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j'ai ete desole, mais je suis deteste Mon Petit Poney.


This story is a sequel to A Story With a Lack of 'E'

On account of many commands for this to occur, I officially gift you with an additional story containing no 'E's at all! Do not cry, for no 'e' was hurt in my making of this story!

This is a lipogram. It will contain no 'E', apart from that symbol said prior and what was drawn upon in titling this story. I will not touch that symbol in this writing at all, nor will I allow it to subsist. Thank you.

This story has many background inhibiting individuals with various dispositions and actions. This group consists of Raindrop, a stallion-hog; Milky Way and Thundy, two pals who fight for Raindrop's adoration; Starburst, a kind, familiar stallion; and Cloud and Flitt', two disgusting twin girls.

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....Holy shit.... not a single 'E'
Bet ya can't do one without any 'a's

Fantastic work!

It's even better than the first. :pinkiehappy:


*makes explosion sound*

*Slowly lists hands off head*

Err guh meeha guf?

Thate wase goode.


Make a story with no vowels

Oh wait you can't

3854960 Ys y cn. t jst wldnt mk vr mch sns.

3846693 Chllenge ccepted.

Batch plaz, Y is sometimes a vowel.

3855008 Yes it is, but I removed it where it was a vowel and only retained the consonant "y"s.

... e...
That is all.


The moderators won't let you

I know I spoke with Meester about this.

I have the entire list right here.

3855085 Wsn't plnning on ctully doing it.:rainbowlaugh:

I thought you meant that it's not possible to actually write a story without vowels. Didn't realize you meant the site rules...

Why would you do it twice? Also 'H2O' makes this pretty cheap. :derpytongue2: But hydroxylic acid was pretty funny. Or, alternatively, hyrdrohydroxic acid.



I use to be a story approver

But I don't have much commitment so I quit

Back for more, eh? Do these get easier to write over time, or even mor infuriating?

3854987 I cannot even coherently make sense of that. :pinkiecrazy:
3855143 Nope, it just stays equally as annoying
3855096 Yes, of course, science is cool. :moustache:
3855040 Don't mock me...

Comment posted by Wannabe Scholar deleted Jan 27th, 2014

3855247 :facehoof:

Please don't taunt the wild author, for it will attack, and possibly damage our cage. Thank you, have a good day.

I'll just leave this here.

This story is brought you by the letter E !

That was an E-xc-e-ll-e-nt us-e of th-e l-e-tt-e-r 'E'

Can you mak-e a story with no i's?

Meh, E've seen better sterees then thes ene. Et lecks e certeen letter, bet E cen't seem te remember whech ene... lel jest keddeng

NerwhelEnecern deserves en ewerd fer thes eccempleshment.

Fenel verdect: E/E


3855433 E see whet yee ded there. cengreteleteens fer breekeng e nerwhelenecern! :yay:

3855292 Sorry. I didn't mean to taunt anyone. Honestly. (Man, I'm really an idiot.)

3855476 The animals are extremely aggressive, but thank you for apologizing.

Rated E for everyone

3855197 Here's a translation:
"You can. It just wouldn't make very much sense."

3855677 Yes, that comment doesn't make much sense! Can you please actually tell me what-

Oh wait...

3855415 Dafaq did I just watch...

Fact is , you put on this account two lipograph not using this irritating symbol , said account not using it in his login informations , barring his password that I do not know.
I must say that you did something truly amazing.

...writting without using that thing is hard . I shall not do that again as long as Luna control our moon.

You are fucking amazing, you know that?
Fucking amazing.

3856371 I'll grab the soap.

But yes, I am quite awesome :scootangel:

3856583 Raindrop worships glass. She is the leader of a cult of glass preservers.


Just a four things that I will point out.

This lady had known that running away was not a solution to anything long ago.

I think adding a comma following "anything" would aid.

all of which full of frosty cold hydroxylic acid (H2O).

I would not put that postscript if I was writing this.

"No gas is still in our tank?"

"Our tank has no gas still in it?" mayhaps?

I will say no, for anypony who kills glass with no right has no possibilty in courting such an amazing, cordial pony as I am. Now, stop killing glass!"

I will confirm that 'smashing' contains no accounts of an unsaid fifth glyph, although an adjusting of words can allow 'smash' in, additionally.

I find this amazingly good, nay much surpassing that standard. I must say, again, how difficult it is for composing opinions, according to limits you also follow doing lipograms such as this, without straightforward availability of a right list of synonyms...

3862115 Alright, thanks a lot for your say. :raritywink:

It is nary a trying task. I do hold much liking for assisting authors how I can.

3862229 And I hold a liking for psychic kinds of animals, ranging from a fox (for its prior naming, including four fifth glyphs, is not a thing I allow) to a giraffarig.

Why thank you. :pinkiehappy: And might I say that your avatar wins much adoration for its quality of d'aww, in my own opinion, anyway.

3862269 Why thank you for your amazing insight on my profilic pic. If, that is, profilic is a word. I, having no say in that, would wish it is hones true accurat genui real
Oh golly gracious :facehoof:


It's a hard proposition to do this, huh? But still satisfying.

3862304 I know, it is frustrating, but blissful.

I am starting to run into difficulty sustaining this wordplay...:ajsleepy: I don't know how long I can stay in flow.... wanna find out? Mayhaps I can finish our talk?

3862318 I would find it satisfactory to find out. I, too, am running out of words... this may stray as hard and difficult, but shall you and I try it anyways? :moustache:

I think that it is a worthy opportunity to try... Hmm... In what location did you find what is your avatar?

3862355 A.. Umm... Possibly a...

I do not know. :facehoof:

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