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After a date with his Marefriend, Big Macintosh returns to Sweet Apple Acres to find a group of fillies claiming to be his children.
As time goes on, Big Macintosh must find out the truth and how to send them back to their respective alternate universes.

Now With Sequel!

Cover art from ArthurPearson

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All of Big Macintosh's alternate universe fillies and colts show up in one universe.

I mean think about it, He's shipped with the other five member of the Mane Six, minor characters, fan favorites, the other two members of the CMC....
It's going to be for the lulz.

...oh, and LyraMac is OTP :pinkiecrazy:


what actually surprises me is that no one seem to have done it before.
I guess It's just me, but it seems like a really obvious idea.

Original... chance of insane amounts of humor.... me likes...

Dude. So much win.

Also, fuck yeah LyraMac is best ship!


Other than that, not bad. I look forward to a harem/shenanigan scenarios.

oh man... one of the main six need to find out about having a kid and have her only regret being that she can't remember getting shacked up with Mac! LOL

Hmm.. this sounds like an interesting concept. Will watch.

The synopsis reminds me of a manga I once read, but less sexy thanks to that Everyone rating.

I just have one big problem with this chapter:

Boltroad... Lightning Street... but not Electric Avenue? C'mon!

“You sure you don’t want to come over for coffee?”

Mac... Your marefriend just invited you over for coffee. I suspect that coffee might be very warm. One might even call it hot. That is, she just offered to have you over for hot coffee.

“How could you do that to my friends without tellin’ me?!?!”

Applejack, did you notice any of your friends... You know, with foal? Because I'm pretty sure children don't come from storks.

Also, don't drink and whatever you call being an aunt.

Hmm, LyraMac, or BigLyra?.... Choices. :trixieshiftright:

Ah...I can sense the impending Chaos....:pinkiecrazy:this should be good.

Out of curiosity, what point in time is this taking place? If its sometime during Season 3, you could theoretically have them try and blame Discord.

2200182 How about HeartMac or BigStrings?


Sort of in the murky time between the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3.
the next chapter gives a better idea, I think.


Either Big Mac is a true gentlecolt, or has no idea.


Yesh, that sounds like a weird manga.

2199106 And to up the squick factor to eleven, I've seen him shipped with ALL of the CMCs.


Brain Bleach is in the cupboard. Help yourself. :D


at this point, it's not too surprising.

I think it's easier to list who he hasn't been shipped with...

2205688 Hmm. I haven't seen him shipped with Tom or Bloomberg. :|

Names are hard.

Apple Pie was pretty obvious.

Golden Gem was taken after looking up apple varieties. It's slightly better than Golden Apple, though.

Sparkling Cider works, I think.

Scarlet Tornado is from the now-aborted plan to make a MacDash shipping fic, where Dash and Mac had to take care of a filly from the Future... so yeah.

Garden Royale was the last one. I couldn't think of any other names, so I was going to call the FlutterMac filly "Appleshy" for the longest time, but a last minute search through apple varieties came up with Garden Royale.

Acey Mac is not mine. she belongs to hasana-chan, who also runs several NSFW tumblrs.
You can probably find those if you look for it hard enough.

Who many potential wives does this guy have? Geez!

this is a real catch 22 for mac
and i love it!

Not sure about the others, but the colt is Trixie's, definitely.

The mares cant get enough of Big Mac.:heart:


I'm waiting for the ones that aren't even fully pony to show up.

Then it will truly be infinite offspring.


I did consider MacCora and MacGilda, but ultimately had to nix it.




Now I'm disappointed. Well, at least you told me early, instead of me just realizing that the fic ended without any more eccentric pairings. For a given value of eccentric...

Show us none pony children then you have infinite right.


Well, Zecora can always show up, just not as a "mother".

as for eccentric pairings....well...saying anymore would be spoiling some of the last few pairings.

