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For some reason i have the ability to write stories, therefore i continue to write in the hopes of saving what little remains of my sanity.

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Well that was interesting... · 3:26pm May 23rd, 2017

So a few month's ago i entered a Script Writing contest in my local area, took me almost two month's to finish writing it and well i didn't win i did get an honorable mention. So i guess that's kind of an accomplishment?

Fell kind of bad that i neglected my DA and FIMFiction accounts (AGAIN!!!!!) to write it, but i feel i learned a lot from it and it really pushed me toward maybe pursing a career as a screen writer.

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2391338 You are welcome :D

Hey! Thanks for the fave on Twilight Sparkle vs. the Situational Multiverse!

2333959 I might disagree with you on the second part (though I do like Starlight), but on the first bit I'm with you all the way! :pinkiehappy:

2333786 Cause laughter is the best medicine, and Starlight is best pony? :D

I really wonder why, if you're here "in the hopes of saving what little remains of [your] sanity", what possessed you to read Starlight Repeatedly Teleports into Custard! :rainbowlaugh: Still, thank you regardless. :)

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