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Hiya ^^ I'm Criss, and if you wanna know more about me, I suggest you visit my page!


Just an update · 9:47pm Oct 15th, 2013

So, basically I needed a new journal, just cuz the last one was a couple months old... I mean, its not like I even do that much anyway, but it was bothering me, so :)

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haha yeah I agree :twilightsmile: fun conversations are good conversations


Sorry for not replying for ages, I've just been really busy. Anyway, it's been fun talking with you, we should do it again at some point :pinkiecrazy:

WE SIT ON A THRONE OF THE BONES OF OUR ENEMIES!!!! WE MAKE SACRIFICES OF HUMAN FLESH AND BLOOD TO THE GODS!!! DRINK FROM THE GOBLETS OF BLOOD heh. heh heh. HEH heh hehe :pinkiecrazy: (Yeah I'll make sure of that! :twilightsmile: when I make a spectacle, I make a spectacle!! xD)


BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD AND SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! *Ahem*, quite. (Well I hope it doesn't get to that point, but if it does make it a spectacle to remember :trollestia:)


THE ETERNAL FIRES OF HELL!!!! FEEL THE WRATH (Yeah essentially :twilightsmile: Imma give her one last chance haha)

  • Viewing 134 - 138 of 138
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