It started out as a normal day. The crusaders had a new idea for getting cutie marks, and then Apple Bloom borrowed Applejack's hat for something without asking.

Suddenly... it was no longer a normal day.

Nietzsche, I need sleep.

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*flies away*

Georg #2 · Aug 7th, 2015 · · 1 ·

Hm. Can't upvote. Darned pear conspearacy...

Goddammit, Skirts.



Is that a pear I see you flying away in?

Why does this all sound familiar?
Either way this was good.


So what would Rainbow Dash's be? The Whistle of the Awesomemancer?

*bows in reverence*

I guess you could say that her day went pear-shaped.

Great story.

What ever would I do without the kindness of strangers.

You can always depend on the kindness of strangers
To pluck up your spirits and save you from dangers
Now here's a tip from Blanch you won't regret
A strangers just a friend you haven't met
You haven't met

Now we know the reason Applejack refuses to let Rainbow Dash see what she's got inside her hat.

There is a brief scream, and then both aliens burst into inert ash and silicon... because why not.

Uhm... you must be really sleep deprived.

Applejack stares back. She leans her head forward, clearing her throat yet again. "The... uh... cyclone that just tore its breezy way through this here district of Ponyville?"

Did the Element of Honesty just lie?

More silence.

Perhaps not that well. Oh, and Men in Black reference.

Well. That happened. I can only imagine what Pinkie Pie's secret identity entails. (And I'm convinced that every member of the Mane Six has one in this setting, with the possible exception of Twilight.)

Nietzsche, I need sleep.


...So....who's supposed to save us from the squirrels?

6294224 Spike is the one with the secret identity.
(Twilight does occasionally turn into the Incredible Neurosis, but she never remembers afterwards)

Well. ... That was a thing. ... Whatever it was.

Saw this a while back, and the last few seconds fit wonderfully. I'd've just posted the video itself, but for some reason, it wouldn't work for me...

Nietzsche, I need sleep.

After that story, gotcha covered.

What in the all living hell did I just read...

I juh- wha- buhh...


Buck it I'm having fun...

At least their secret identities aren't each other's arch-nemeses. Although the Dressmancer and the as-yet-unseen Speedmancer might be.

Ah, the MiR? Like the MiB, but Mares in Red instead.

Skirts, you either write things that touch my very soul, or things that are almost enough to convince me you're touched in the head.

And in either case, I like it!

We love you Skirts. Keep it up!

Where did the real Bon Bon and Lyra go?

To you my dear author, I give unto you all of my 'wat?'. :applejackconfused:

faved, and upvoted, because silly things make me laugh.


That quote pretty much sums this up.

Well then... that sort of... just happened. Okay.

Yes. What? :rainbowhuh:

Oh you Mr shortskirtsandexplosions don't ever stop being that crazy pineapple you are!

With you Mr Explosions, sometimes (i.e. all the time) I am just along for the ride!

You get to be Dashie in this pic, taking us along for the ride! ;)


This made my day! :rainbowlaugh:

When I saw this, I thought, "This should be short, silly, and delightfully random." Then I saw who wrote it and became very afraid. I wasn't quite ready for his level of insanity. I was expecting a kiddie pool, but ended up with an Olympic diving board.

6293532 Nope, Rainbow Dash belongs to a evil cult called "Speed Demons"

xoid #41 · Aug 8th, 2015 · · ·

Y’know, most people just smoke a blunt or two, not entire bags at a time.

Well... That was... A thing... :applejackconfused:

sequel? :raritystarry:

the hell did i just read

What have you done?!

All my wat.


A masterpiece. :pinkiecrazy:

Or we're watching Skirts slowly descend into madness and this story is the start.

The thing is. I'm so used to SSAE having these random stories that this didn't even surprise me once, this is actually probably one of the more sensical of his random stories.
I mean its not like it was 6's & 7's

.-- .- -



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