• Published 1st Jul 2012
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MLP: Anthology of Interest - Sleipnirs Foal

A story lovingly ripped off from the Futurama episode of the same name

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God-Empress Fluttershy

“Alright Fluttershy, it's your turn to ask the 'What If' machine a question.” Twilight said, turning to face the yellow pegasus.

“Oh, um, are you sure? I don't mind letting someone else go if they want.” The timid mare replied.

“No Fluttershy, it's your turn, it's only fair that you get to go.” Twilight said, as she shot a glare at Rainbow Dash before she had a chance to take up Fluttershy's offer.

“Well, okay then.” Fluttershy said as she approached the machine. With a look of apprehension she spoke into the phonograph horn atop the mechanism. “Um, hello there.”

“It's just a machine Fluttershy, you don't have to be polite to it.”

“Oh, okay. Uh, well, as a pegasus living on the ground, I've never really fit in. So I was wondering: What if I was the supreme overlord of all the world?”

With a satisfied nod the pony returned to stand beside her friends. Her friends on the other hoof were struggling with a mixture of shock and confusion at the seemingly out of character question. They were snapped out of it though when the 'What If' machine gave off a series of clicks and whirs, and a light projected from the lens.


God-Empress Fluttershy

“Mistress? It is morning, I've come to wake you, as you commanded.”

Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes and turned towards the quavering voice coming from beside the bed. Lying in a prostrate bow was a nondescript blue unicorn. One of the palace's many servants. The pegasus pony threw the sheets from herself and stepped boldly from the bed, her yellow fur unadorned in the morning sunlight. That's right, she slept in the nude, and she didn't care if the whole world knew!

In a gentle but authoritative voice she said, “You may go.” and the blue pony scurried out of the room.

It was time to prepare herself for the day. She looked across her bedchamber, a large room painted in happy greens and blues and studded with animal dens. With a self assured flap of her wings she glided over to vanity. In the mirror she appraised her silky mane, already being brushed by several of her squirrel friends. When they had finished a cardinal and bluejay lifted her crown from the dresser and placed it lovingly upon her head. She admired the crown, as she did every morning, a marvel of craftsmanship: living vines woven into a circlet, their leaves and flowers ever changing to match the seasons outside.

Satisfied with her appearance and regalia Fluttershy made her way to the throne room. Ponies flattened themselves to the floor as she passed by, averting their gaze to avoid the power of her Stare. The only looks she received were from her little animal friends and helpers, they were always happy to see their mistress, and to give her news concerning the ponies under her rule.

The throne room was in a bustling state as usual. Animals went too and fro, going about their business. Flocks of birds flew in to report on any discrepancies among the population. Bears stood watch beside the throne, while manticores guarded the door. Fluttershy sat upon her high seat and prepared for her duties.

The first order of business was a meeting with the captain of the royal guard. He had recently returned from the conquered griffon nation, where his troops had snuffed out a resistance movement. Why couldn't her subjects understand that her way of doing things was for their own good? It made her sad to think that the Speaking Races of the world were so resistant to a change for the better.

She was shaken from her thoughts when the throne room doors opened and a small armored figure approached the dais. She smiled to see her captain return safe. “What news from the guard Captain Angel?”

The white rabbit before her bowed and twitched his whiskers before beginning a complex pantomime with his paws.

“Excellent, were many prisoners taken?”

Another series of gestures followed.

“That will secure our trade routes for sure.”

More waving of forelimbs.

“I'll leave disciplinary measures regarding your troops in your paws.”

Now Angel smiled, he had saved the best news for last.

“Really?” Fluttershy's eyes lit up, and a smile crossed her own face, “Have her sent in, by all means.”

Angel thumped his bronze shod foot on the hard tile of the throne room. In response the doors opened and two pony guards entered, a prisoner between them. The guards uniforms were very much the same as they had been before the coup, bronze armor and crested helm. The only difference was the fealty collars around their necks, worn by all of Fluttershy's subjects. As for the captive, the unicorn's hooves were unshackled, but an iron ring was secured firmly around her horn, preventing the use of magic. The two colts stopped a few feet away from the throne and bowed, the prisoner remained standing.

“Thank you Captain, momma's so proud. You may go.” The rabbit bowed once more and hopped out of the room. All the while Fluttershy's attention remained on the prisoner.

