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To most of Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is a single child.

To Rainbow Dash, she's the youngest of a set of fraternal twins. Her twin is one she'd rather forget, but when she shows up in Ponyville, it could get messy. How will Rainbow react to seeing a relative she'd sooner deny all existence for than claim to be related?

Cover Image done by the awesome CaineScroll on DeviantArt. He's awesome.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 84 )

BY THE GODS i think ive just struck a first gj btw!

The use of "Dash" as Daring's last name was a bit too much IMO. I mean, surnames seem to come and go in Equestria (like how there's no "Sparkle" in "Shining Armor"), and it just sounds kinda weird...

But that's just my nitpicking; I love the concept, and it's a very solid first chapter. Please do continue :twilightsmile:

"How will Rainbow react to seeing a relative she'd sooner deny all existence for than claim to be related?" The solution is obvious: Kill the other twin! :rainbowlaugh:
Problem solved! :twilightsheepish:

I loved this chapter and I sincerely encourage u to make moar like these!:rainbowkiss:

If you ask me having Fluttershy break up their fight was weak.

Having Fluttershy solve their problems should be a last resort and the idea
that Fluttershy can make anything cower in fear just by raising her voice is a little absurd.

Thats at least what I think. Having the two fight it out and then solve their own problems would
of made for a better scenario.

I liked it. But it seemed to solve itself a little too quickly. :applejackunsure: I would have liked it more if there was some good drama between the two and maybe if they didn't try to kill each other at first glance...then yea.

But it was enjoyable anyway :twilightsmile:

Oh! You just earned yourself a favorite, chap! Hopefully someday, there will be a Daring Do emotioncon. But for now... :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowdetermined2:

I agree that their confrontation ended too quickly.
On another note, this story's concept is full of win. I will commence tracking.
From lack of a Daring Do emoticon, have a supplementary mustache::moustache:

A good start, I say. I'd like to read the rest of the story when it comes out. :rainbowlaugh:

975438 That would solve everything! It'd be easy to get rid of the twin since no one knows you have one! Especially if they have a habit of going to dangerous places! It also made me have flashbacks to my mother's soap opera's...


Now that I look at it, I can see why it looks like it ended too quickly. Guess I didn't notice since I had already written out the main parts of the next chapter, and cut off the first chapter before anything really revealing between the sisters happened.

As for the fighting between the two, there's more to it. They only stopped for the moment so they can talk it out later, or beat the crap out of each other in this case.

It's more like they're following the, Behave when mom is looking, but after she makes us hug and walks away, I'm going to kill you, rule. :scootangel:


The grammar needs work but this is awesome I enjoyed reading it can't wait for more

Ooh. well I guess that makes a little more sense. xD

976821 Now that you mention it, killing Daring and making it look like an accident would be stupidly easy. Ancient ruins can be dangerous places...

981274 Shhh! Don't tell anyone that! No one needs to know! It just makes Rainbow more awesome! :pinkiehappy:


Agreed, here; adding the Dash to the end of her name just smacks of unoriginality. What's the point of artificially lengthening her name like that? I can see wanting the authoritative factor of addressing someone by their first, middle and last names, I suppose. Still, even considering that, it just sounds really stupid. :facehoof:

My first fic and I love it! continues plz:rainbowwild::twilightsmile:

Awesome story! Deserves a fave. If there was a Daring Do emoticon I would use it. Also, the episode "Read it and Weep" got me back into reading. So here: :rainbowderp::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowhuh::rainbowkiss::rainbowwild:

Stop building anticipation and post the next damn chapter:flutterrage:

I found one mistake that bugs me the most.

Rainbow Dash froze as the voice registered in my mind.

The corrected version should be 'Rainbow Dash froze as the voice registered in her mind.'

But overall, the story is great and I can't wait for more!:heart::pinkiehappy::heart:


Fixed! Can't believe I missed that...

wow. this is incredibly original. i think the problem helps itself out too much, but :flutterrage: breaking apart a fight isn't exactly impossible. she is often a mediator. :pinkiehappy:


also, i think that this was inspired when dash said "i'm with you sister" after she broke her wing and in the book, daring do broke her wing. :pinkiesmile:

deductive reasoning, anyone? :duck:

That last bit is hilarious! What I would like to know is who was thinking what.


975411 they do seem to have middle names, possible middle name?

Well written and fun to read. Also, I can kinda relate to the story line (my little brother is still mad though).:fluttercry:
Keep'em comin'!


1012279 Now that I think about it :pinkiegasp: HOLY-

Wow, I would have never thought of Daring Do as a long lost sister of Rainbow Dash. Nice story! :twilightsmile:


this piece is 20% better than the previous, and it can only get better from here.


Not epilog, make it a 4 chapters story or more! This story had to must potential to be a 3 chapter.


yeah, ikr? i saw that episode this morning on netflix, which is the only reason i made the connection. :derpytongue2:


wait, epilogue? Is there maybe possibly a chance for sequel status? Would make me happy :rainbowkiss:


Is this Alternate Universe?
The story image implies that Dash's idol, Daring Do, is the sister she wants to forget.
According to canon that makes no sense.

... Okay, seriously, this can't just be the end. They have to go on adventures and stuff!

It was pretty clear that Daring had quite a bit of Dash's personality. I initially attributed that to Dash's personality asserting its self in the imaginary world she created when reading the series, but I suppose you could stretch that enough for it to be Daring using her sister as one of the fictional (meta!) Daring's inspirations.

Great story! Very similar to Sister's Do:derpyderp2:, but quite a bit more lighthearted, would love to read more!:rainbowlaugh:

975593 You are forgetting The Stare.

1012279 That, and Shining Armor.

were doomed yes send away the more annoying one now figure out which

Write more or i eat your heart

One slight inconsistency: the description refers do Daring as Rainbow's "twin" but the story refers to Daring as the older sister at least twice.

Unless she's only a few minutes older or something :rainbowderp:

975399 No one knows Rarity's and Sweetie Belle's family name, The Apple family's family name is undefined, and the name/surname policies in Equestria are kind of weird.

This is my headcanon now. pls write more :rainbowkiss:

Quite a touching story. Continue on please.

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