This story is a sequel to Y'allin'

Actually, this has nothing to do with tomahawks... or missiles. But Rarity almost wishes that it did, for it would distract her from how ardently she looks forward to these afternoon tea parties with Rainbow Dash.

Cover Art by Zaponator
(Awwww hell)

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That was quick! :rainbowlaugh:

“I thought they were all about getting Princess Celestia out of office.”

Princess Celestia is a socialist Mulesim from Zebrica!

Wow. You took my favorite innocuous line from Y'allin' and inflated it into a full RariDash one-shot?

This makes me so happy.

Soooo, Twilight does not approve of Rarity's, um, imaginings?

Irregardless, t'was fun to read.

“Why... just the other day, I was paid a visit from Coco Pommel, my adorable little dress-making associate from Manehattan.”

“No way. That squeaky midget's still alive?”


Fantastic work all around. Though the use of whalebone and ivory in Rarity's work raises uncomfortable questions. I suppose the elephants made sell some tusks, but... :unsuresweetie:

Ah well, not the point. The point is justice explosions and bodice ripping, both of which were highly enjoyable.

I love the idea of Twilight having to deal with her friends' fantasies.

6189977 No, Twilight does not approve of this phrase:

“I could care less...”

Well, that was a thing that happened

One day, Rarity, I'm sure you'll capture Rainbow's heart
Probably when she's too old to fly

You brute! Where's the romance between the parts, the lustful consummation of repressed desires?!? OK, Twilight being Twilight is indeed funny, but I.. I mean WE were half waiting for Rarity to be the one to lose her inhibitions and ravage her little doll, one little ribbon at a time...

DO IT!!!!

:moustache: Hay Rarity where do you want my fresh baked goods?

:twilightangry2: !!!!!


:rainbowwild: You look better in dragon anyway. . .

(Was hoping Spike would show up and be the cook behind the treats and RDs games included in his play time)

Said it was 'My fault for not flying faster than the speed of diarrhea.'

Yeah, I can picture Rarity with fantasies like this. Hopefully Luna isn't traumatized on a nightly basis.

6190224 Spike's a pathetic piece of shit who wouldn't even be able to find that kind of companionship if he sought it from his own damn species. Keep your stupid shit out of stories where he isn't wanted.

6190566 Awww poor troll find a bridge to crawl under:facehoof::pinkiegasp: and a Thumbs downtoo.

6190378 That's a true saying when you fly anything specially helicopters. . .Knew a few who didn't make it.....

6190877 A true saying? Damn I wouldn't have guessed. Now I can't help but wonder if it's meant to cause piss inducing laughter.

6190941 It sure does, Seen it in action.....glad the rules were you make the mess you get to clean it up.

This was pretty hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: I just needed that scene to be real!

Tea time with tomahawk missiles, indeed.

And I guess 'irregardless' was still a major sore spot for Twi.

Dat Raridash, tho'.

“Well, let's face it, Rarity.” Rainbow rolled her eyes and chuckled. “I'm not exactly tea time material, aren't I? I mean... meh... sports, sweating, and explosions are totally my thing, y'know?”

And short skirts if Rarity can keep having her way, evidently.:raritystarry:

Oi, don't cock block my Raridash!

Hilarious, charming, and a teeny tiny bit arousing.


I wrote a review of this story.

It can be found here.

Firstly, this was intensely adorable. Like, jeeze man, you should need a license to publish this stuff. Someone's gonna get hurt if you're not careful.

Anyway, secondly, this actually does a fantastic job with Rainbow's character. Despite being a very silly story, I'd honestly say Rainbow is better characterized here than she is in a lot of serious stories. There's so much more to her than grunting, "girl stuff bad!" and smashing things. A lot of the fandom depicts her that way, but it's a caraciture of one aspect of her personality. If you actually watch the show's characterization, she wears dresses, she goes to tea parties, she does all those things and she is a girl. She does put her own uncouth spin on some of those things, and she's not as enthusiastic about that stuff as some, but hey, she'll take a chance to hang out with her friends. Throw in some awesome sprinkles and you're golden.

TL;DR Thank you for allowing Rainbow Dash to be a bit feminine. Also, the story was pretty hilarious.

I don't quite get what the ending is referencing, if anything.

Well, Twi, you certainly know how to make an entrance in order to make grammar corrections.
Next time though, make sure that there will be someone left to correct :rainbowlaugh:

Who here believed that this story literally had Tomahawk Cruise Missiles?

> “I could care less…”

¿How much less could Miss Rarity care?

6197941 Rarity said "I could care less", and she meant "I don't care". That's wrong, so Twilight rushed to defend grammar's honor.

'scuse me while I try to recollect my logic :rainbowlaugh:

Where is the chapter update for end of ponies, or is it never being updated again?

Awww what? A Rainbow Dash and Rarity tea party fic? Course you stories notification feed! You've failed me yet again!

I'm sure somewhere out in the multiverse there's a pegasus wishing me dead. (Well get in line, filly!)

6189942 Oh gawddesses yes. She's SO adorable!

Whelp. Took about 5 re-reads but I'm finally done.

Done almost laughing myself to death, what the hell man!? You almost killed me!

That first half was mighty powerful mental-imagery inducing napalm barrage. And blind diving as I typically go, all I can say it was a chore to get through it without laughing or d'awwing at the imagery of Dashy in such an outfit and munching down on that one cupcake. SO cute!

This fic is not for the faint of heart. Or TwiDash OTP'ers, though that ending seems to at the very least echo many of their wishes for anything that would go against the such unholy unions. xD

I think mu tear docks began to use blood as a substitute. Rarity really started to go full novella passion there before I was splashed with more wondrous innocence that is this amazing Dashy here.

I give this story 12 Squirrels out of Nuts. Would cookie again.

Can't help but feel as if that ending was more a metaphor for Twilight bursting in on Rarity's backstabbing ways, 'flipping the table' alicorn style, for making moves out of turn at trying to get Rainbow behind Twilight's back. As if the two have some depraved pact that each has promised to adhere to for as long as the other promises not to make any extra moves on Dashie outside of their themed challenges to claim RD's love for their own.

Poor Dashie caught in the middle of two crazed unicorns trying to turn her into their love machine. Poor pegasus just wanted to play with her army toys, geez!

Also, Rarity makes some damn fine pastries. Top THAT, Twilight!
1 :duck: :twilightangry2: 0

rainbow and rarity together in a story written by SSE, God shines on the patient and the good, praise world without end hallelujah

For some reason, I read this in the voices of the characters from the Mentally Advanced Series

Twilight was mad at th lack of appledashery? Also, the heavy romance novel overtones were strong with this one. :twilightsmile:

Rarity, you know twilight doesn,t like it when you say I could care less – it means you do care! Say I couldn't care less, and Twilight won't get mad!

“Why... just the other day, I was paid a visit from Coco Pommel, my adorable little dress-making associate from Manehattan.”

“No way. That squeaky midget's still alive?”

That part just straight up killed me.

I was in stitches the whole time.

I'm utterly confused by the ending but I'll go with it.

Raridash is a fun ship, if fiddly to pull off. Rarity is a complex character, so writing her in character can be difficult. As usual you seem to just cruise through it with no trouble whatsoever.

Iz only read cuz funny pic ~doki.
Epic ending~doki
And I was just gonna skip to the end at one point ~doki
Rarity :heart: dokidoki :heart: hit it ~doki
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm8ohVlzEiE ~doki

Rarity said "I could care less", which is grammatically wrong. Like using "Y'all" when referring to a single person, or saying "Irregardless" instead of "Regardless".

You'll get it if you read Y'allin' :ajsmug:

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