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Ummm. It's only 5000 words? Is this the real SS&E?

Only tag: Dark. Only description: "Let me tell you a story about the bad place." Only character: Fluttershy.
I'm scared.

Interesting, though scared as hell by the title and the description :S

So, my future-predicting abilities show themselves to be working once more.

Gut... sehr gut...

oh, neat.

God dammit, SS&E, why you gotta be so awesome?

Somehow nihilist and humanist simultaneously.
I had no idea the ringing in my ears was trying to eat Fluttershy. :fluttershysad:
:coolphoto: Da comicks must be made of this, a la Valve's Rattmann comic.

Tinnitus? As in the ear problem?

A 5k story on this author's page?

Good god, the Mayan calender was two months off.

Quite sad and interesting story.

Obviously you haven't read this yet..... It's definitely the REAL SS&E.

Damn SS%E, but you do Gothic horror well. I think I lost a fingernail while reading this. My dreams tonight will be bad now for sure.

Thanks for getting me out of the funk that I've been in for the last week or so! :yay:

There's just something about the philosophical element to your stories get me to thinking about things in the right way again no matter how dark or painful the material is. :pinkiesmile:

Oh my god.
I was wrong.
You aren't a writer.
You aren't even a normal person.

Your stuff...
This moved me.

1505757 It was kindof a joke, because its relatively short compared to what he usually writes.
Also no I haven't, it notified me and when it said a SS&E story I was preparing to get upset because I have so many other stories as well. I didn't need 20,000+ added on to that. But yeah.

Short, interesting and engaging. Not bad.

This was a good read. Like, it felt like an SS&E tribute to classic creepypasta. :fluttershysad:


Seriously, I was surprised almost every turn and in chills by the end. This work is phenomenal. Wonderful job!

...and now I'll never think of my Tinnitus the same way again :ajbemused:

I am laying in my bed right now, it's 1am, completely dark, should I really read this?

Screw it, sleep, sanity and pleasant dreams are for the weak. Wish me luck.

Wasn't really my thing when I read it, but I'm glad other folks seem to like it. Never been much for creepypasta myself.

sage fluttershy, well done.
"and as i have defied death so shall you, so that you may know the sweet kiss of life"

A very clever tale for Halloween, and yet...

...I have heard that hiss since I was young.

But it was different for me. The darkness saw me, and its hunger for a moment qualied. It fled from me, and now it's whispererd sobs now always make me smile.

When I enter the bad place, it shall be on the day of my final conquest. Darkness shall fall... it shall fall away, always fall away from the Light it cannot touch.

This is one of those stories that is somehow trippy yet awesome and heartwarming

Holy sweet Cobain, that was glorious.

Thank you, SS&E.

Fluttershy, the Dark tag, and an incredibly vague description coupled with an image of what looks like a hospital, all that combined with a title that basically means to perceive sound when there is actually none present?

Needless to say you have got my attention.

Well, that was really joyful and uplifting. I can now go back to work with butterflies in my hearth !

Oh wow...that was deep. Really deep...and rather frightening...:twilightoops:


Colour me impressed.

My my, that read like a child's storybook to me for whatever reason. I'm not sure if that was intended, but it was certainly pleasurable. Certainly dark as well, but not in the sense I had going into it, yet that hardly mattered. This was great in an oddly cute way, and I think you got the monologue of Fluttershy down perfectly, if not dangerously close.

As most always, good show.

My feels and terror are now yours. Have them.

Oh my....
This is really good! Your stories are always so... deep... meaningful... It's so good, but depressing! :twilightsmile:

Well, there's only one thing to say after that.



Fluttershy headcanon updated. :fluttercry:
That was amazing. AMAZING. I kind of want this "bad place" lore to be expanded upon, but the vagueness is part of what gives it its darkness. Overall a very nice short story. This is one of those fics that I think would work just as well if it were about humans and unrelated to ponies whatsoever, given the plot, setting, and lore. Take that for what you will.

The dark finds us all__A soft light will save us__Then we face the dark

Masterful work again SSAE i do hope you become a real Author some day your works would live on for generations

Somewhere in there is the word "starting" that I think might work better as "startling". :ponkyshrug:

Well, I can't say I loved it, but it was certainly gripping. And it's always good to have some ss&e I can read in 20 minutes. :}

I guess I wasn't creeped out because I don't know what's so bad about the bad place. Who were all those ponies in hospital garb headed for the dark abyss? Ponies who had died in the hospital? Are only sick ponies allowed in the bad place? Was the bad place the mirror-hospital itself, or was it outside in the darkness?

I dunno... maybe I'm not cut out for Lovecraftian horror. I like when there are no questions surrounding the evil. That way my curiosity and my imagination become nothing but enemies, and THAT'S scary.

Oh my goodness. That was absolutely amazing!
A true masterpiece. I just don't have any other words to describe this.

If there is a word, whatever that word may be, you've earned it. I say bravo to you. You're truly amazing.

And now my two bits:
When fighting darkness, its helpful to be one of them.
You know their weaknesses to make their pen.

I suffer from tinnitus and I find this awesome. :pinkiecrazy:

I understand the creepypasta comparison, but maybe I haven't read enough of it to latch onto that subtext. The story didn't feel "creepy" (or overly contrived and posted on an image board) so much as just a little ghastly. I applaud the length, though. Short and to the point with minimum distraction. Hits all the major points without pretending to be something deep or crazy, just intriguing.

Skirts linked it to me saying something along the lines of "This is my tribute to creepypasta, I dunno. F'naa," so that's what I came in expecting.

When I started ringing this my ears started ringing and they were ringing the whole time I was reading this.

Beautiful and chilling, SS&E. It didn't scare me in any way, but it was definitely pretty grim based on the setting.
Also I read this out loud to myself, it really enhances the experience. :twilightsmile:

Normal Creepypasta... creeps me out.

Not-sure-if-Creepypasta, but undeniably chilling and creepy... I felt really weird and vaguely frightened after this.

Thy work is simply brilliant.


I have tinitus I've heard that sound my entire life you have now given me a new nightmare fuel good job

Oh my god.


My thoughts exactly :twilightoops:

And the vague title that references a minor medical condition only makes it worse.

Incredulastical. I love horror, it reminds me that the dark ones are watching me... watching me... watching me...

...and that I'll never escape! Lovecraftian psychological effects, yeah!


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