodes. It shows the supposed story behind the missions and it's funny to read. There are not enough story's about the map-table and how it works. Most of the time it's just "magic" and that's boring...

Not much I can say other than excellent job on this latest chapter. The exchange was well done and the reason for the importance of the mission was well given. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

Ah, but until then, when the inspiration strikes, you can make your own missions!

I still enjoy these though.

7869327 Intriguing, but as these segments take place in the world of the map and are written without standard narration, it wouldn't work as well.

7869342 I see how that would be a problem.

It's a nice thought though.

Again, I love the work on this latest chapter. It took a while, but was well worth the wait. I particularly liked the reasoning gave in the argument to send Starlight in alone (indeed both sides DO make a very good point).

I would like to see how these two justify the Spike thing. The very cause of the Friendship problem. And by calling him up, only made it worse.

Comment posted by titanhades70 deleted Apr 28th, 2018

Hey there. Thanks greatly for getting this up. And yeah, I love the arguments/points made as usual.

Of course, now the next one is going to be the reasoning behind calling in the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

But, yeah, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this (as well as, if you can find sufficient inspiration, another installment of your "My Little Background Pony" universe)


Wait, didn't you miss the Spike mission?

No. CF specifically said that in the author's notes of the previous chapter that THAT one was going to be skipped ON PURPOSE.

Wonderful job on explaining the map's expansion following the movie. Yeah. LOVED the chat between the beings in charge of the Tree.

Always fun to hear the watchers side of things. I love it.

Twilight did more for that mission then the Crusaders. They were actually pretty useless.

Thanks very much for getting this chapter up. And yeah, the exchange between the Map's spirits was well done as usual. And, yeah, could see the point of picking the Crusaders for the mission (despite the fact that Twilight was actually the bigger help on that one, there WERE some good arguments made here).

Excellent work on this latest chapter. Loved the discussion from the spirits concerning the reasons for making this a map mission as well as both the comparisons AND the contrasts to Spike's mess.

REALLY good job on this chapter. Yeah, really good explanation for how Discord was able to mess with the map. Discord's argument with the map's spirits was surprisingly entertaining stuff (certainly more so than the actual episode).

Great job on the discussion between the map spirits concerning not only the location of the anomaly and prior experience with map-messing but also Cozy Glow.

REALLY good job on this latest chapter. Again, I love the argument between the two spirits particularly the origins behind the "Peaks of Peril" nickname and one spirit comparing the other to Starswirl.

And, yeah, I could see the reasoning here behind the selection of Applejack and Fluttershy.

And I'm guessing the next/final chapter is probably going to be the tree spirits calling in the Young Six after Sombra destroys the tree.

9776582 As I've got it figured at the moment, it's going to be a little more complex than that.

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