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This story is a sequel to A Bushel of Apples

Years after the Crisis of Infinite Offspring, Golden Gem returns to figure out what caused it.

Along the way, she finds familiar faces and places, and reunites with her alternate siblings.

Exactly what will she discover?

Chapters (13)
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and so we begin the third and final part of Crisis.

While the first two are comedies, this is more of an adventure.

Also, I'm taking a page from James Robert's book, and adding background/theme music for the chapters.

The series' theme?
Journeyman by Korpikaani

Golden Gem's theme is I got a Plan by My Friend the Chocolate Cake.
It's also the theme for chapter one.

I still don't really have a theme for Rhapsody.
hopefully we will have one by the end of this.



Considering she stowed away in Gem's saddlebag... it kind of has a sneaky "Jerry Mouse" feel to it. Of course, there's so many parts to it, maybe she just needs a snippet of it as a leitmotif.

I've been waiting for this. My my, but Rhapsody is a bit of a sneak, isn't she? Can't say I blame her, though. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Adventure ho!

Great. . . Now instead of kids traveling the multiverse, Macintosh has to do it himself!!!!!
Although something tells me Golden Gem knows more than she told. She is far too smart to let that extra weight go unnoticed. She also mentioned that she would do what she had to. And she knew how Macintosh would respond to her request. And she wanted Rhapsody in the room when she explained her mission. . . SHE PLANNED THIS!!!!!
She knew Macintosh is the source of the disturbance, and wouldn't go willingly, so Gem pulled his daughter into this mess because she knew he would come after them!!!!!!!!

Oh, good; you've started up on this again. Wonderful! And it's just as amusing as ever. Danke!

Also, Rhapsody's a really dumb kid. :b


Most young children tend to be foolish.

I know that I was incredibly stupid at that age.


I think we all were stupid at that age.
anyone who says otherwise is either lying or really awesome.

After reading the first two stories, I would like to make a list of the first three guess I thought of.
1. Apple-Mac (Applejack+Big Mac) :applejackconfused:
2. Big Mac doesn't have a special somepony. Just him, his family, and his farm.
3. Big Mac. Is. Dead. And he never had foals.


Sadly, confirming or denying anything would be a spoiler.

3841151 To be honest I really wasn't expecting a confirmation. Just wanted to be able to say "Called it", later! :rainbowdetermined2:

Lots of call backs this time.

Most of you probably remember Oareb getting a mention in Bushel and Lightning Ribbon popping up in It's not Unusual.

The Chapter theme is The Humbling River by Pucifer.

Stratos' Theme is Over My Head by Lit.

Temporal's theme is I am the Doctor.
Originally it was going to be the Eurythmics/Doctor Who Theme mash up, but I changed my mind.

Lessons learned from posting the last chapter, don't do it on a friday at 7 pm.


Oscura's universe got a mention at the end of A Bushel of Apples. Shimmer is obviously Sunset Shimmer.
Since Big Macintosh and Lyra were both mentioned as having alternate roles, it made sense to cast other characters in similar roles.
Here Sunset Shimmer is Queen Umbra's loyal assistant, while Fluttershy is captain of the guard.

On a slightly different note, I had mentioned in Orange Crystals, that I imagined Sombra sounding like Micheal Dorn.
When writing this, I was also trying to get a "voice" for Umbra.
Who did I end up with?

C. C. H. Pounder, whom most of you probably know as Amanda Waller from Justice League Unlimited.
Or Queen Mo'at from Avatar. Or Claudette Wyms from The Shield.

Oscura is probably Idena Manzel, for the record.
And Temporal Spectrum is Michelle Ruff.
still not sure about Gem, Stratos or Rhapsody.

The Chapter theme is The House of Myth by Creature Feature.

Oscura's theme is Misconception by Myuu.

Is the other incident that Time Turner's attempting to rectify the Crossover Crisis?


Outright saying it is would be in bad taste.
Besides, if Golden Gem is doing this, wouldn't that mean Earligold might be trying the same thing?

A few more visiting universes.

I sort of kind-of have an idea of the canon mane six's fates within the Umbraverse.
Not all of them are pretty.

Garden Royale's universe is a bit of a rift on the cliche, everypony-gets-their-fandom-popular ship.
So it's CaraJack, SoariDash, Sparity, LyraBon, VinylTavia, etc etc. probably TrixieBlood if that's still a thing.
I have no idea what Pinkie and Twilight's cliche ship is these days. CheesePie and FlashLight?

The background music for her universe is...Shiny Happy People, by R.E.M.
Her own theme song is For the First Time, from Frozen.
In both cases, I sort of wanted, a peppy, exciting, Disney feel.
It's the Glurge, sugarbowl, everypony gets happy endings ever after, universe.

Bellona's universe...
Is the weird, villains are redeemed universe.
Which means both Orange Crystals and Peaceful Easy Feelin' are canon to it.

Kanzi is...Braeburn and Selene's son, while Darcey is Aunt Orange and Sombra's daughter.
I have absolutely no idea how Kanzi is related to the likes of Novamac or Midnight Bliss.

the background music for this universe is Imogen Heap's cover of Thriller.
It's a strange world where some of the strange horrors and terrors have been defanged and made mundane.
Just imagine Nightmare Moon going shopping for groceries, or Sombra trying to buy his wife a birthday gift.
Really breaks the terror, yes?

