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This story is a sequel to Crisis of Infinite Offspring

The sequel to Crisis of Infinite Offspring

Months after twenty of Big Macintosh's alternate universe children ended up in his universe, life goes on.

What chaos and mischief can they cause?

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And We're back in action.

More fun with the interdimensional children.

I do want to say this though, Unlike Crisis which had a single plot, Bushel is more a collection of one-shots and shorter stories.
It keeps things interesting.

Having each chapter be a one shot could be very liberating. You don't have to worry as much about writing events in any particular order.

Sequel? Hell and Yes!

Now get a bun in Lyra's oven, Big Mac and the collection shall be complete.


To the overdue major plot event ever since the kids knocked the dimensional door.

Yay, more alternate dimension children shenanigans :pinkiehappy:

So this story is cool and all, but you didn't give a reason why the children are willing to leave their real parents for this Macintosh.


They like to visit.
They have a way of going back and forth, and they've discussed it with their parents.

2787479 Hm, might've wanted to mention something like that. Seems kind of important. Also, will we be seeing any of the alternate reality parents?


Both of that would be a bit of a spoiler.


Two: I'm almost afraid to ask, but they never did close that inter-dimensional door. So my question is, did their reality stabilize? Or are their more kiddies on the way?


No spoilers.
That is all I will say.

I am starting a plea for an Apple Jam revelation.
please do it:fluttercry:


Usually I would say No spoilers, but...
I think everyone saw that one coming.

If the emote dose t appear its because I am on an I phone

Oscura vs. King Sombra.


I believe some people wanted to know more about the individual universes,
so there.

Given that there's twenty kids, having all twenty end up in the wrong universe would have been worth a story all on it's own, rather than part of this.
so only five.

As mentioned in Crisis, Cumulus was Stratos's original name, but it got changed because "Cumulus" felt too girly.
Bailey Sweet is also the name of an apple variety...and related to a rather unusual Tumblr ask blog.

Erebus seems like the greatly over protective type. Sort of the "You better take care of my princess or I'm going to string you up on my wall by the balls" protective.
Grandpa George Cave, as mentioned before is Granny Smith's 63'd counterpart.
Looks like this.
I wanted to Make Paula talk like the exaggerated "I do declare sir," type of Southern Belle, but that sounded ridiculous.
Pish Posh is obviously Fancy Pant's counterpart.
Is RainbowPants a thing?
because it should be.

...Oh, and apparently the events of Magical Mystery Cure took place in the Tempoverse.
That must have been weird.

Stage Left and Stage Right are here because those puns were way too good to pass up.
Stage Left is a girl, Stage Right is a boy.

SweetieSpoon should also be a thing.
Because it would be adorable.

“…I bet Solarius does not have any problems such as this with Glida,”

Solarius does not have any problems such as this with Glida

Solarius Gilda

Who here wants to earn 500 imaginary bucks?

At some point, this stopped being a story.

It's become more of nothing but reactions and info. Sorry, but this is going in all different directions, and not in a good way. Especially while you split up the dimensions, we get so little to keep track of each one. It's hard enough to track the kids, and now you want to add alternate marriages and others? Give us a bit more depth and details, no?

It would have been better to dedicate time to one dimension at a time, rather than just snippets of each. I mean, what's the point to tell info from other dimensions if all that you give us are names?

Did places change? Houses? Locations? Are there drastic changes in areas? Why or why not?

I mean, yeah thanks for listening to commentators and such- but don;t spoon feed them like little kids and expect readers to also keep track of it all.


To be honest, I really do want to only focus on two, maybe three of these dimensions.

I like to experiment a bit with things, and I've written something similar with multiple perspective jumps before.
some times it works, sometimes it doesn't.

This is really just a one-off starting point that will splinter off into probably one or two chapters.

I feel sad for poor little Gem. If C.S. gets leftovers like that and Rarity and Mac are so busy it is no wonder she wants to universe hop.

personally I like the way you broke this up^^
I wonder what's in store for Macintosh Prime when he finds out about the mix up!? XD


"...Alright kids, this time label which one is yours."

For the Stratos-verse, I wanted to keep the theme of Unlikely and downright bizarre ships.

Cream Pie is the Son of Pony/Donut Joe and Pinkie.
I went back and forth over naming him Cream Puff, or leaving it as Cream Pie, before finally figuring it didn't matter.

Temporal Spectrum is the daughter of Doctor Whooves and Rainbow Dash.
Notice, that it's actually Doctor Whooves, rather than Time Turner.
I think it works as a ship.
And she's even got Four's sense of fashion.

Golden Breeze is...well, obviously Rarity and Soarin's kid.
Alternate universes are weird like that, since she's technically the counterpart to two different ponies.
and now here she is, talking about...who know what with her/himself.

I imagine that Stratos and co were born when Pumpkin and Pound where the equivalent of eight.

...what exactly do you call a half pony Half Dragon anyway?

The the classic Doctors fashion sense continues.

