This story is a sequel to Dying to Get There



To any normal citizen of Equestria, the secondary headline of the Canterlot Times is just filler to make the front page look denser and more important. To Special Agent Sweetie Drops, however, it's the beginning of a new task... and the nightmares to follow...

The Moose Is Loose.

Special thanks to Zaponator and Titanium Dragon.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 121 )

Goddammit, Skirts.

Pancreas! This shee-yut got serious dayum quick! That lil' Twisty bitch sure knows how to spew fart magic!

And here I thought those moose gifs were just for the sake of moose gifs.

I half expect to see a cameo of a certain moose in this...maybe several.

It was a dark and stormy night


Is there going to be a squirrel involved in this fic as well?

Hmm... I'll take, "Reasons Short Skirts Should Not Eat Chili After 9:00PM" for $400, Alex.

How many moose?
Too many moose.
I love it.

Wow, that was a paragraph.


Of course, that's why Twist is such an ugly and horrible creature! She's a MOOSE!


No, not Large Numbers! He was one day from retirement!


Pinkie was a moose all along?! No! Say it ain't so!


They're dead?! NOOOOO!




I want to live forever.

I mean... honestly... how much worse could it get?”



They tried to kill Lyra?! That's the last straw!


Why Mexicolt?



I was hoping that this was the in-verse propaganda movie Red Heart was talking about but with that ending...


I loved it though.

Brilliant. Full-circle brilliant. :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, you lost me when Twist turned into a super moose and started beating the crap out of the swat team. What the heck is going on?

Comment posted by Jarkes deleted Jul 22nd, 2015

So, I think I get it now. Not really. But onwards I shall read anyway! I get the feeling that looking for logic in this story is an exercise in futility.

Oh, it's Pinkie Pie. Now it all makes sense.

You might want to consult the tags:

Gore Dark Comedy Random

The story is a black comedy about people getting killed by moose while trying to count them.

FYI, SS&E actually asked me if it was okay for him to write this fic via PM. If you saw this in your feed, it is because you are following SS&E yourself - sequels, as far as I know, only show up in your feed if they're written by the original author, nor do they show up in the sidebar of the original story unless they're written by the same person.

I don't hate SS&E. Heck, I even made a blog post about this story's existence.

Recursive fanfiction is a thing (heck, a thing I've sort of engaged in previously), even if the story in question isn't my kind of thing. How am I supposed to tell someone that they're NOT allowed to write a silly story about a moose census which is mentioned as an off-hand joke in the cover art of my story?

Besides, I'm pretty sure that the idea of SS&E (follower count: 4,997) riding on my coattails (follower count: 687) is a little bit silly. Though it is terribly flattering of you to think so. :heart:

You know how Twilight's eyes melted last chapter? I think my brain is doing the same thing.

You really don't like moose. :twilightoops:

Mooses? Meece? Moosen?

This is probably what would happen if America tried to invade Canada.

6234095 My apologies. And I actually saw it in the Feature Box.

And as a huge fan of the Pony POV Series by Alex Warlorn (which you should totally check out, btw, but a bit of a warning: it's really huge, to the point where it had to be split up into several "seasons" on this site) and its many recursives, I'm well aware of recursive fanfiction.

EDIT: In fact, I think I'll delete that initial comment.

Also, since no one's done it yet:

Look, a moose! *runs away*

It's alright.

And huh. Crazy.

Here a moose there a moose everywhere a moose moose!

Old McDonald had a farm, ei ei oh.
And on that farm he had a moose, ei ei oh.
Here a moose there a moose everywhere a moose moose!
Old McDonald had a farm ei ei... oh.

At the end of her next roll, she galloped straight up the wall, backflipped, and flew straight over the moose with the candle-stick holder.

Sweetie be nimble Sweetie be quick, Sweetie jump over the candlestick.

I still have no idea what in Tartarus I just read... but okay. Nice Terminator reference too.

Skirts got into the sugar again, didn't he?



Abandon all hope, ye who enter the realm of Skirtsian fuzzy wuzzy poniwords. :pinkiecrazy:

6233870 Why aren't the nights ever stormy and dark?

Or slightly-overcast-with-a-few-patches-of-moonlight?

The Groose Moose is on the Loose

It just keeps on escalating. :twilightoops:

Knowing Skirts, this isn't going to end well.

I can't wait.

It was a dark and stormy night

There're your down votes right there. No, not the tacky cliché, the lack of a period at the end of the sentence.

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