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Are you Jehovah's Witness?
If you are, yay!
I am on the search through 50 Christian Brony communities across the web. I have found my first and second one! Yay! I am parallel and I want to be resurrected to equestria. Jehovah has been guiding me so far and He has become my best friend. Let us rejoice in the happiness of his promises and spread the word about it as means of thanking him. Can I please create a discord chat or server as home for us and any other of Jehovah's witnesses to chat on and discuss things and do bible studied? I have so much to talk about and my heart is li up!

Thanks for the watch, mate! :pinkiehappy:

803021 Cool, thanks for the info. Like I said before, really impressive stuff. If I didn't know any better now I would have said you taught the subject.:twilightsmile:

I went to a secular college for a little over a year, but eventually had to leave due to a confluence of reasons. I majored in mathematics and philosophy while I was there. I'm 22 years old at the moment, if that gives you any additional information. I've gained most of my meagre ability by absorption rather than study, reading blogs with substantive arguments and so on.

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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Just some stuff.

Best Pony? Here's my top five!
1:Applejack (Dream Girl)
2:Roseluck (Pretty damn close to Dream Girl)
3:Soarin (Secret Badass)
4:Big Mac (Swag)
5:Rainbow Dash (Also close to Dream Girl)

Least Favorite top five. (Doesn't mean I hate them)
1.Pinkie Pie (Calm down)
2.Spike (Just fun to pick on, I'm a bad guy aren't I?)
3.Gilda (Bitch. Probably the only type of girl I would CONSIDER hitting.)
4.Flim Flam Bros. (I guess they count as one. This I don't need to consider, I would kick their asses, but I'm pretty sure Big Mac would get there before me.)
5.Twist (Reminds me of myself when I was a kid...I was such a loser.)

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