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A story lovingly ripped off from the Futurama episode of the same name.

Twilight gathers the girls to her basement to reveal her latest invention. Unfortunately, they get distracted by another of her inventions: the 'What If" machine, a device capable of answering any 'what if' question posed to it. Follow along as the mane six discover the improbable scenarios that could have been their lives.

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Despite the huge volume of "What If?" scenarios already on this site, I look forward eagerly to see what the ponies themselves might conjure up.

For some reason, I don't know what, Pinkie going to med school makes sense to me.

I can only hope that Fluttershy's question will be a parallel to Leela's. More assertive, more impulsive, no big difference; so long as it leads to senseless violence, fine by me! :pinkiecrazy:

Very funny, can't quite call it fantastic after one chapter, but I'll be watching.

Damn, that timing, I just went through a mini marathon of Futurama episodes on Netflix earlier today... :rainbowderp: Are you a wizard?! :pinkiegasp:

"So that's what things would be like if I'd invented the fing-longer [sigh] a man can dream though... A man can dream..."
-Professor Farnsworth

I demand fan-art of Twilight with the hoof-longer...and dressed as Farnsworth!

:twilightsmile: Twilight: Good news everypony! Princess Celestia wants us to go on another dangerous mission!

Pretty interesting premise. Will keep an eye on it.

I have a feeling that I have seen this story on this site before.

i can't stop reading it all in Professor Farnsworth's voice! everypony had Professor Farnsworth's voice! EVERYPONY! :pinkiegasp:

Crossover? Why not Zoidberg?

Agh! My Arm!

BAHAHAH :rainbowlaugh: That was great. I could picture each pony wearing what they wore. Great chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks everyone for the nice comments so far!

lol! that was awesome! :rainbowlaugh:

what if? Spike found his Swag? :moustache:

Two things no sweater vest?:twilightoops: And what is Rarity's problem with socks?:duck:

It has to be because socks are completely useless and pointless for ponies and there's really nothing that can be done to make them fashionable. There is no ensemble that can possibly be improved by their presence. And yet, she's surely getting order after order for the things as everyone likes to draw ponies in socks anyway...

842945 Does your avatar reflect your expression at doing this action? Cause if not... :ajbemused:

My avatar will reflect my actions. :pinkiecrazy:

You best keep updating this.

Pinkie Pie: "No it gets better I tell you, when the patient woke up her whole skelton was missing and the doctor was never heard from again (crazy laugh), anyway that's how I lost my medical licence." :pinkiecrazy: (Thumbs up if you know what I'm referencing)

Oh boy I bet Spike wished he'd been at that picnic, I'm sure he'd "Enjoy the view" so to speak. :moustache:

844281 You have failed to execute both the Pinkie promise and Pinky finger promise. Feel free to refer to my avatar as a guide to your imminent demise. :pinkiehappy:

Hope to see you soon! Preferably with extra ammunition! :twilightsmile:

848960 -_- On your second comment, you replaced "fly" with "die".

But I see you fixed it back.

But how dare ye attempt to make a mockery out of me! If only I hadn't wasted all my bullets on my last victim... say, do you have any more could use?

So thats why Spike likes to hang around them. Cant blame the guy. I would love to hang around girls if they were always nacked.

and then Spike burst in the window and got her in one bite.

Aw, man! I WAS GONNA DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS! first i lost the Aliens crossover thing, now this?!


http://www.fimfiction.net/user/storiesatrandom Don't worry, I knew there were a lot of 'what if' fics out there already, but apparently at least one person beat me to the Futurama parody too. I'd say as long as your fic is different enough, go for it anyway.

“That's the name ponies use to describe animals they are afraid of. Animals they try to chase away or hunt down. Animals who deserve life just as much as they do. Am I a monster for protecting those who cannot defend themselves? Or are ponies monsters for killing mommies and babies, without even the excuse of using them for food?”

Holy shit, Tyrantshy, you make a lot of sense.

What rumors I have a rough idea but not entily sure

I am mentaly scarred for life now thank you sooooooooooo very much.
But by celetia that was funny.

Ribs don't grow back. Clothes, however, do.

[“I like where this is going!” Pinkie Pie said, wriggling out of her own clothes.]

844973 I know what that is. It's a line from that crazy doctor in TF2. The one and only Medic!

Oh, Luna, you and your socks!

Honestly, I'm laughing my plot off here. Twilight is best Professor Farnsworth, the Hoof-Longer is essentially the world's greatest platform shoe, and you're taking my favourite Futurama moments and ponifying them. I'll fave and like on the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

844973 When Rainbow woke up, her wings were missing, and ze baker was never heard from again.

Applejack: What if I was able to lie?
Rainbow Dash: What if I was a unicorn?
Twilight: What if I had been older when I went to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns? (or whatever the real name is)
Pinkie Pie: What if I had joined Discord?

Hm, is it just me, or does the machine seem to be telling them all that they should get together. :trixieshiftright:

I mean, just look how the last two chapters ended.

Oh, my... I'm impressed by the sense Fluttertyrant makes, I'm amused by her reaction, and I'm laughing loudly about Luna. Can she do anything that isn't adorable?

I swear loyalty, life, and all that I hold cute to Empress Gaia. May she bless me for my success and punish me for my failure. ALL HAIL GAIA!
But you know what I really want to see? What if Pinkie Pie was NORMAL?!

857128 Wait...Ribs don't grow back?! Ahhgh!

>Pollination room
>Then she realized that their blushes weren't out of shame for being captured, but the slight embarrassment and shyness that accompanies, Oh... Oh!

I think I get it, but I'm not entirely sure...

Just noticed this:

I quite enjoyed this. Certainly worth some moustaches :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

> “No Fluttershy, it's your turn, it's only fair that you get to go.” Twilight said, as she shot a glare at Rainbow Dash before she has a chance to take up Fluttershy's offer.

Wrong tense, consider "had".

>Fluttershy slowly opened here eyes and turned towards the quavering voice coming from beside the bed. Lying in a prostrate bow was a nondescript blue unicorn. One of the palaces many servants.

Missing apostrophe.

Biggest problem I had was "Thrown room" not "Throne room"
Apart from that, SO. AWESOME:rainbowkiss:
You should make this a full-fledged fanfic, it has tonnes of potential

Think I fixed all the pointed out typos so far, let me know if you spot any more.

I think there was a bird in the vid but I forgot what its name was, oh well.

We'll never know.

857459 The bird's name is Archimedes. And it's a dove.

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