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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cheshire Cat: "We're all mad here."


Back during the whole "Blue Flu" incident, Twilight kept claiming that she was Discord's friend. However, a certain Draconequus couldn't help but notice a lack of sincerity in her tone. Is Twilight really Discord's friend? Or do some grudges never die?


Written in one in a half hours, ending at 1:15 am. That's the only time my creativity really hits its peak.

EDIT: featured 2/24. Wow.

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A cute little story, and I think you did a good job of nailing down Twilight's and Discord's characters. I will say that if I'd been Twilight, I wouldn't have became friends with him at the end. I would have said something like: "We're still not friends, Discord. But for the first time ever, you've given me a reason to want to try."

Your ending is something that would be more likely to happen in the show though. My only criticism is that Discord may have been a little too sappy at the end there, but that's just an opinion. I think he should have started tickling Twilight immediately after the "beautiful laugh" line.

Anyway's, great job. Have a like and fave.

This was a very nice, heartwarming story.
Good job:moustache:

Discord is one of my favorite characters from the show and I think you did a great job capturing his personality, not to mention that the gags were well placed and hilarious. This fic brought a smile to my face.:pinkiehappy:

That was really sweet. You portrayed a fairly realistic frienship between Discord and Twilight

Have a like and fave.

Aaaaw! Discord! :heart:

But... Yeah...

This story is so good! :pinkiehappy:

uuuuu the story is so flurg idk is just you know

You know? I'm a little tired to people ending their titles with periods. This might seem like nitpicking, but that mistake happens a lot. A lot.

3990590 :derpyderp1: thx for pointing that out. fixed.

Wow, bang-up story ya got here. I'm a big stickler for Discord characterization, and you hit the nail on the head for him. Excellent job. :pinkiehappy:

awww I liked it... It was cute.....:derpytongue2:

Okay, that really needed to be addressed! Nice story. :twilightsmile:

Discord expects friendship from Twilight, but doesn't actually do anything to earn it, and therefore either just doesn't know how or he's planning something.

Comment posted by PonyAmorous deleted Feb 24th, 2014

“FOREVER!” Pinkie Pie said, popping out of a patch of begonias. Both Twilight and Discord jumped as Pinkie sunk back down into the flowers.

she always knows :pinkiecrazy:

:twilightoops: well, I almost screw Equestria

Good story, captured the characters well in my opinion

Friendship is a two-way street... This story is entirely one-sided, which in the end keeps it from really working for me. It really needed Twilight laying into Discord for the constant abuse and an apology of sorts from his side.

Aside from that, Discord's delivery especially was well written, with some clever visuals suggested and an especially fun introduction through the book.

You know what? You should turn this into a ship... It could be quite amusing....

Pretty much everything I was going to say. It was a really good, really well made story.

hi hi

I don't understand why Twilight is apologizing to Discord at the end. Discord was the one that said they weren't friends, he called her a liar. If you trust someone, you trust them to tell you the truth. What the heck was she supposed to do? Prove her trust in him by disbelieving what he was saying? That doesn't make any sense. Discord ought to have been apologizing to Twilight at the end.

(Still, thats the sort of thing I would expect from Discord, and its a critique of the characters, not the writing.)

3997745 It's a little complicated, i admit: he said that he thought that SHE didn't really think of herself as his friend; in other words, he was Twilight's friend, but he thought she wasn't his.

I admit the story isn't perfect, but It's at least okay (in my opinion)


I liked this. While I understand what the others are saying on Discord's side, the problems delve on treating with one another. Discord treats everyone with his somewhat benign sense of random. I understand the others not trusting him, but it also says that they don't trust Fluttershy's judgment on him. Thing is, Discord was right that the others didn't trust him. He does seem to trust them (though regarding trusting that they trust him is a different matter since they express their doubt, hesitation and suspicion of him constantly.)

While it was skewed more toward Discord's side, he raises some points because most ponies are already against him. It's hard to earn trust when ponies will always think negatively of you. Discord always had the knack of not changing who he was. In this way, he has his own quirky niche in the group. Step by step, things will improve.


As I said, I don't think it is a flaw of the story. In fact, I think it nicely highlights Discord's hypocrisy, and Twilight's self deprecating nature. It is perfectly possible to write good stories about bad people.

Discord goes in and flat out accuses Twilight of lying three separate times, and he's upset because she doesn't trust him. If thats not hypocrisy, I don't know what is.

Losing trust in a friend is the fastest way to lose a friend forever. It doesn't matter who you are, if you walk up to your friend, call them a liar and rebuff their every attempt to convince you that they are your friend... well, you shouldn't be surprised if they reciprocate.

This was cute. I loved it. :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Wow, people are taking this story a lot deeper then i originally intended. Not that i'm complaining of course.

I'm sort of considering an alternate, somewhat more realistic ending, where Twilight gets all angry at Discord.


A short, awesome, feel-good story. Fav and thumb up. Everything else that I'd have to say has already been said.

Not bad. I like the way Discord reveals himself and the characters sound like themselves. The ending probably could have done with another look, but otherwise, hey, good job. Have an upvote and a favorite.:twilightsmile:

Why is there a giant white space in the middle? :rainbowderp:



Both are at fault. And Fluttershy needs to lecture both of them. Probably first Discord and then Twilight before both meet up

Really really good story man.

this is so cute. :rainbowkiss: I honestly really did like this. :yay:

That ending......makes me squel like the fan girl I am.

The story is... nice. By which I mean that it presents an interesting idea. The problem is what it does with the idea.

Discord testing Twilight to see if she is a true friend after a known not very friend like behavior is genuinely interesting. Especially with the result of the test being negative.

But the problem with the story is that the problem is resolved so quickly and without a good build up. Cheesy hug scenes only works when there is a good build up to them. This story skips the build up.

Twilight just chasing after Discord and yelling at him to listen to her is not a build up to a hug scene. There needs to be a notable realization of friendship here. A major event that shows that they are indeed friends. Perhaps even something to make them become genuine friends. A hug only work when combined with such an event.

5119152 Eh. I see your point.

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to indicate the pause between Discord leaving, and Twilight following.

I like it!

And it is NOT me being all egotistical and loving myself, but because Discord seems like...I dunno....a nice person.

Ok Marow, this fic was nice, but don't let it make you ship Discord and Twilight. You ship Spike and Twilight. Spilight. Twike. Twicord. Discight.......damnit.

I basically skip the conclusion of the story and in doing so it becomes on of my favorite stories on this site, but yes the ending does ruin it for me to

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