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Cloudchaser and Big Macintosh have been going out for a while now.
So when Applebloom mentions hearing weird noises coming from his room, Cloudchaser investigates...

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So I had initially wrote this for the Crack Ship Inc's Collab project...except that fell through, so I had this sitting on my computer for a while.

So why not publish it, Yes?

...for those of you who read Crisis and Bushel this may or may not be canon to the Stratos-verse.

i good story sir:ajsmug:

D'aww! Yay for significant others who actually try to understand that everyone isn't cut from the same cloth. Honestly, I could see Mac doing this-- He's not the talkative sort in the episodes, but that doesn't mean he doesn't crave a bit of conversation and refinement sometimes, for all we know! :pinkiehappy:

Good show, as always, Spoon. :rainbowkiss:

This pleases me for the mere fact that I, too, have a childhood doll that I from time to time partake in conversations of my own design (though I often do it for the amusement of my nieces and nephews, as well as for my wife than to entertain myself.) I have noticed that most of your stories are good and wholesome; purely entertaining and often with a message - that is refreshing. Please keep up the good work!


Nice story :scootangel:

Unlikely ship....but I'll allow it!

How has this not been in the Feature Box?

This was rather cute. :twilightsmile: Ah, Big Mac. There's no shame with playing with toys! I do it all the time. :pinkiehappy:

it's a little bit funny...this feeling inside...


Doesn't the feature box have a minimum word count of something like 4,000 words?

3632063 I don't know, I've never been featured. :ajbemused:

Big Macintosh turned bright red

Wait, but, I, he already, wait, what? :applejackconfused::eeyup:

3632173 Why not? You have like 12 stories.


Evidently none of them are good enough.

3632945 You have 12 stories and 83 followers, and I have 3 stories and 55 followers.
Mostly because I joined Stalkers. :fluttercry:

This is one of those stories with a clichéd plot, but no one cares because it's such a great story!


I have 168 followers and 13 stories. One has 109 likes and two dislikes, and another has 84 likes and one dislike. I haven't been featured, either. :fluttershysad: This story is liked more than either of them, so why isn't it featured?

3642539 Once I get started on a story, I only write on the one. I focus mainly on that one story, which combined with my writer's block, is the reason I have few stories. I wish I could break from that habit.


I honestly don't care about getting featured.

I'm writing because I want to.


I have the opposite problem.


Good reason to write.

3642972 Coupled with the fact I've had writer's block, school, and to rewrite it, I've been stuck on it from last Februrary.


*whistles* Wow. I can never finish anything because I am always hopping from idea to idea.

3643050 God, when I look at it now, I'm like "Holy crap, what the buck happened here?"

Gotta love Big Mac.

Eeyup. :eeyup:

Loved this story for a quick read. Keep up the great work!

I kind of have mixed feelings on this one.

On the one hand, this is a very creative and inventive story. The situation with Big Macintosh is really funny and the fact that everyone doesn't know what is going on is pretty entertaining too. Applejack trying to explain the birds and the bees to Apple Bloom, I'll admit did get me to chuckle. And the scene at the end was actually really sweet.

On the other hand, I felt there was a lot of dialogue and not enough character. Maybe it was just me, but I never was really invested in Cloudchaser. Maybe it's because I don't know anything about the character and as such, it was hard to relate or identify with her. I felt that we could have spent more time in Cloudchaser's mind and seeing her reactions with her thoughts and her history. Seeing why her relationship with Big Mac matters.

So, as you can see I'm on the fence. Maybe I love the idea, but I felt it could have been executed a little better. But then again, maybe I'm just an angry critic who doesn't know what he's talking about. Again, I loved the idea, but again I felt there could have been more depth to the characters.

Thank you for letting me read it and I'll catch you later. Take care. :pinkiehappy:

Well, since it was suppose to be a one shot in a sea of one-shots, so I didn't really flesh it out.

Given that all the TurnerDash shorts take place in the same universe as this one, I could eventually do more stories and flesh it out like those ones.

3965700 I'd happily read and review them. :pinkiehappy:



I don't feel like this was a very eventful reading, but hey, it's not a very eventful story. lol

I'd like to see more context for the relationships at play, here, but that really wasn't the point of it. It was a nice, short read, I can say. lol


Yeah, I could have done better on it.

Comment posted by Noradora deleted Jun 20th, 2014


If you're at all referring to my eventfulness comment, I didn't mean it like that. A story, especially one this short, doesn't necessarily need to have a lot going on.

And on that note... Insert shrug here. Again, it's pretty short, but particularly developing anything in regards to character relationships didn't seem to be the point. It's just a snippet, if you will.

That said, you could always expand on it with another story, if it were that big a deal. :eeyup:


Well, like I said before, it was suppose to be part of a grand Collab, so I wanted to keep things short.

Eventually I might get back to fleshing it out.

I remember you linked me this 25 weeks and 2 days ago...

I haven't posted my opinion, so I'll tell you my thoughts:

I loved it. Nuff said.


Did I?
I don't remember.


I do. I found that thread in Uncommon Shipping, comrade.


I buy into the sisters theory, so it's more like they both were given the stuffed animals as a present when they were little.

A little disappointed, I thought that Big Mac's secret was that he liked to sing Elton John songs in private.


what does one call a pony version of Elton John anyway?


Sounds too Sci-fi.

Maybe Captain Fantastic, or does that sound too campy?

5387385 make him a grifin and call him Eagle John.

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