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Who can take a rainbow, color it with dew, graze under it with a cupcake or two, the Ponyman, oh the Ponyman can.


Hoity Toity has a new mission: Show Shining Armor that looking the part of a prince can bring out that special spark needed for a leader.

Making him look fabulous goes without saying.

Part of the "Crack Pairing Circleship Collab"
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Comments ( 6 )
Author Interviewer

That was pretty good. :D Not much of a shipfic really, but you write a good Hoity!

*Grins and applauds* Very cute! I loved how you write Hoity, and I won't deny I would really love to see you do more with him. :duck:

More friendshippy thn romantic I think you could've done Hoity's dialogue to be a bit more aggressive than it really was. It would help solidify Shining's surprise at the end of the fic, since as it is it really didn't fit. It sort of made Shining sound like he was reading too much into it.:twilightsheepish:

I've never written romance before, so I was unsure how far I should go. I pulled back before it got too smoochy and probably left the shippers out there a little disappointed.

But writing Hoity Toity was fun! I really enjoy writing characters like him because I can have him say the most outrageous things and get away with it. Bless him. :scootangel:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Well, this was an interesting premise if I ever saw one. Really enjoyed this story. I would love to see a continuation and more romance. Still a great story as is. :twilightsmile:

this was a good read

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