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After receiving a strange letter from Aunt Orange, Applejack and the gang go to Manehatten where they find her Aunt Orange in love with...King Sombra?

For the June Crack Ships Inc. contest.

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That was... Something.:applejackconfused:

*Brain implodes*
:rainbowlaugh: Okay, that was so out there that it was absolutely awesome.

I fucking love this fic!!!

Hmm, interesting... wouldn't mind a continuation of this.

Love, love is a verb
Love is a doing word
Fearless on my breath
Gentle impulsion
Shakes me, makes me lighter
Fearless on my breath

I thought I'd seen it all. I'm not sure why I thought that.

Haha, what. That was awesome.

Good thing this wasn't set in the Manehattanverse or I'd be worried about how Tangerine was coping with this. Nicely done.


Don't see why Sombra would have to apologize to Cadence and Shining though. He was the legitimate ruler of the Crystal Empire. He fought to get it back and lost.

Simple as that.


I imagine Jackie Papercut wouldn't be too thrilled about that.


I think it's more symbolizing a desire to let bygones be bygones and move along.

You have never seen it all. Never. Somehow, someway, the universe will prove you wrong. Usually in ways that may require brain bleach.

Shall read this today, if I get the chance. Am slightly disappointed there aren't more comments.

*Grins and slow clap* Nice.


Thanks you kindly.

So far this is the only complete entry, so...We'll see.


I'm going to be honest. It wasn't bad, and I didn't mind reading it... but it was...how should I put it...

...flat? No, that's not what I'm looking for, I think perhaps bland might work here better, or maybe flat. I suppose part of the problem is on my end, as this being a crack ship between King Sombra, and well, a relative of AJ, I was expecting a bit more...conflict I suppose, and perhaps more general nuttiness. There's also the fact that King Sombra seems....out of character, which is kinda hard to pull off, I'll give you that, seeing as he doesn't have much character. He seems to go with the whole redemption thing a tad too easily, he surrenders any and all claims to the crystal empire (which, while it makes sense, could have been done with a "I'm not happy about it but it's that or tartarus/purgatory" sort of thing. Instead he seems to just let it go, which doesn't seem like something even a redeemed Sombra would necessarily do.)

There's also the fact that Miss Orange seems to be incredibly trusting of a pony who oppressed and terrorized an entire empire, ruled it with an Iron hoof, and tried to seize it back and reign in darkness once again. And that's not even mentioning the age gap.

It seems more like the relationship is simply existing for the easy shock of having King Sombra of all ponies dating Aunt Orange. Which of course, fulfills the necessary perquisite to make this a crackship fic, but to me only a bare minimum.

It works for what it is, but to be honest I was expecting a bit more. I give it a 7.2 out of 10. If it was fleshed out more, I would have enjoyed it more.

EDIT: I will freely admit that I had time to mull the fic over before commenting, as I read it offline during my lunch break. If I had just read and commented, I might not have been as critical.


Valid points.
Although to be honest when it comes to Crack Ships, sense isn't exactly a high priority.
If you really think about it, every ship goes down easily.

It's the first time I've done this sort of thing, so... We'll get better.

I agree with the guy below with the issues of this fic, but I honestly enjoyed it and it was well done.

Hahah! Now this was a short and fun fic to read. :rainbowlaugh:
Now I suddenly want to read MORE about this.


It has no sense... :derpyderp1:

I love it :derpytongue2:

Uncle Mosely, you affair-driven bast-

Would it be weird to ship Pinkie with Sombra?:pinkiegasp:
How about Trixie and Sombra?:facehoof:
Wait... why not one of the cows in the show with Sombra?:trollestia:
Somepony should definitely ship the dark king with with a bovine, if only because it's silly.:rainbowlaugh:

Would it be weird to ship Pinkie with Sombra?:pinkiegasp:
How about Trixie and Sombra?:facehoof:
Wait... why not one of the cows in the show with Sombra?:trollestia:
Somepony should definitely ship the dark king with with a bovine, if only because it's silly.:rainbowlaugh:

OK, I admit. I thought this was going to be a cracky story. .... But I like where it's going so far. Give me more, good author... :3 And take my upthumb and fave, of course.


It's just a one-shot.
....although given that Bellona's universe has Maccord and Diamond Tiara/Windigo, I suppose we can make Orange Sherbet/Sombra canon to that.

3010181 Huh. Well, ok then. ...I'm still tracking this in hopes you change your mind later. :3

... I don't know what I was expecting, but you playing it completely straight was not it.


Parodies are less fun for crack ships.

I want more of this!

When I saw the description, I was both :rainbowderp: and :rainbowlaugh: at the same time, and I felt that Ihad to read it! I WANT MUNCH MORE of this shipping!:pinkiehappy:

I did one not too long ago from some other ponies that-

I think that "from" should be "for".

...I am oddly okay with this. I hope you get a good spot in the contest!

UPDATE: I just realized that this was submitted back in June....


I got second place, if you're wondering.

I immediately burst out laughing. :coolphoto:

Like your Macchaser fic: Good as usual. Keep this up.

“…So, um…” Sombra bit his lip, “How is…your brother and his wife?”

“Fine,” Twilight bluntly responded.

“…That is good to know,” Sombra continued.

Silence returned.


I added this to my favs. I am hoping to see the wedding, maybe kids too. :applejackconfused:


I've kind of stopped writing at this point.

They do have a kid, who cameo'd in Across the Multiverse and the theoretical list of offspring, including Aunt Orange/Sombra was listed here.

I myself prefer Maudbra...

“Your house?” Big Macintosh’s eyebrow rose, “I thought the other letter ya sent us said that Moseley was keepin’ the place.”

wasn't he the guy that.. no wait I'm thinking of mosby..

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