Considering how trippy this is getting, I'd better make a chart to keep track of it all.

well, seems every pony is visiting other universes, thus the small pocket in Statos' universe having known Center Stage. Now then... off to another universe!!! Go for Prince of the Night shouting like a protective father, though failing due to his very powerful wife. :rainbowlaugh:

“I’m Cream Pie!” the unicorn beamed.

You sh---
Nope, no, can't do it, you see, it's too easy. It's not funny because it's so obvious.

2852331 A half dragon half pony would be a kirin.


Not necessarily.

If we go from a completely historical perspective, a Kirin is a Giraffe.
from a mythological perspective, it's a Tiger-Giraffe, or a dragon-tiger.

and Aunty Sweetie Belle is off with her marefriend.

Sweetie has been hiding a few things from us.:pinkiecrazy:

“Oh, Hi Rarity!” Sweetie Belle flashed a grin, “I uh…just remembered. I had to go to help Silver Spoon oil her grandmother. Bye!”

I'm afraid to ask.

Is RainbowPants a thing?

Capn Chryssalid of This Platinum Crown did a crack ship with RainbowPants in a different story.


Is that the one where they had Alicorn babies, which got kidnapped by Celestia and Luna because they were destined to overthrow them?

...Ok this one is the mindscrew chapter, sense it's about the 63'd version of an AU that technically doesn't exist outside of this.


Lickity is...Lickity Split's 63'd counterpart.
I couldn't come up with a name that didn't sound like a Porn star's name, or otherwise ridiculous.

Regal Spectrum is the Son of Pish Posh, and Rainbow Blitz.
Blitz apparently likes his older women.
His Cadanceverse counterpart would be Regal Rainbow.

Corundum Star is the Son of Dusk Shine and Princess Bluebelle.
He's not a Prince.
His Cadanceverse counterpart is...Star Sapphire.
Sapphires are Corundum, after all.

And with that we conclude the "wrong universe" mini arc.
the next chapter is...essentially a rewrite of a Season 3 episode.

So... do we see BigMac's and Lyra's wedding within this series of upcoming chapters? or the sequel? I mean, BigMac and Lyra sure shows their contentment but are delaying the inevitable due to the universe breaking children.Along with the idea that constant dimensional travel does tend to break the boundaries and the solidarity of the known universes... keeping a hole in a glass, per say.

Charming Chime.
FINALLY someone gets that Silver Belle doesn't work, we already have a Silver Spoon, and "Belle" is usually a girl's name.

…And can I request a ship? Just because it's random and disturbing and sort of fits your style?
…Diamond Tiara and a Windigo, have filly named Diamond Dust.

I think I'm going to be using the name Lady Pishposh.

Well, I can't speak for Blitz's taste in women, but Dash seems to understand the whole 'sexy older guy' thing. And that's actually kinda hot.


I took it from the Equestria Boys tumblr, along with Flapper and Raindancer.


It's rather disappointing that Chime didn't win the contest to see what Sweepy's new name would be.

....Canon to MacCord' universe.


....Canon to MacCord' universe.

:trollestia: Of course.


No, it was one where the Mane 6 are on a cruise. In other words, shipping on a ship.

Twilight x Soarin
Fluttershy x Blueblood
Rarity x Braeburn
Rainbow Dash x Fancy Pants
Applejack x Flim
Pinkie Pie x Trixie

Eros Dreaming

So I did want to do a remake of a season 3 episode.

Too Many Pinkie Pies, Spike at your Service, Just for Sidekicks, Games Ponies Play, Sleepless in Ponyville, Magical Mystery Cure and Crystal Empire were the first to get the boot.

The first five would have been difficult to use the kids, while the second two are much too complicated to do.

One Bad Apple, and Apple Family Reunion were nixed because well, fundamentally the kids have no real impact on the story.

that left Wonderbolts Academy, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and Magical Duel.

Wonderbolts got nixed, because I couldn't figure out a good plot.
Cinnamon and Stratos don't seem like they would run off to see their not-moms, and Scarlet knows how important the wonderbolts are to Dash.

Flutter On would have worked, with Bellona being more instrumental to Discord's redemption.
as well as this line:

"You mean if I become good, I can also get into a relationship with a strapping young stallion and can have a horrific freak of nature too?" Discord held out a hand, "No thanks, besides, I don't want to experience the joys of child birth again."

"....who said you gave birth to me?" Bellona grumbled.

But ultimately magic duel won out.

This was beautiful...
But I'm so impatient!
Don't make me wait so long!

Very good chapter. Center Stage is one smart colt.
Enjoyed the tale a lot

2971622 Aw man, that line would have been perfect. Still a great chapter, though!

Sweetie Belle's destiny in every possible version of Equestria: Jailbait.

Well damn, Sweetie Belle, you are one attractive filly to have any stallion look at you like that and wait for your legal age and I second the Jailbait Destiny motion!

Now off to find where the other kids went, and what happened to the Royal... princesses and prince.

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