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Capper is invited to Ponyville to celebrate Hearth's Warming. It's a delightful holiday party for sure, but the suave Abyssinian gentlefeline can't help but think of one thing: Where's that fabulous fashionista with the purple mane?

Written for Nailah via Petrichord's 2017 Jinglemas gift-fic exchange event.

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This story is a sequel to You Can Lead Your Bacon Horse to Water...

Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle go out on their first date.

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It's an enjoyable winter afternoon in Ponyville. Foals wage arctic warfare on one another in the form of snowballs, lovers dance majestically on the frozen lake, and then Scootaloo whips out her inter-dimensional snow sled.

Fic idea and prompt provided by The Duke.
Cover Art drawn by postcactus

Chapters (7)

You're anonymous... and you've come here to meet somepony. She doesn't know you, but just how much do you know her? Or yourself? Discovery, you suppose, is the greatest challenge.

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For the mare who's forever and always honest, it's damn near impossible keeping your most passionate and heartfelt confessions a secret. Thankfully, there's a hat for that.

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Yer invited. All y'all... to this wonderful, glorious cosmos filled with billions upon billions of fruit for all kinds of ponies to sink their purdy lil' teeth into. And not just any fruit, ya reckon? But somethin' that fills our tummies and makes our horse hearts soar to the stars.

Howdy. I'm Professor Applejack. And this is the History of the Apple.

Vector by luckreza8

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