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First! And that's not very nice of Applejack.
and also:

“The surest way to success is through your mouth!”

That's one of the single funniest lines I've ever seen in a fan fic.

Taste the rainbow.
Edit 1: Anyone wanna guess how long it'll take this to get to featured?
Edit 2: I really ought to read some of your stories some time. Apparently Background pony is excellent.
That's what they said about Anthropology... and it wasn't.

Finally the happy Appledash you promised us. I'm on it!

EDIT: I just finished reading it. I hadn't laughed like that since... Since... Well, since about an hour to be honest, but that doesn't count! It was the Too Many Pinkies episode!
Hiccups? I saw what you did there.

I really don't want to see RD go fireball torpedo rainboom mode on Applejack

I am barely holding in gales of laughter and getting funny looks from people at work and I don't even care. This is magnificent. And you say you can't do comedy! :pinkiehappy:

Inb4 SS&E has two featured stories at the same time.

Y U KEEP POSTING NEW STUFF?! I haven't even finished Background Pony yet. :twilightoops: I'll get to this eventually. It is You after all.

I think I made a mess, CLEAN UP TIME!:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::rainbowdetermined2:

...And then Rainbow Dash never flew again.

This is awesome, but not as good as your sad stories.

Oh my god you wrote comedy.

Oh god that was hillarious.

That is all.

I always did find it funny how Applejack has this oddly insistent tendency of yanking Rainbow's tail in her teeth.

That was hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

This was genuinely funny. I loved it. :rainbowlaugh:

That was magnificent.

That was interestingly funny.

"as lavender ponies are ought to do." You probably mean 'are wont to do'.

Yay new story :pinkiehappy: it was actually pretty funny

Melting ice SCULPTORS, Skirts? :ajsmug:

Is there a bloody hole where the fleshy part of the tail used to be? (Is this why Fluttershy's worried about blood loss?) Or did AJ just pull out the hair? This is just killin' the mood fer me, I'm sorry. :applejackunsure:

1631959 :ajbemused: You will read Background Pony and you will like it.

:ajbemused: you
:ajbemused: will
:ajbemused: like it.

:rainbowlaugh: o havnt laughed this hard in... Uh let me see ten minutes? :rainbowderp:

Wtf did I just read :rainbowlaugh:

Oh hey, for once you wrote a comedy. And I so say, this was an adorable albeit slightly disturbing read, and for some reason I enjoyed it. Good for you.

Although I'm mildly disappointed Applejack didn't smother herself with Rainbow Dash's disembodied tail.

1632035 Oh, you're right. I wondered why this felt so odd. It wasn't depressing, and it didn't make me stare at the wall in pensive thought. Yay!

Wow, now I see why AJ isn't the element of loyalty. My hate for her has doubled.


I cringed when her tail popped off, but after that I lolled pretty hard. Thanks for this.

A like, but no favorite.

Hey, it's a Skirts story that isn't sad!

:pinkiecrazy: You
:pinkiecrazy: will
:pinkiecrazy: like
:pinkiecrazy: it.

Clearly, Skirts' account has been hacked by someone who isn't chronically obsessed with misery and suffering. It's the only explanation.

Pretty sure this is the first time a story's description has made me literally LOL.

Didn't liike the ending all that much. Never been a fan of that style of overboard gag encore that too many comedies employ. I'd have preferred it end on the the decapitation jest. But otherwise, silly stupid fun. Gives me nostalgia for "The Main Cast-Offs."

Oh AppleDash. I try to hate you, but you amuse me so...

I haven't read it yet, but just looking at the description, I know it's going to be some beautifully made, retarded shit. Also, it doesn't have a sad tag; what has become of you, skirts?

Rainbow Dash best cockroach!

Oh shit SS&A wrote something silly and happy

what is this

I don't

I can't

See? I knew you could be funny if you tried. :pinkiehappy:

1631959 It is... If you can handle the sadness

People are all freaking out like you've never written frickin' comedy before. That's a little bit frustrating, as some of your comedies are among your best works. Maybe you should toss some of these up in a Comedy Blargh to get more attention. Nietzsche knows you love that.

I'll post them here, just in case people read the comments thinking, "Gee, I didn't know Skirts was funny, too! I wish there was some sort of organized collection of his humorous works."

Crisis of Infinite Pinkies
Lyra Meets the Punisher
I Met a Pony in Hell (one of the greatest stories on FiMFiction)

All of the lols.

What is this. I don't even... haha! :rainbowlaugh:

How long until Scoots braids it into her own mane?

1632157This comment has made my day.:rainbowlaugh:

1631979 Heh, you capitalize "you" like he's a God or someth- *Skirts explodes my throat* :rainbowlaugh:

“It's just like my big sis always says!” Sweetie Belle grinned wide. “The surest way to success is through your mouth!”

Well, I never! To think that someone would insinuate that Rarity was :twilightangry2:

Well that certainly was an interesting read!

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