"Oh come on, Applejack! Just one trip around the clouds! One!"

It's an invitation that Applejack has heard countless times. However, no matter how often Rainbow Dash bugs her to experience an air ride, the farm filly flat out refuses.

Then one afternoon, on a day when Applejack is strangely quiet and distant, she suddenly agrees to Rainbow Dash's persistent request. The pegasus happily oblidges, not knowing what has truly motivated Applejack to give in, nor the fact that--more than anything--Applejack could really use a good friend right about now.

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naiad #1 · Sep 1st, 2012 · · ·

:pinkiegasp: I've never gotten a first post on such a popular author before! My life is complete.

...they make this out to be more exciting.

I'm sorry.

Got a LOT going on huh? Don't forget about Background Pony!

Wow, two fics in one day? I'll read this one.

I think I understand now...

Just how many stories have you written? :pinkiecrazy:

1195771 i believe this is that day when SS&E submits everything. A blog gave the impression it is done on a monthly basis. L-day may have been the name

Slow down, Skirts, I can only read so fast!

EDIT: Wow. That was some deep, deep character development. I'm not gonna lie, I think this is my headcanon, now. It just works so well.

1195790 And I seem to have missed the blog that said WHICH day is L-Day.

1195797 'twas never specified. Just 'approaching' and 'you'll know when it happens'

1195803 Oh, well that sucks. Can't blame him though. I've just been waiting for BGP to be updated since I was five chapters behind last night and stayed up until 3:00 AM to catch up.

1195814 It'll update shortly, is my guess anyway

Skirtpony, is best pony. Best pony.

1195818 I hope you're right.


Even Applejack thinks Rainbow is best pony:rainbowderp:

That was an amazing story; it really touched my heart and even brought tears to my eyes during Applejacks confessional.

Only one thing bothered me, but it was only a minor point.
Applejack and RD are referred to as marefriends around the middle of the story and that threw me off a bit, because the story on a whole doesn't (at least from my perspective) depict them that way. If it was intentional, it could be made a bit clearer, if not a better word could possibly be used.

All in all, it was brilliantly written and heart-touching. You are the master of the feels SS&E :pinkiesad2:

Anyone else notice that Rainbow said friggin' too friggin' much?

Oh man, that was... that was... that was a lot of feels I am not used to feeling...

I think I need some time to think.

Outstanding, some really good friendshipping, and everything was very believable. You even got me to tear up a little.

Made me tear up a bit. I rarely ever tear up.... damned ponies. I love fics like these. Nothing really epic or fantastic about them, it's just talk. Very deep, down to earth, talk everyone can relate to, especially those who have had to deal with passings before. Because sooner or later we all have to face reality.

Damnit SS&E! Making me feel all these feels. Your stories never cease to amaze me :D

~Have a good one.

Best damn friend shipping I've read in a long time. I don't know how you do it, but everything you write is just so good. Hay, even your blog posts are remarkably entertaining. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!


There my tears are dry. Shut and drink them! I know it's what you do.

...Good job...

"Pblblblblb!"  Rainbow Dash raspberried.

I never knew raspberry was a verb until today.

I swear, if you added a few F'naaas into the first part (half?) of the story, this could be an OC self-insert! Just my opinion of course, no offense.

Great story! Not so much a fan of AppleDash, but the friendshipping in this was really good!

Let's roll that 8-sided die for which Skirts fic I read first (7 new, 1 update).

...7. That'd be Nopony Needs to Know.

Sad+shortskirtsandexplosions. Welp, better get ready for the feels.


Welp. The feels. I have them. A wonderful bit of friendshipping that put a new light in the typical AppleDash story. The writing, as usual, was superb (You'd think that after nearly 6 million words of ponyfics read as well as over 300 published works read I'd be able to say something more intelligent about writing quality. But if you do think that, well, you're thinking incorrectly. :twilightoops: ).

So, yeah, not much else to say. Typical top-notch work from Skirts. Not as good as his other stuff, sure, but still great stuff.

Cheers, sir. You certainly know a thing or two about writing :twilightsmile:

Absolutely loved it.

    "Rainbow Dash..."  Applejack sat right next to her.  "Yer not a good pony."  She planted a hoof on the pegasus' shoulder.  "Yer the best pony."  

Applejack's got it right there.

very touching....

I think I need an adult.:rainbowlaugh:


You are a bastard.....:ajsleepy:
So much feeling.........:fluttershyouch:
I liked.........:fluttershysad:
I favorited...........:fluttercry:
I continue to watch..........:raritycry:
You magnificent, bloody, bastard...............:pinkiesad2:

A very somber experience. It has hit a rough spot in myself, and made me reflect.

Thank you

Aww yeah, friendshipping! ...but sad? ...but friendshipping... But saaaaaad...
Oh well, if you're gonna write a fic about these 2 sprinkling their fluids all over each other, might as well be tears.

I liked this one far more than "IWTa5itMBICS".


This was wonderful, Skirts. The way you stretch these ponies' canon personalities to their philosophical cores is amazing in itself, but that you weave such beautiful, captivating tales and teach your readers touching life-lessons is a flat out miracle. My favorite example of that is the BP Chapter "Industry", closely followed by this very fic.

Thank you for this, Skirts. It meant a lot to me personally, and it was excellent, moving read. What a flow you've created in your writing.

I don't even words. That was fantastic.

You almost got me. But I fought them off valiantly.

1195954 1204709 I like AJ's understanding of things myself.

I haven't the slightest idea why I interrupted a very busy Sunday to read this, but am I ever glad that I did. The title and summary just jumped out at me and I had to have a look. And I truly loved what I saw. Everything just captivated me and didn't let go until I was done reading. From the storyline to the interaction between AJ & Rainbow, this was definitely a well crafted story. It really wouldn't be that hard to imagine these two having that kind of conversation given their track record, and that's part of what made it a great read. Wonderful overall! :pinkiehappy:


What an insightful contribution to this author's work.

A very insightful, touching look into both characters.

Excellent job, my good man. :moustache:

Fantastic read. The characters and dialogue are downright perfect. The narrative is solid, and my inner grammar nazi has nothing to say.

I am truly impressed whenever an author can weave together a truly engaging story without relying on crass comedy, awkward shipping, violence, death or sex. (Not that those things are bad - it just takes real talent to do without them.) This story is really just two friends talking, and I am amazed how drawn in I was by something so simple. Truly a great story; liked and favourited without hesitation.

Extremely well characterized and believably depicted for RD & AJ. Thumbs up!

I love SS&E's shipfics, one-shots, and short stories but I don't care for the epics - the ones where everyone dies in horrible ways in the end, ponies are fighting a lost battle against hopeless odds just so they can achieve a pyrrhic and ultimately meaningless victory, the princesses are doomed to powerless defeat... You know the ones. Luckily, there's plenty of Nopony Knows, Spelling it Out, and more to keep me occupied.

Very nice, loved the characterization, haven't read a fic with this kind of tone that didn't end up going the shipping route. Bravo good sir, have a favorite and a thumb up

Hnngh... direct hit... right in the feels... Manly tears were shed good sir.

I'm bad at making comments so I'll just what I have to.

Family problems have always been the hardest problems to deal with and I liked the way you presented it here.
I just hope that things turn out for the best of those two strong ponies.

So good :fluttercry:

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