Bellona's theme is Bad Blood by Creature Feature.
She's kind of straddling the line between being "normal" or "good" and giving in to her discordian side.


Yeah, probably CheesePie and FlashLight make the most sense for that 'verse, even if they didn't exist until recently compared to the others. Probably throw in Ditzy x Doctor, Rumbleloo, and Dinky x Pipsqueak as well.

Kanzi... technically the half sibling of Novamac and Midnight Bliss by Luna/NMM, depending upon whether Luna is the Nightmare or the Nightmare is its own entity. Also a cousin because of Braeburn and Mac's relationship.

Ah, and before I forget, Bellona's VA would be Grey Delise.


Sounds about right.

That took longer that I expected.

Well, as mentioned before Golden Sweet's universe is Nightmare Moon Over the Republic.
so...bits and pieces of spoilers to things I might never get around to writing.

the not-really-the-CMC's kids are mostly named for Transformers references.
Whirl's namesake is the insane Helicopter Autobot, while Drift is named after the somewhat stereotypical, "asian-influences-on-an-american-character" shtick.
Bailey's just named after an apple.
this technically makes Bailey and Drift not-quite-cousins, due to Dinky and Scootaloo being adopted sisters.

Taishushima is a mashup of the Shima Province in Japan, and the Taishuh Horse Breed.
Because I am sick of seeing "Neighppon" for all the Japan counterparts.
I hate that even more than the whole "Tsarina of Stalliongrad" crap. As a history major, that hurts.

Romana is somebody important's daughter, but not saying who...but you can probably figure it out.

the Episode's theme is You Can Let Go by Crystal Shawanda. abit darker and sadder than usual.

Bellona and Stratos get a secondary theme in Best Friends never by The Midnight Beast.
It's the sibling bickering both have picked up from dealing with Cumulus, and Bellona's cousins.

Like Golden Gem, Golden Sweet has a hunting for adventure theme, making her theme song Cabaret.

Golden Sweet's VA is Sumalee Montano, whom most of you probably know as Arcee on Transformers: Prime, or Katana in Beware the Batman.
Sweet has a bit of a more adventurous feel to things. After all, her father is one of the two ponies who actually got to punch Nightmare Moon. how can she top that?

Golden Gem's VA is, unsurprisingly Tabitha st. Germain. Less Rarity, more Pepper Clark.

Stratos VA is....Joel McDonald.
He's Meow from Space Dandy, and Deputy Lee from Walking Dead: Survival Instincts.

Rhapsody's VA is Shannon Chan-Kent.
AKA Pinkie's Singing voice, Silver Spoon, Cherry Jam, on Strawberry Shortcake the Bisket sisters on Littlest Petshop and...Fabiola Iglesias from Black Lagoon.

Rather easy to figure Ramona out if you're familiar with the character memes. It's one of the lesser used nicknames for Minuette/Colgate for a specific reason, plus Mac mentioned that she and Temporal "got the same look."

I've been considering doing a sequel to Twilight Time specifically for the child OCs of stories I've enjoyed... Nyx, Cinnamon Sugar Swirl, Plum Pudding, Bunny Kicker, Tangerine, maybe Puppy Smiles among others.

I'd like to add somepony to represent the Crisis multiverse. Obviously I could have a field day trying to add the infinite offspring, but if you could narrow it down to two or three, who would you pick to represent them? I was leaning toward Rhapsody and two others...


Probably Rhapsody, Bellona and Oscura.
maybe swap someone out for Center Stage.


It's a tough call... as a draconequus, Bellona would obviously be the most challenging to make, but would be pretty easy to recognize.


Well, going back to Bellona's description in Crisis, she's a lot more filly than mismatched animal parts, so maybe it won't be that bad.

So here we go again.

Plenty of callbacks to the "Strangers in a strange land" miniarc back in Bushel.

Chapter theme is Stone Free by Jimi Hendrix.

And here we are again.

the Applebloom-6 verse, if you remember was the one where several members of the canon main six got shuffled around and Applebloom became Celestia's student.

Episode theme is Slippery People by the Talking Heads and this particular part's theme is Houses in Motion.

Fantasia's theme is...When Will My Life Begin? from Tangled.
Her VA would also be Mandy Moore.

...and Bellona's universe is really, really, weird.

Here, I took the time to focus on the two characters that would be treated with the most uncertainty by Cadance. Or really, any princess.

Oscura's reality would seem like a horror to Cadance specifically.
Imagine that you have fought the villain and defeated him, only to discover in another universe that the villain is basically living your life.
It's sort of like if you went to an alternate dimension, and you discovered Alt!Hitler as a humble, good natured landscape painter.
You know it's not our Hitler, but it's still unnerving.

For Evil Cadance, I went with Frenzied Tempo, rather than...Does Cadance even have names for her Evil/Nightmare counterpart? I saw Bleeding Heart once, but it doesn't really fit.