Sending children into closely related realities they do not, will not, and never did exist in by accident since... well... since the first random occurrence in the universe thus creating the first multiverses which gave way to all multiverses thereafter. ...Get yours today!
WARNING: Magic can cause time travel which may actually rend apart the very fabric of your multiverse. If you suspect you or a child has time traveled, do not panic as your reality will cease and the pain you feel in having your very awareness cleaved from the annals of time will have actually never occurred because you no longer exist as a concept or a memory. Consult your doctor before using Magic to make sure you are not at risk for blood clots, tendonitis, the hokey pokies, clopper's cramp, or my humps. Magic Co. cannot be held responsible for any Magic related instances especially those that alter the fabric of time. Using Magic to make Magic Co. responsible is strictly prohibited and we will use Magic right back so sit down you cocky motherbucker. It is not uncommon for users of Magic to grow a dependency on Magic if used too often or for mundane and meaningless tasks. If you suspect you or a loved one might be depended on Magic, stop using Magic immediately and do some push ups. Magic is made from 100% recyclable materials. Do no ingest Magic. If ingested, induce vomiting unless you find that gross then you can just call the hospital and they'll give you some antacids for the slight heartburn Magic will cause. Always keep out of reach of small children and megalomaniacs. May contain peanuts.


An empty set does not have one to one correspondence with any other infinite set, so we would not have infinite children in that context.

Why did you abort the MacDash shipping fic I would love to read it


One: I love this story!^^
Two: I smell a changeling half-breed somewhere down the pike


Mostly because it has the same basic plot as this. Scarlet Tornado ends up in Dash's house. She tells Twilight, Mac finds out, the two of them take care of Tornado until Twilight can figure out a way to send her back. ends with Tornado going back to her own universe, and MacDash.


....I haven't even considered adding changelings.
time to rewrite things abit...

Big Mac get's all da mares!:eeyup:
I love this idea so much!:rainbowkiss: It almost made it to my top five favorite fics on concept alone.:moustache:


then we'll have to use plot to make it into your top five. :rainbowdetermined2:

For a proper dosage of insanity, I demand that a child born of the union of Big Mac and Rule63 Tom show up. It must happen!!

Show of hands, who really thought we'd go through this without having a Mac/Princess kid?

Apple Cinnamon is fairly straight forward.

Golden Sweet is a variety of Carrot.

I wish I could take credit for Center Stage's name, but that came from a late night in the Writer's group IRC.
My only regret is not making MacTrixie have twins so one could be Stage Right and the other could be Stage Left.

Center Stage works out better, than what I had originally planned; he was suppose to have been a filly named Galamoon or something like that.

Nova is named that because there is an apple variety called Novamac.

There's a few spots where your tense shifts from past to present, but aside from that this is rather well written and tickles my funnybone. I look forward to more!

I wonder how bonkers it would get if one of Red Gala's kids started fell in too...

Mac x Luna is a thing? For the love of god, show me!


I'm still trying to get all those tense mistakes, but I guess I can't get them all.

I'm still sort of on the fence with the C&A cast, if only because they'd effectively be the same as the current Main Five offspring.
So, Red Tornado would act more or less the same as Scarlet Tornado, and Apple Spritzer would be functionally the same as Sparkling Cider.
I'd rather have a few more original ones, but we'll see.

2270976 Derpibooru, and only two are questionable? The world must be ending!


how tragic.
we need to tell megasweet to correct this.

Jimminy Christmas, man. How many more kids can there be? This better stop.


Not until we get one for every pairing.

so we need the Soarin/Mac, the Lightning Dust/Mac, the Mac/Mac...


I mostly just think it'd be hilarious for the "Mom?" factor. That, and maybe conflict with their non-c/a variant.

Although, we're just about at the foal saturation point, wouldn't want this to get MORE confusing, now would we? :pinkiecrazy:

I think I'll go through and see where I can find those tense slips, PM you the note. I know I always hate it when I find that in my writing. :P

Also, while I like your Lyra/Mac ship here, Mackypie is OTP. Because icekatze.tumblr.com/image/43908268386

“I guess what they say is true, Big Macintosh does get all the mares.”:rainbowwild:

You bet you fuckin' ass...I mean...Eeyup.:eeyup:

I fell so bad for Golden Gem now...she no happy.:raritycry:


saturation point?
um, right.
almost out of babies. :unsuresweetie:


How exactly do you explain to a five-six year old that you're a multiversal counterpart to her mom?

Okay... this is great. Once I think that I have the story all figured out and I've stopped laughing for a moment, you pull something else out of the woodwork. My leg is going to be sore for a few days now after how hard I was slapping it.

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