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A night of tequila and bad choices lead to a man being ponyfied. He thinks it's only a dream, but is quickly labeled Ponyville's resident lunatic.

Also giant robots, for some reason.

This is a companion to my story, A Dream.
These chapters are the random stories that don't match any episode of the show.

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I finished reading it. I only found one grammar mistake:
'“Hold on,” I said. You’re supposed to be an earth pony. Much as I would like to see the look on her face, it’s not worth blowing your cover.”'

Makes no sense! :derpyderp2:
Ah, the wonderful Valiant! This is awesome!

Huzza, you're back!

ahaha, i love valiant

Valiant, the BOSS

“And then…” I trailed off, kicking myself for not having a list of demands ready to go when I found myself in situations like this, which was surprisingly often, by the way. I mean, if this stupid dream wasn’t so—”

missing a " or did you mean to take it away and have Luna interrupt his thoughts?

Still good, can't wait to see what happens when Luna takes control of a robot :pinkiehappy:

Yes! Even nore Valiant! Valiant is awesome.

One thing though: I'm fairly certain that "snarfed" is a verb, not an adverb.

You have a Metal Gear in the cover pic
Does that mean the CMC have the Mark II?

No, it just means I'm terrible at photoshop.

Wait I just finished some tequila shots, does that mean imma wake up in Ponyville?

Ha ha ha, oh god. Now I HAVE to read the first installment of the series :rainbowlaugh:

Amazing chapter can't wait for the next one also excellent fic I giveth thee 5 out of 5 moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

They were piloting an advanced robot that walked along on legs... wait, what?

Pretty much. Add awesome and subtract sanity. Ususally it works for stories.


Oh this'll be good. Valiant + Luna = Hilarious Catastrophes. I wonder if Luna would be more receptive to the ideals of democracy...
All Hail The New Lunar Republic! Down with the Solar Empire!

388434 Sieg heil Mein Fuhrer! oh, wrong type of Military Dictatorship. MY BAD :fluttershbad:

I'm not sure which is worse. The fact that I'm posting stories this early in the morning, or the fact that someone begins reading them seconds after I do.


Good point. Meh. I can't sleep, so I'm looking for stories. :rainbowlaugh:

I think your third I'm forth


You know how confusing this is when G4 names are changed to G1 names?

"Like a moron, I forgot to warn Luan about the emergency pressure control."


totalynotabrony marry me :D

no, he's gonna marry ME :flutterrage:

394534 pfft bitch please hes going to marry me instead ;)

394777 ahem we been seeing each other for over five mouths what mate he asked to marry me :D

cheatin' son of a...

These stories have it all, action, robots, destruction, sarcasm, sexual tension and thinly veiled threats!

I can't wait for more!

394909 what hes been cheating on us :O the little sof we need to have word with him he said i could be his perfet husband D:

I'll get the monstrosity :rainbowdetermined2:

395211 ill get the dirty hooker this is guna be messy

Didn't valiant blow that one up?

395236 yes well im rebulding it misster swag because im that angry at that cheating pony

shit's about to get real

395258 well make cupcakes look like sweet apple mascure xD


...aaaand this is why I don't use my real name on the internet. If I did, I'd be up to my neck in gay marriage proposals.

I have enough trouble IRL. This one night, I forgot to turn off my awesome and woke up covered in dudes.

395634 oh your so brave mister brony i can never stay mad at you :D

:facehoof: really?
Sic semper tyrannis...
You really think Lincoln would say something like that?
You don't have to know Latin to realise that it some something to do with tyrants...
I'm sorry if it was a joke, but I couldn't resist trolling about it...
Or whatever you people call it.


I just sometimes entertain the notion that maybe Lincoln shot back.

He wouldn't have said Booth's line...
P.S. I know this cause of National Treasure :pinkiehappy:
Gotta love movies lol...

Anyway, whats up with A Dream?


Give me a day or two. I'm on vacation and writing more slowly.

And this one is pretty awesome too.

398140 I suddenly want to make a Star Wars-esque 'Lincoln shot first!' joke, but I'm not quite sure how to phrase it...

i give you 20/5 moustaches for this very funny side story

i had a thought, and it was sexy, but then I thought, twilight and ...Plymouth... you are naughty....


anything with a hole to plug goes

another thing, good work... I love the cynicism injected into the world and how everypony is slightly altered to it, eventually

Have you read the last couple chapters of A Dream? It almost happens.


first :p


ITS ALIVE! had to stop laughing after a three minute period of heavy laughter and lack of breath
go for the exploration! ill give you a mustacheee

I feel a Lonely Island song coming on...

Get your towels ready it's about to go down!

Well, that was the best chapter yet!

Another girlfriend!??

Hehe.. Meat.

Hmm.. Spike on Earth. That would be awesome.



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