Rarity enjoys a burgeoning fashion career.

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She sure misses that cat.

mine died years ago and i still miss him

Hugged my cat after reading.

This one hurt, ngl. My cat died just last month and the constant reminders of his absence are portrayed here quite accurately, you've written this quite well. Great job :)


Dearest Rarity,

Hope this letter finds you well and happy.
We found your boutique empty except for poor Opalescence
laying on the floor stiff as a board, I talked to Fluttershy and
Angel Bunny said Opal wanted a Viking funeral so we use the
bird bath behind your kitchen window and it almost went as planed.
After the Ponyville Fire Department put out the flames we'd have to
say mission accomplished...

I'm on my way to Prance on a diplomatic bag to set terms of their surrender.
I know you're busy but you had to notice the change of management there,

:trollestia: What the century is going on? Is it too much to ask for a quiet bath without a
flaming milk carton to deposit a dead and smoking feline in my freshly shampooed mane?
:facehoof: Oops wrong dragon fire...

:raritystarry: Spikey Wikey you're so "Woof"!
:moustache: Yea , I hear that a lot now days
:duck: My how times fly...

:derpytongue2: Take time from the rat race

"Stirrupean" is the best horse pun that I have seen in a long time.

Well, at least Schrödinger has the answer to his little riddle now.

I think this story is about the past haunting her. The cat died and Opal was her anchor to Ponyville. Not her sister or her friends. She left them behind easily enough for fame and fortune. But without Opal there wasnt a link to Ponyville.


..... It's not a cat. This is a short skirts fic.

Oh wow at first i was surprised she still had her career together and this wasn't a glimpse to a crazy (no) cat lady end. But then it seamlessly transitions to the possibility she's delusional in an apartment. And now with the context of her being detached from all her real normal connections the possibility of her being very wealthy or very poor and on the outs is Equally Likely

Obviously. The cat stands for everything Rarity sacrificed in the pursuit of her career.

Hauntingly beautiful, with the motif of the dead cat anchoring the story. At times the cat makes her panic, at times it makes her feel a sick sense of relief. The juxtaposition of the success on the outside and a troubled mind on the inside reminds me of modern day celebrities. I could see a fic similar to this working in G5, such as with Pipp Petals.

The panic of chapter 5 was my favorite part. I always love myself a good panic scene.

She could almost purge everyone from her memory in pursuit of success... but not Opal. And that little cat reminded her of everything she sacrificed.

...My cat is sleeping in my bed tonight and that's final.

The first 2 chapters of this story hit really hard. My cat passed a few weeks ago and I caught myself opening a can of wet food for her last night at the usual time. I was looking for her bowl wondering where I left it when the thought of, “I left it on her gravestone.” hit me like a truck.

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