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This story explores a dragon's nature somewhat, and spins a narrative of a middle-aged Spike regaling a visitor about the favorite item in his hoard: a statue of his favorite pony. It is a story about Spike, Rarity, reminiscing, letting go, and preserving that which is most precious to us.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 79 )

Sir you have touched me. Well done.:fluttercry:

...My word... this was just beautiful. You have brought me to shedding a few tears, good colt. I thankee.

Huh. I had never thought of Spike's and Rarity's relationship like that before. Granted, dragons are usually quite avaricious in old myths and legends, but I had never thought of Spike in that manner. Still, considering what we've seen of other dragons in the MLP universe, it makes sense that he'd develop those feelings.

As you pointed out, your premise is a little... disturbing. Obviously the fact that both Rarity and Spike consented to the arrangement makes things a lot less awkward, but still. However, I think you handled it quite well; it did feel like there was a strong, positive connection between Spike and Rarity. Add in your philosophy on the circle of life, and you've got a fairly happy story, albeit one with slightly dark undertones.

All in all, pretty decent story. Characters are developed well, clearly based on their personalities in the show. Plot is intriguing, bringing up questions about mortality and love, and answers them nicely. Atmosphere, as you've already pointed out, ranges from happy to slightly dark, but is never sad enough to really bring the story down. Well done.

gah I remember this story from a while ago and it still hits home the same as it did when I first read it :fluttercry:

Nice to see this story posted here! It's one of my favorites. I still remember that ridiculous Ponychan thread that inspired this.

I say you did an amazing job of turning it into a tender story. I tried not to, but I ended up crying, as I always do when I read stories of the mane six dying. I can't take the thought that, they will, eventually, die. It just hits home and I start crying. :raritycry:

amazingly well written. bravo sir! :raritywink:

My even considering voting this anything less than a four would be physically offensive to me.


Continues to stare at the screen while his hands try to find his lower jawbone, (it fell off okay?).

These two stories just make you think, ya know? I've read many FiM fiction stories lately, most of which have left me feeling one emotion or another rather heavily. This set is a world unto itself however. There's just no easy way to describe it.

Also, I think EqD would tag this as GrimLight, (paradox yo!).

Wow. This deserves to be so much more popular than it actually is. 5/5. That's all I can say.

When I said the first chapter wowed me, I thought that was as good as it could get. Man, was I wrong. That's...just about all I have to say. I would try to put what I feel in words, but I can't. I'm speechless.

This is very odd. It's not something that happens to me often. But you've done it. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

I cried so hard I died a bit on the inside well done

That story tugged at heartstrings I didn't know I had.:fluttercry:

I must say this is very well written. A little morbid yet sad at the same time. First I was like :twilightoops: but then I was like :raritycry:

I've read many sadfic's but this must be the one that's gotten to me the most, I've just read it for the second time and still it makes me cry :fluttercry:.
I mostly read long story's, and it amazes me that you can write sutch a amazing story that's so short and is better than most of the other sadfic's I've read.

Words fail me.

I cannot adequately describe how much this story fucked me up. I just sat down and sobbed for half an hour, completely unable to function as I thought about this story. I then came back, printed this out, and kept a copy of it on me everywhere I go.

No other story I have read has made me feel this emotional before. I don't know if it's kinda wrong, but I can compare how sad I just was to how sad I was when my aunt died. You are a masterful writer and this will forever be one of the shining examples of sheer talent and beauty in this fandom.

Thank you for one of the best things I have ever read.

Oh hey, I read this one awhile ago! Made me sob like a baby. :raritydespair:

Confound this fanfic, it drives me to weep

excusez mon fran├žais, but that was a hell of a lot better then i thought it could've been

I absolutely LOVE this story. It was the first MLP fanfiction I ever read, and it is still one of my favorites. It really touched my heart. Fantastic job!

WOW :pinkiegasp:
Wickedly clever!
the portrayals of Spike and rarity are more than believable, though i'm not a huge fan of spikes draconic nature coming out so much
thumbs up, since stars fell out of fashion

My my my... a very clever story indeed. Quite well thought out and well delivered. I am glad to see that you gave acknowledgement to others as well.

I only get a little bit of creepiness and only when you mention it

Apart from that... again (I think) just wow...


I have a piece of music to play during the second story that will completly wreck you. It just cleans you out like a sponge. Ever hear of catharsis?


No, I haven't heard of them before... and what to you mean exactly by wreck me and clean me out by a sponge?


Let me put it this way; it was about ten minutes before I was able to type again or see the screen. And I felt brilliant afterwards.


Thank you for the link... but I think I will wait a while before listening to it...

Its getting rather late over here.

It's trite, but manly tears were shed. :fluttercry:

Simply marvelous; I read this on google docs, and the "authors note" at the bottom; I'd just like to say you perfectly accomplished every goal for the story you laid out there, and beyond. Fantastic work, all the way through.

Very cute. However, it does beg the question as to the nature of a cockatrices vision. Usually it is portrayed as direct conversion of living tissue into granite (or concrete as they show us on tv). This implies that they can control it... but how much control? Cause to have her LITERALLY made out of alabaster, amethyst, sapphire and opal (or onyx or obsidian) and blue diamond would be pretty damn amazing. And wouldn't the rest of the gang notice when she went missing. ANd twilight is smart enough to puzzle things out...:twilightsmile:

A wonderful philosophy to embrace, touted in two wonderful stories- almost vignettes, but not quite.

Beautifully written. :twilightsmile:

A beautiful work exploring the relationship and interactions of Spike's draconic nature, Rarity's vanity, and the space in between of how to live a good life.

Well done.

Wow. Very well written. I had to pause for a moment and take in how amazingly well the cockatrice tied the story together.
Great job.

Now THAT was a twist! Very well done, 5/5 stars.

Both parts are brilliant pieces, and I found myself smiling despite the sadness.
Great work.

I enjoyed this greatly. Thank you.

Your words that flow so gentle sweet.
May the blessing's of beasts not be lost to the.
We appreciate those who see what all have missed
The place that holds the greatest wish,
Is rarely in the heart you see

Thank you for seeing us as we are.

An old favorite. I cried a bit, but it was a good cry. The endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. Told grandly, here.

i can't say how great that was (both chapters)
thanks for crafting this gem!

Wow, this is one of the first fanfics I read. I really liked it. Well done.

Ye gods and little fishes, I didn't realize this was here! Upvoted and faved, and may I one day have time to re-read it! :heart:

My God, this fic was amazing. You, as a writer, are amazing and I hope you get published. Having officially read everything you've published on FiMFiction, I think that all of your work here is freaking amazing.

Oh, and about the creepyness in this particular series of fics? I consider the writing itself a bubble of light surrounded by mild darkness, which can only penetrate anytime it's mentioned. In all honesty, even though there's a dark premise, you pull the story off in a way that makes it feel like it could almost be an authentic part of the show. The main reason I say almost is that hasbro would never try to make little girls cry so hard that their parents have to take them to psychologists.

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