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Damn, I wish I could read.


“What the hell?” he muttered. “What happened? He cautiously opened his eyes again.
He wasn’t in his room.
“Oh…” Soarin mumbled again, looking down at the bed beneath him.
He wasn’t in his bed.
“Oh my…” He said, his eyes snapping open as his foggy brain put two and two together.

After being discharged from the Wonderbolts and spending an interesting night with a certain rainbow-maned Pegasus, Soarin moves into a new career, Weather Control.

He has no idea what he's in for.

Now has a sequel.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 616 )

This sounds good :0. Imma read now
Edit: Wow this is great

A few formatting issues (please, separate your paragraphs), but otherwise good.

Oh yeah. Gonna watch this, no doubts to that!:ajsmug:

Oh God I can't fave this story or set it in my read later list.
FIMFiction has been so... messed up lately.


502fiction.net: We sometimes deliver Fanfiction

1061872 Oh so is that why they called it that?
... I feel dumb now.

Its somewhat of a romance story with a little hint of a "buck my life" theme.

Love it:pinkiehappy:

Well written enough, but I couldn't finish it. A standing military in Equestria goes against my headcanon. Sorry.

Good stuff. Loving the Monty Python reference there

+10 bromanship points for the monty python reference :pinkiehappy:

I have noticed rainbow gets drunk a lot :twilightoops:

No better way to start at your job than sleeping with your boss.

lol he boinked his new boss, well it could be worse.

Poor Soarin'. Poor, poor guy.

Hello, I would like to have an argument please. :trollestia:

my reaction to discription :rainbowderp:

my reaction halfway through :rainbowhuh:

my reaction at the end :rainbowlaugh:

Well, I've got a second chapter for you guys. I'll be honest, I was quite nervous writing it.
So many favs and that means much higher expectations! :twilightoops: I never expected this story to be so... popular,

Hope I haven't disappointed.:derpyderp1:

I'm very sorry, but you haven't paid...
Well there certainly wasn't any army of redshirt guard in the season finale was there?
Thanks, The 'Slice of life' tag should be 'Buck my life...'

"The pink one lives here." :rainbowlaugh:
Comedy gold there.

Aww man the banter is awesome keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

My only worry is that Dash will become insufferable. With Soaren's flying skills broken, Dash will be able to easily out fly him and shove it in his face. And I can't stand that Dash, I hope yours doesn't become that. It's always a danger with her because she becomes too strong and has none of modesty Twilight does. Probably why she is my least favorite of the mane6.

Okay rant over. Sorry about that.

Keep up the good work.

"Soarin poked his head out a hole in the wall. “You don’t say.” He said sarcastically, pulling a face Nicolas Cage would be proud of."

DAT CROSSOVER!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::twilightsheepish:

Great chapter!

Soarin doesn't even understand how lucky he is :facehoof: He gets a mare without even trying! :raritydespair:

Looking forward to the next part :pinkiehappy: I can already sense an incoming welcoming party :pinkiecrazy:

Dem references, man. Dem references.

The OC thing got me the most though. Subtle, but great.

Thundrlane iorns his....dog? pfft! :rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

All i can say....is ME GUSTA

Keep up the good work man :pinkiehappy:

minecraftforum.net/uploads/d424a80f76e16bf552a09fae02fee808_101975.gif?_r=0 < "Please, this is getting awkward!"

Funny yeah... But... I dunno... something's wrong and I don't know what's wrong, it seems a good story, it is actually, but part of my mind says that it's not good...
:rainbowhuh:< "Wha...?"

I love all of the crossovers and jokes and... oh dear Celestia what my mind just said...

ok first i just wanna say is this is pretty decent not great yet but not bad its decent
its pretty amusing too, but one thing thats kinda way off is........this is Soarin of the wonderbolts and was one for celestia know how many years. he would of amassed quite the fortune for being there co captain not to mention all the contracts and trademarks he would own.......... also being a higher ranked military would also pay out quite nice not to mention the one hellofa big pension he'd be getting now....... so he'd never have to ''find'' a job as he's rich..... also due to his fame and his skills if he wanted a job he could ''get'' anything he wanted due to who he is.

ok read second chapter now....
a lot cruder but was funny so this is good in my book so far.

Dat OC zinger.... BRILLIANT :rainbowlaugh:

I think I have to umm… go… iron my dog… Yeah, iron my dog.

:rainbowlaugh:IRON MY DOG?!?:rainbowlaugh:

True, it likely that Soarin would receive a fairly good pension so a job might be unnecessary, but I would like to think that Soarin being Soarin, he would try to do something productive with his life rather than sit on his arse all day. Also as Soarin is only a Commander, his pay grade (based on modern military standards and my assumed time of service) wouldn't be amazingly fantastic.

Lastly being a military squadron, I think the Wonderbolts wouldn't be inclined inclined to accept trademarks and stuff as they're funded by the military, still a good point I didn't even consider.

Thanks for the kind words as well, means a lot when people say stuff I make is good.

damn man

Dis is the only story with Soarin that i start to love! Nice work man!
1) Its awesome!
2) Every charecter here is great!
3) It fits in my rules of good story!
4) It dosent contain any Spitfire x (Any Name) shipping, that means its doblle awesome (i cant stand dat shipping!)
*Sorry is i got grammar mistakes, im from Russia.*

This was amazing, that last part, " believe me, your hoof has been in worse" had me on the floor!:rainbowlaugh:

LOL Nice MP reference. Great story so far.

Thunderlane is a dark gray, actually.
But this was awesome

Chapter three is now alive and kicking

Thank you, Duly noted your remark on Thunderlane's colour


I aim to please

1) Thank you
2) Thank you again
3) This pleases me
4) Could it be?Have I found someone else who shares a similar view about Spitfire? :pinkiehappy:


Squee~~ Can't wiat to see more!!

ok great story its hilarious!!! but......... the british slang is driving me up the wall!!! its grating on ones mind! specially since the show doesnt use it! *ends rant**

Ninja adding of Characters and Tag

Okay, okay! I'm Australian so using British slang comes more naturally than American. In addition, Doc is strongly hinted to actually ya know, be 'British' so he will use it regardless.

I will try to use American slang over British slang in the future though. Try being the key word there.


In other news, good story. A few grammar errors and such, but nothing that broke it for me :pinkiehappy: keep it up!

1103089 I didn't even notice the difference honestly. Maybe it's from all the books I've read over the years? :unsuresweetie:

Damn, this is great. Can't wait for more :3

DON'T DO IT! Staty Strong! Fight off the American Influence!

Great Story! Liked and tracked!

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