Applejack has always struggled to make ends meet at Sweet Apple Acres. After the chaotic events of the Grand Galloping Gala, she returns home to find her farm experiencing a stroke of good luck. Applejack celebrates her fortune with all her friends, all except for one. Rainbow Dash has gone missing, and Applejack decides to find out why.

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Going to bed now, but tracked because interested and will read tomorrow.

More AppleDash, *Le sigh*

I don't hate this ship.. i just think its repetitive, there is to much of it for my opinion.
I want some unique ones, or more Twilight shipping.

Either of those.
This story is good, or average when you place it among other Appledash ships.
Not to bad, but its just something we have seen many times before.


This story is brilliant! I loved it. It was.... A bit sad but still very entertaining. Thanks for writing this amazing story!:ajsmug::rainbowlaugh:

God, this was perfect. Excellent set-up, unique plot device, great mystery, awesome writing, and a helluva good way to wind down for the evening.

I was going to skip over this until I saw the author.

Time to read...

Rather good fic, very sweet, and the romance is so subtle its easy to miss (which is a nice change of pace from it being in your face all the time).

Amazing Parallels, a rather surprising twist, good characterization, and believable dialogue.

Overall pretty entertaining, but after all the praise I throw at you I can't help but feel that I owe you criticism now and then (aside from mechanical issues, which there were very few of here).

First off, this may just be me, but it's a bit obvious what's going to happen. As soon as all the apples sold out for no good reason, bam - Dash did it. Then it makes the development in the middle drag a bit. Especially the earlier, business-y development stuff. That part could use some trimming.

AJ having a few bits to spare for coffee is an excellent replay/reversal of the earlier scene, and the "I reckon you already have" line is absolutely brilliant, but then the very last bit of the ending - the two or three paragraphs after that line - are a bit weaker. They could use some beefing-up or maybe move things around a bit to put that line closer to the end. I think the fewer sentences you have after that one, the better. I can see how a little bit needs to go afterward, but I'd try to limit it as much as possible.

Whatevers. Story is already published and I'm not going to recommend changing something that people have already read. Besides, it's pretty durn good as-is and doesn't NEED those changes. I'm just trying to offer something besides "U R TEH GREETEST."

You are, though.

*Edit* Okay, that line is a lot more than "two or three paragraphs" from the end right now I am bad at offhandedly estimating how much I just read. Point stands.

This was a rather fun read, my only real gripe is more a product of my suspension of disbelief, or lack thereof. I just dont see Dash, Element of Loyalty, an integral part of saving all of equestria twice getting any kind of punishment, especially for a crime that only warrants community service. But like i said thats more on me than it is you. I still think it was a fun little story.

3am but I read it! :pinkiesad2:
Really liked it. Element of Loyalty indeed. AJ and RD were spot on! However, you laid down the Rarity way too thick. She's fancy, not Sex and the City. :pinkiehappy:
A good happy ending to wrap it up too so I can sleep with nice thoughts. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Tracking a completed story?

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A brilliant story, but the ending is a little open for my tastes. In fact, I could count on one hand how many sentences I could take out of this story in order to remove the romance tag.

To be honest, the romance bit is all but non-existent because there's nothing there. That's my gripe. For a one-shot this long, you couldn't actually live up to the romance tag you slapped on?

I like it, but this just irks me. Too open-ended and it doesn't have any romance despite it being labeled a romance. A thumbs up, but no fav.

Good day.

very good story!
I totally :heart: it!
keep up the awesome work!

PS I saw this on EQD, but wanted to read it here, as I can put it into my list of stories already read/ need to read

Definitely good, definite friendshipping. Honestly I could see this as a companion episode to The Last Roundup. That sort of solution is very Rainbow Dash, which I think is why this story appealed to me so much. It's not very often where you see a fic where one of the mane six is genuinely at their best, in a social context rather than an adventure one, and I appreciate it.

That said, yeah, this isn't really a romance properly; I don't think FimFiction has a friendshipping tag, do they? Either way I'd agree with yanking it.

After reading: Well done.

Looks like someone is aiming to explode several thousand hearts with their writing! :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Not really a fan of Appledash, but I greatly enjoyed this story. Usually I see AJxRD and move on, but something pushed me to give this a try... glad I did, it was a good one.

Lovely story. Loved the ending.

RainbowJack Daniels!

Great story but a little open ended on the romance side of things. Non the less an amazing story all around. :moustache:

One of the greatest AppleDash stories ever.

I enjoy the romance undertone, but in my opinion it's obviously not what you were aiming at. Romance doesn't always have to take center stage. This story seems to be about strong friendship first and foremost, and the lengths someone is willing to go to to help out their friends, whether those friends admit they need help or not. (and getting in over your head)

The length made it a bit dry, to be honest, but a very enjoyable read.

This feels...incomplete...you ended it far to early IMHO...I'd've gotten Rainbow's community service at the end (I mean seen that it was completed)

Nice but I want more!

266047 Meh. Who cares if they track a completed story or fave a two star? I don't. And really, you shouldn't either. :ajbemused:

And as for your earlier statement here: 265731

Sure. AppleDash is pretty over done. Sure, Fluttershy's shipped with 99% of all ponies - including OCs. Sure. Rainbow Pie is most likely the second most over done, or maybe MoonLight, Celstilight, or TwiDash. Who cares? Why do you care? I don't really see the point in saying a fic isn't as good as it could be just because the plot's a bit over done.

That'd be like me saying that Fallout: Equestria is stupid because it's over done. That line of thinking doesn't make sense, not even to me. So, please. Get the lightning rod out of your ass, and stop pretending to be shocked at the fact that AppleDash is a popular ship.

Anyways, This was a great story, man! Gonna have to read some more of your work, methinks! :yay: Imma Fave this, for sure!

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