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Is currently enrolled in Cross Martial Arts Academy. I am currently learning Hapkido and Kendo. I love archery, reading, and writing.


Plot Bunny Infestation · 4:38am Dec 21st, 2013

Yea the one thing I hate next to writers plot are the plot bunny's. You see I am a active day dreamer, meaning I would dose off and dream something for a few days about something. This is good for me for planning out stories. Now the problem is that sometimes I get a stray plot bunny and grab hold of my attention. Thus the problem at hoof is that I put yet another story on my planning list.

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thank you for the fav :rainbowkiss: please leave any comments you think could help me improve it :pinkiehappy:

Welcome to the Fo:E Group! Feel free to Pm me if you have any questions! :yay:

Comment posted by The Descendant deleted Dec 6th, 2013

Oh, wow! Thank you so much for the Watch! I'll do my best to keep deserving it!:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the Fave of Every Little Bit! I'm glad that you enjoyed my peek at the world of Dash and Spike.:moustache::rainbowkiss:

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