Noticing that their charge was not kneeling one of the guards got up saying, “On your knees filth!” Bringing his forehoof down hard on the prisoners withers. With a grunt the pony fell to the floor, but still held her head aloft, looking directly at Fluttershy.

“It's been a long time, Twilight.”

“Yes it has, Fluttershy.”

“You will refer to her majesty as Empress Gaia!” The guardspony shouted, preparing another blow. Before he had a chance to strike a swarm of badgers and woodchucks tackled him to the floor.

“The two of you will remain silent until ordered otherwise.” Fluttershy did not raise her voice, she didn't need to. Her word was law, and defying it was inconceivable.

Twilight Sparkle rose to her hooves defiantly. Here was the only pony who still dared to openly oppose Fluttershy, the only enemy she respected. The pegasus' eyes drifted over her former friend. The mare was lean and muscular, a life of hardship and warfare had sculpted her into a fit specimen. But Fluttershy could see that the life of a fugitive had taken its toll as well: malnourishment was obvious, her coat was matted and dirty, her hooves dull and chipped.

“You would have been better off staying with me, joining my cause rather than fighting it. You would have been well fed and comfortable.” Came Fluttershy's calm, sympathetic voice.

“I would have been a slave!” Twilight spat.

Fluttershy grimaced at the unicorns ignorant remark, but decided to continue, “You were my friend once Twilight, and I still care about you. I am willing to give you another chance, to forgive the crimes you've committed against me. All you have to do is accept my rule, and swear your loyalty to me.”

“No.” Twilight's reply was simple and straight forward, just as they always were.

With a heavy sight Fluttershy said, “So be it. Take her to the dungeon.”

The guards turned, leading their prisoner away. The animals in the room followed the trio with their eyes. The doors opened, and just as the were about to cross the threshold a soft call came, “Wait.”

The guards turned back, awaiting new orders. “Leave her here and go.”

Looking at each other warily, the armored ponies bowed and left. Questioning orders was unwise.

When the doors were shut Fluttershy said, “You have shown that you do not deserve my kindness, but I refuse to abandon a pony who once meant so much to me.”

“You are insane Fluttershy.” Replied Twilight. Although she seethed with hate and rage, her heart ached at seeing her former friend once more, evident by the look in her eye and the crack in her voice, “What happened to you? What happened to the Fluttershy who wouldn't hurt anypony, who loved Equestria?”

“She was chosen to rule this world.” The yellow mare said simply.

“You'll never win. You may have defeated the princesses once, but they're still out there!” Twilight's words were strong, but a hint of doubt was clear in her voice.

“Silly Twilight. The princesses are no threat to me. You do know where they get their power from don't you?”

Fluttershy knew full well that Twilight understood the celestial princesses better than anypony alive, but waited for a response none the less. When none came she continued:

“The receive their power from the Earth, they are bound to it, are a part of it, and can not leave its circles until the world itself is destroyed. And do you know how I was able to defeat them?”

Again Fluttershy paused, and again Twilight stonewalled.

“It's because the Earth chose me to rule. I am this worlds champion and steward. I became Empress not by my hoof, nor by fate, but by the will of the Earth. But if you won't take my word for it, perhaps you'll believe sompony else.” The pegasus floated down from the throne. “Haven't you wondered why Celestia hasn't bothered to contact her most faithful student?”

By some unseen mechanism the throne and dais swung away from the wall like a door. There in a hidden room stood a pristine white alicorn, her mane flowing and horn sparkling. But her eyes no longer held their measured joy and her head was bowed in sorrow. Celestia was broken. Her hooves were held in place by creeping plants. It was as if she herself was rooted to the ground, a flower of untold loveliness, long spent but unable to wither.

“This is why the Sun and Moon still rise.” Commented Fluttershy.

But Twilight wasn't listening. She ran to her beloved mentor and embraced her, tears running freely. “Princess!”

The reunion was short lived, Twilight was unable to speak to her princess before dozens of tiny paws pulled her away and the door closed once again.

Twilight's nostrils flared and she pawed the ground, the iron ring around her horn glowed red hot, but no magic was able to escape. “You're a monster!” She screamed.

“That's the name ponies use to describe animals they are afraid of. Animals they try to chase away or hunt down. Animals who deserve life just as much as they do. Am I a monster for protecting those who cannot defend themselves? Or are ponies monsters for killing mommies and babies, without even the excuse of using them for food?”