Golden Sweet's reality on the other hand, is just a nightmare to the Kingdom in general.
Regardless of how many fanfics try to have Twilight turn evil and overthrow Celestia, She's still establishing a kingdom.
Republics are rare in the MLP multiverse, so to most the Republicverse is a nightmare.

Sweet's rant is basically everything I wanted to do for the Republicverse, but at this point, I probably won't write.
which is a shame, really.

As for the other children mentioned...
I know that FlutterCord, DiscoPie and Dislestia are things, but why isn't LunaCord?
For their kid, I went with Lunatique, after consulting a few friends. It has the "Lunatic" pun, but Luna would insist it's pronounced "Loo-Nat-ick", not "Loo-Na-Tik".
Almost called him Prince Nyx.

As most people make Skyla canon, I figured it would be better to make another ShingCadance kid up.
For some reason, I like the idea of Twilight marrying a Griffon Prince.
dunno why.
So it makes weird sense to name their daughter Ziz.
well it makes sense to me.

And the Genderswapped counterparts mentioned....

Giorgio is...Coco Pommel's counterpart.
Does she have a 63'd name yet? Because Giorgio works.

Snake Oyl is...well, fairly obviously one of the Flim Flam brothers.
which one, will be talked about later.

Mini-arc's theme is still Slippery People by the Talking Heads.
the chapter theme is Personal Demons by Rufus Rex.

Oscura's second theme is Outside by Hollywood Undead.
It's sort of a realization that things are not black and white, and people are not who we always think they are.

Golden Sweet's second theme is Not my fault (It's my Fault) by Discovery.
Sweet gets a lot of flak for things she is in no way responsible for.

The bickering theme is People are Strange by the Doors.
...they're talking about who Discord ends up with in their universes, how is that not strange?

So finally, the recruitment is over.
Let the adventure start.

Is Snake Oyl actually a gender flipped Flim Flam brother or a daughter? I've also seen "Shim Sham Sisters" used, although that could just be a nickname.

And here...we...Go.

The multiverse is a scary place.
The basic idea behind this particular universe is the Changelings regrouped and counter attacked to devastating effect.

With Pound and Pumpkin, I sort of went with the stereotypical "One is Serious, is Pinkie" shtick.
So Pumpkin is the grumpy one, while Pound is the motormouth nutjob.

Gilda...well, why Gilda's back will be explained later.

Arc theme is Hello Cruel World by Mr. E.

Chapter theme is Are You Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix.

Pound and Pumpkin's theme is Rebels of the Sacred Heart by Flogging Molly.

Gilda's theme is Welcome to Hell by Hollywood Undead.

Finally near the climax.

Bad Equestria took a few cues from G.I. Joe Vs the Transformers II.
In that series, Shockwave attempted to invade earth, and Teltraan II malfunctioned, sending groups of Cybertronians all through time, forcing the Joes and Cobra to team up and find them.
One group ended up in a bad future where Shockwave's invasion succeeded.
The resistance consisted of the Drednoks and a badly mangled Duke.
So Gilda is basically Torch of the Dreadnoks and Fluttershy is Duke.

Snake and Gypsum Oyl are the counterparts to Flim and Flam. I still don't know who is who.
Gypsum on my part is a cheat. Gypsum Oil isn't a thing but, when you shorten Gypsum to Gypsy...
Or Gypped.

Chapter theme is Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears for Fears.

Fluttershy's theme is...Iron Man by Black Sabbath.
It's not a heroic song, listen to the lyrics.
It's about a man trying to go back in time to save the world from some disaster...only to be the one who caused it.

4494596 Most communist countrys that are communist have a red flag with a minimal design.


Oh, you were talking about the picture.
I thought it was about something else.

I spy with my little eye, something concerning a Lunaverse reference.:ajsmug:

It seems like the only thing missing from this multiversal mashup is a cameo by a sapient Smarty Pants.

Almost over.

Macicorn's themes are The Old Man's Back Again by Scott Walker and Welcome To the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.

The Old Man's Back is a pressure on Mac after all his failures.
Welcome to the Black Parade is the reconstruction, and Mac realizing that things can change.

And it's over. Finished.

The Final theme is... A Dazzling End from Doctor Who.

Thank you to everyone who's read all three stories, and I hope you've enjoyed them.

A Special thank you goes out to my proofreader, Katherine Kerensky, who puts up with everything.

is there gonna be another one? seems like theres an opening

Wait... what exactly was Golden Gem trying to accomplish again?


I don't know right now.
I want to take a break.


Figuring out how she and the others ended up in another dimension.
Unfortunately, she didn't get a real solid answer.

>>>“And I want all of you to come with me.”>>>

They all shrugged and said various iterations of "Eh, why not?"

Golden Gem blinked, "Really? Just like that? You're not going to rant and complain about how insane my idea is or the risks to all our lives?"

Lyra yawned, "When you've experienced Ponyville being destroyed/attacked almost as frequently as South Park, you kinda just take cataclysm in stride after a while. Not to mention, while you were away, we had to fight off several dozen grimdark invasions from other series. There were piles of dead ponies everywhere."

Golden Gem sat staring for a moment and then threw up his front hooves, "Sure! Whatever! Let's just go!"



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