Daring Do lives a life full of adventure, danger, and excitement at every turn. She would gladly give it all up, though, if only for some time to read her favorite book about a colorful pegasus and her many friends.

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Post-read, I dedicate this FIRST to the glory that is coffee. Now to review. Well.... Haven't done this this before, don't know where to begin.
I guess I'll start by saying that this did not disappoint at all. The first that really got me was the pacing. The switching of perspectives between Daring and "Rainbow" mimicked Read it and Weep perfectly, giving us just enough of one before diving into the other. Pitting RD against the dragon while DD went through each trial, each scene subtly mirroring the other. DD gets ready for infiltration, RD gets ready for her "true" fight(the race). DD makes her way through the compound, still far from her goal and trapped by Timber Wolves, RD races, and maintains a "losing" position. DD fights her final and RD mimics her fight, both dodging, then using skill, then blind luck and their natural abilities to win.

And then you invert it with the ending. RD gets to be with her friends, while DD cries alone. That scene kinda brought me back a little to DD's transition scenes. She allowed herself to just sit and read calmly while behind enemy lines, then in the midst of a fortress. It makes me feel like she doesn't really care about what she is doing. Sure, she cares about helping others, saving Equestria and making sure the Big Bad gets his licks, but at the same time she does not care about what is going around her enough to pay attention to it rather than her favorite story. The end scene cements this for me as a kind of apathy towards life, while keeping her goals at the same time. When I think about that my heart goes from "Wow sad story now I wanna cry" to "I'm getting that feeling that makes you wanna curl up and die, and possibly smash your head into a wall a few times for good measure." Bravo.

Another thing I have to mention is is your puppets, the Mane 6. They are written as one-dimensional as possible, the barest seeds of our beloved characters(RD is more 2-D, but still...). In the midst of your awesome action scenes and disney-esque pro and antagonists, we see shadows of RD's friends, something DD does not have because of her lifestyle. I don't know where you got this from, but I can only think of two places. Another inverted-mirror to RiaW, reversing who is flat and who gets Character Development, or something a little closer to home. That is, that many bronies use FiM as a surrogate that helps them get through the day. The second option just increases that feeling I mentioned earlier.
Now I wanna gives Daring brushies and hugs!

I normally don't read alternate universe fics, but:

1. You wrote it.
2. I absolutely love the premise.

I shall be reading this tomorrow for sure.

Oh my. This sounds glorious!

New shorts fic? Colour me intrigued.

Welp...there's another one for my ridiculous ever-growing reading pile.

I shall try to get to it as soon as possible.:twilightsmile:

Wow...:rainbowderp: Loved it.:twilightsmile:

wow, great story you wrote. Different than i expected it to be.

Now i feel sad for Daring all alone :fluttercry:

I haven't even read this yet and I'm laughing my ass off at the description.

Goodbye, feature box. 2 views and 4 likes? Seems legit.:moustache:

Hey, you really did it! :D Looking forward to reading this.

Edit: I'm so glad you went through with this. It was thoroughly entertaining on a number of emotional levels. One of my very favorites from your hand. How grateful I am for a Rainbow Dash like you, Skirts. I'm incalculably grateful and lucky for our friendship.

Oh, and, uh... thanks for the... you know. :ponkywink: I laughed out loud. More than once. :}


Live long and dash apples.

Times eight.

Wow. Brilliant. Just plain brilliant.

Hmm, similar to the base concept of "The Daring-Do-Well Lifestyle" but with a different focus entirely. Nice. Looking forward to reading.

And now you made me cry:applecry:

Dawww, that ending. Now i'm sad. :fluttercry:


That was actually quite heart-breaking. Daring Do lives a life many would dream of, and yet to her, it's a nightmare of everlasting lonliness.

I feel so sorry for her here.

Main character's lonely outlook on life. Yup, this is a Skirts fic alright.

The grass is always greener on the other side.
I'm pretty sure Daring wouldn't envy Rainbow for her weather management duties or "having" to watch a butterfly migration with Fluttershy.:ajsmug:

Wow, that was amazing. A pleasant mix of humour and action made up the first three-quarters of it, followed by a sad and lonely conclusion. I'd have to say that my favourite line was:
"Die, you sanctimonious waste of glue and estrogen! Mwahahahaha!"
That just cracked me up :rainbowlaugh:

Dammit. skirts. how am I supposed to ever make it to the feature box when you keep writing?

I like how ridiculous the FiM crew is in the story. Nice touch.


I Cried A Little For Daring...

She really needs a hug.

Poor Daring! If only she could make some friends. Maybe the real Equestria is a less friendly place than the make-believe world Rainbow Dash lives in. So sad.

Christ on a Cracker, can we get that mare a hug?!

Fantastic as always, SS&E. I just hope this isn't another author switcheroo trap like last time.

I am noticing a recent SS&E obsession with dragons and RD

It all makes sense now.



That opening passage was like a purple bomb going off in my face. I'm sure that was intentional... it even feels slightly self-parodic. The Frost Dragon book would have to be pretty purple for it to take Daring so long to read a single scene. =P

Some of the Daring passages could probably use a bit of word-trimming (and I'd be in favour of making the Dash parts at least slightly less purple as well), but it's nothing too serious.

This was a fun action adventure and then suddenly took a dip into sad. Which isn't a complaint. You foreshadowed the dip into sad, and I was slapping myself at the end for not realising why a pony who had exciting adventures would envy another pony who also had exciting adventures.