Fluttershy returned to her throne and clopped her hooves together. A side door opened and a unicorn mare entered the room, giving a short bow. She had a flawless white coat and luxurious purple mane. Around her neck was a fealty collar studded with diamonds and woven with gold thread, to anyone who looked at her it was clear she was a favorite of the empress.

Twilight was shocked to see another of her old friends, but that shock turned to anger as she realized Rarity had willingly submitted to Fluttershy's tyranny. Before she could voice her outrage Fluttershy said, “Rarity, take this prisoner. Feed her, wash her, then bring her to the pollination room.”

“Yes mistress.” Rarity's voice had only the slightest trace of fear in it.


“Traitor.” It was the first word out of Twilight's mouth as they left the throne room.

“Pleas darling, it's not like that!”

“You're here, serving that witch!”

“You don't understand! What choice did I have?”

“Resist! Fight back! Anything but this.” Twilight gestured to the ring around her neck.

“There is no resisting! You know that now. At least this way I'm not a slave.”

“No. You're a pet.”

“At least she's kind to her pets!” She sobbed, nearly in hysterics. Twilight realized she may have been too hard on her friend. She was just trying to survive, like all of them. They spent the rest of their time in silence.

Twilight had to admit, it felt good to be clean. And for the first time in months she had a full belly. Rarity had been called off half way during her meal, so now two other pony servants were escorting her to what Fluttershy had called the 'pollination room.'

The double doors opened revealing an indoor garden. Exotic plants grew between trickling fountains. The light of early evening came in from high set windows, all of which were open, combating the humidity of the greenhouse with cool mountain air. What struck Twilight as odd was the lack of any animals, the rest of the castle was crawling with them (often literally), but this room was strangely quiet.

When Twilight reached the center of the room, she came upon another dais and throne. On the high seat was Fluttershy, and surrounding her were five very familiar ponies. Applejack and Rainbow Dash stood behind the chair, neither able to make eye contact with the arriving mare. It was obvious that Dash's primary feathers had only recently grown full again, and a ring of bare skin around AJ's neck reviled where a tight collar once sat. Pinkie Pie bounced in place on one of the upper steps, but her smile seemed forced. Rarity sat leaning on the throne, blushing under Twilight's gaze. But most surprising of all was the dark blue alicorn laying at Fluttershy's hooves. Princess Luna had the decency to look ashamed as the yellow pegasus held the ornamental leash attached to the once-ruler.

“You too Luna?” Said a shocked Twilight, looking at the gem encrusted collar and silver leash.

“I resisted at first,” Replied the embarrassed lunar mare. “but I couldn't help myself. She's just so cute!” She gushed, looking up at her overlord with a smile.

Fluttershy returned the smile then looked at Twilight. “You know, I would be willing to free Celestia as well if somepony were to keep an eye on her.”

Fluttershy wiggled her eyebrows and winked a few times, just to make sure her hint was absolutely understood. Twilight blushed at the implication, wondering who else knew about her schoolfilly crush.

“No, I will never join you.” A determined Twilight said. “You can imprison me, you can torture me, but I will never submit to you!”

“Very well,” Replied Fluttershy, “but before your fate is decided, do you want to know why I call this the Pollination room?”

Twilight stood confused. She glanced at her friends again and noticed little smiles tugging at their lips. Then she realized that their blushes weren't out of shame for being captured, but the slight embarrassment and shyness that accompanies, Oh... Oh!

Twilight cleared her throat, “I will not surrender! ...But I am willing to negotiate a temporary ceasefire.”


The light on the screen flickered and dimmed. The six ponies sat in silence.

“B-b-b, bu- bu-,” Fluttershy's stammering whisper was clearly heard in the quiet basement. “I, I, I...”

It was clear from her expression that the yellow pegasus was distressed by what she just saw. What was unnerving to the others were the stiff wings on her back. Most of Fluttershy didn't like what she saw on screen, but part of her certainly did.

“Well, that was an interesting hypothetical situation that was in no way real, and certainly doesn't illustrate the ponies within it truthfully. Who's next?” Twilight shouted manically, eyes darting back and forth.


This was a hard chapter to write. The most obvious 'what if' scenario for Fluttershy is "what if I was more assertive?" But since that was already in an episode I had to come up with this. I'm not 100% satisfied by the way it turned out (making Tyrantshy funny was harder than I thought), but it will do.

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