Twilight Sparkle and her best friends are in deep trouble... yesterday.

Starlight Glimmer's been holding onto a secret for a long time now. Her old villainous days of messing with Starswirl the Bearded's spell alerted an alternate dimension full of shape-shifting monsters, and now this malevolent faction from beyond seeks to send their minions back in time to the first year of Twilight's stay in Ponyville in order to consume the magic of harmony. So, to secure the timeline and save the multi-verse, Starlight has devised a plan to project herself back several years and play bodyguard for the Elements of Harmony.

There's only one problem. Her great and powerful best friend steps in during the execution of the spell. Now both Trixie and Starlight are stuck back in time—fused magically to the same physical avatar—with an incredibly difficult mission to accomplish during the first year of Twilight's friendship lessons. Can the two time-displaced mares work together to thwart an alternate dimension's meddling? Or will they fail and hoof the future over to chaos? Even worse—will they get too relaxed with the comforts of the past and miss an opportunity to be heroes?

Credit to KeronianNiroro for the vector
Scampy for the edit.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Dashie

Rainbow Dash remembers. Rainbow Dash remembers Daddy.

He raised her. He took care of her. He loved her. And after years of living in Equestria, of being forced into a fugue state by a cruel memory spell, she now remembers him. And, like a good daughter, she wishes to be with Daddy again.

Thus begins Rainbow Dash's journey. It is a journey for the ages. Flying over continents, oceans, purple mountains; there is no length so epic that it will prevent Rainbow from reuniting with the only person who matters in her life. Rainbow will have to outsmart nations, outfly monsters, and combat evils of every shape and form in order to finish her weary odyssey.

This is about more than Equestria. This is about more than simple Equestrian/Homo sapien relations. This is more important than friendship or rainbow lasers or weekly morals for a youthful demographic. This is about love, joy, honor, and sacrifice.

This is none other than the return. The Return of His Little Dashie.

And it starts now.

My Little Dashie is by ROBCakeran53.
Rob, sorry but not sorry:heart:

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It's a just a simple favor. Surely Starlight is more than capable of doing it. Especially if she's rewarded with Great and Powerful Cuddles.

Cover art by SketchMCreations

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Princess Flurry Heart investigates the

Chapters (5)

Vinyl's best friend is a little bit too "friendly".

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It's likelier than you think.

Cover Art by jhayarr23

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Rainbow Dash writes her first novella. It's a very serious book about serious topics. She asks her friends to proofread. This should go well.

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You know what's a dumb idea? Taking the crew of a stranded cruise liner and marching them through a magical horse dimension to get home.

You know what's a smart idea? Grouping everybody in pairs so that they can buddy up and look after each other during the trans-dimensional trek.

When Flash Sentry is randomly partnered with an annoying fussy magician possessing an ego the size of the magical storm that sank them, he'd almost rather stay back on the wrecked ship.

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