I guess it's interesting that, in the show, Rainbow Dash reads exciting adventure books for much the same reason we do, but also gets to have her own awesome adventures. Reminds one of how odd the slice-of-life/adventure mix in this show is.

All in all, I enjoy that. Thank you for writing.

Typos I noticed list:
>"That's where your wrong, bucko!"
>"Heh heh... Whatever you say, lady!" The pilot exclaimed
>The title on it read Rainbow Dash and the Frost Dragon's Challenge (title needs quotes or italics or something)
>"I have an even better idea!" He said, smiling, his ivory teeth glinting in the amber sunlight.
>"Oh pegasus...?!" He cooed.

Interesting. Can't say I've ever seen that before.
1368625 How big is it?

Typo I noticed:
> The door open quietly
There was another one like that, but I can't remember what it was.

I was thinking to myself, "Wait, ss&e wrote a story that wasn't sad for once? I have to congratulate him!"... only for that ending to come up. It was poignant, it was reflective, and it was the crux of the story, which made it all the more powerful. The way you brought the comparison of the two together in those last paragraphs was great. Like, dang, it's the plot device that's been in our faces all this while without anyone actually putting it to words (or if they have, I haven't read it).

Most Daring Do fics are about Daring Do's adventures. Yours isn't, and I suppose I'd read more Daring Do fics if they were like yours, which explore her as an MLP character rather than a storybook character.

All in all, this is definitely something I can appreciate, and it was a good read. Thank you for sharing this.

EDIT: And, of course, feature box. Huh, well.

Somewhere in the multiverse, Rainbow Dash is regarding Daring's book and going: "Yep, that's exactly how it happened. No exaggeration." :rainbowdetermined2:

Anyway, nice little one-shot, I liked it. :twilightsmile:

And now I'm sad. :fluttershysad:

That was amazing thank you for that

"Does Twist crap in the woods?!" I lost it, literally out-loud lost it.

One small thing, there's a bit of inconsistency with the timing. One part in particular, Daring reads just a few paragraphs of her book, followed by a 'four hours later she gets back to business'. Does it really take her that long to read? Maybe she's saving the story, but what else would she do while waiting? Just something I noticed, awesome otherwise.

Poor Daring.
I'd love to jump in and be that friend she sounds like she needs.
Hugs, Daring, all of them.

*inception horn sound*

And in some othr random universe, Rainbow is neglecting weather duties to read Daring Do and "Rainbow Dash and the Frost Dragon's Challenge".

Hmmmmm... I shall devote a portion of my hard-earned free-time to this, but only because it's you, SS&E.
Edit: You beautiful thing, you. I'm gonna be honest, I have never read a bad story from you. I'm almost suspicious... :pinkiehappy: just joking. Keep up the good work!

Feels man. If that last scene was executed differently, I would have cried.

This is amazing! Despite her heroism being on par with Dash's, despite her success, Darring Do envies the smaller, but more genuine praise given to Rainbow Dash.To so adored, and yet be so alone, it must hurt.

I kept thinking the Ky crytsal was going to do something to the book, and open a portal between the two worlds, where each one exists a dumb-downed version of the heroines in their respective books. I.E., Dash is less "amazing" than Daring's books portray her, but still pretty cool, and Daring is less "actiony" then Dash's books portray her, but still pretty cool.

So that's why Ponky asked me...

Anywho, this was pretty solid. An interesting look on the life of Daring Do, and an interesting perspective of Dash. Nicely done, overall. :twilightsmile:

Well, this was different than what I'm used to getting from you. A lot heavier on the action and lean on the Nietzsche and the sappy.

I'm not gonna lie, I've read better from you. Most of the characters were very flat and there wasn't too much to say about the dialogue or the plot, at least initially.

Looking deeper, however, I can see that the flatness of the characters and the mediocrity of the dialogue and the plot early on are probably intended to be playing off of the style of story that Dashie is reading in Read it and Weep. From this perspective, the lack of quality makes much more sense.

But then there's the conclusion. Here, you slip right back into your more familiar territory: heart-wrenching introspection, quiet isolation, and painfully elegant prose. I wasn't at all surprised to find myself once again fighting back tears (I want you to know that after reading so much of your works, tears at this point to me are no longer even connected to the emotions they used to derive from. At this point its literally 'oh, tears. Yeah, its that part of SS&E's story arc again...').

Left me feeling sad, pathetic (I too substitute happy pony stories for real company, sad as that is) and altogether wanting more! How can you leave Daring Do hanging like that?! You've got to execute your divine Authorial powers and set her up with a sexy mare or stallion!

So yeah, good read overall, was a little awkward at first until the Read it and Weep connection occurred to me. Keep it up yo!

Aw, that was a melancholy ending.

I came for the premise, I stayed for the story, and Daring Do can have all of my feels.

.......I wanna give Daring a hug. She just seems so....sad.....


Man, Daring is a slow reader. I know there would literally be no way to keep the pacing of reading correct unless you actually wrote an entire Rainbow Dash novel. It's just jarring to read a couple of paragraphs of Rainbow Dash, and then to Daring, several hours have passed. Although, that is how they did it in the episode, which I also thought felt off. :ponkyshrug: (I'm stealing this for a minute, excuse me).

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