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Comments ( 12 )

That's...... pretty dark. But interesting. But dark.

Also the link doesn't work.

What a :twistnerd:

Nicely done, really caught me by surprise there.

Interesting twist, now I wish that link at the end worked :pinkiehappy:
From what I have seen, there are no restrictions on links in stories like FFnet has, so just putting the full link here shold work fine.

I'm reading this later. Along with 24 other stories. *Sigh* I really need to start reading stuff again...

Idea! She goes to an asylum, knows she's in an asylum, and mixes it with Batman Arkham Asylum! She could be... Flutterbat!:flutterrage: And her arch-nemesis, The Laugher! :pinkiecrazy:

Don't know why the link isn't working. Here it is: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/aigis/fluttershy-adventures

Thank you for reading and commenting, everyone! :pinkiehappy:

This story deserves some revisions. Right now it evokes :fluttershysad: , while it has the potential for :fluttershbad:

Please let an editor or two have a look. There's a spot on my favorites list waiting for it.

Creepy :pinkiegasp: hehe

Oof.~ I've always enjoyed a good psychological thriller. Very nicely done. I'm impressed you were able to get this feeling in such a brief story. Well done.

Whoa, this story blew my mind. Well done.

There is a certain line of poetry that come to mind when I think on these kinds of stories. A John Milton once wrote "The mind is a world in and of itself, can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."
This story does a good job of building tension.

This story is so awesome. Wish there is a sequel. I want It Like, a lot

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