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The thing about loyalty... the thing about loyalty is that sometimes you don't know where your loyalties lie.
Have I always been loyal to my friends? No. There are things that they didn't know about me. Lots of secrets from the past that I've kept from everypony. I had a past full of disgrace, shame, and loneliness. Things that I wish had never happened. Only a few ponies know the truth. But I could only keep my past away for so long...

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What an EXCELLENT story! Not much to stay, as this incredible piece of literature speaks for itself, but...

Here, have a raving Maurice!


So far after reading the first chapter the only thing that I found wrong was the ICU part, since it's a baby it should by the NICU. Other than that seems like a good story.

I punched me playfully in the foreleg May want to correct that. No offense.

980118 Ponify freaking rocks! 'Thanks, I'm only pony.'

*Clears throat* Anyway, very good so far! Likes and favs for you good sir! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

This story RULES! I'm getting some major Avatar the Last Air Bender vibes too!

Dammit, after Bubbles, I promised myself I wouldn't let another fic make me cry.

You sir, are a monster, for bringing me these...DAMNED...manly tears...

I love the story so far. Please for the love of Celestia don't ever stop writing. Everything is perfect. I love how it's written how Dashie would tell a story. And I love pony-origins.

This is great. Thank you for this.

Great story! This is awesome :) Liking and Faving :D

Can't wait to see the themes come into full effect too.

For a 'minimalist' piece, it is quite gripping. I hope to see more soon. Receive my track and my upvote.

I love this story but there's a cliff hanger. But I expect when they go back to visit their dad, they'll find out he's passed away or something. Keep making it cause this story was too good. Machen Sie mehr!

“I know, honey, but we’ve got our HANDS full with our own daughter as it is. We can’t just take him in…” :facehoof:

982277 i think he meant that as an expression.

The not-quite-canon notion that pegasi are not generally inclined to discuss their pasts is always worth challenging, but getting the tone correct is essential. So far, you're pretty much spot on: I haven't seen anything yet that made me think "That doesn't sound like Dash." I'll stay with this as long as it runs.

Dang, I waited all day and night for a new chapter and I get nothing! It's 5:50 AM here! :ajsleepy: More!

I'm trying, but I've been really busy with Drum Captain-ing the last few days, and haven't gotten around to writing. I'm going to sit myself down and try to produce a new chapter within the weekend, considering drumline camp starts on monday, and I'm basically screwed from then on.

"For the last time." those words brought shock to my body.
i cried too.

Great Story, I can really feel for Rainbow Dash and Aero. I know how she feels personally I will definitely be reading this to the end.

well whenever its convienant to you... MOAR! MOAR! MOAR! MOAR! :yay::yay::yay::yay: lol

Thanks, I'll take your tears and put them in my jar, and when I get a few more, I'll bathe in the emotion of my readers. I'm just wierd like that.

989627 Sounds kinky. :moustache:

But seriously, you better update the hell out of this. I already see this becoming a fast favorite of mine.

I'm having a really hard time getting through the next chapter, I want this to be the best story I can make it, so don't be too offended if it takes a while for the next update. This chapter is going painfully slow.

Dangit... This is my favourite story and STILL no chapter 6. I'll wait.

I'm going to release chapter 6 and seven together. I'll finish it tonight, most likely. I've been having problems with my ability, read this blog post I hope that when I begin writing today, this will all be a thing of the past.

This goes epicly when listening to HIgurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai Openings!!

Sorry bout this, but I have to.
"I started crying to."
Supposed to be too. In the 2nd chapter. Near the end. Sorry bout this. Grammar nazi. :derpytongue2:

Well, I've always needed a good editor. :twilightsmile:

I... don't....know what to say. This.......just........Never stop writing Chrome, never.

Oh god sorry, I'm actually somepony else's editor, I got mixed up.

Hmm... one thing I noticed in that chapter, aurora sunset... aurora as a first name, something entailing the movement of the celestial bodies for a last name, in a flight school... reference to aurora dawn of rainbow factory fame?

Ugh. This story is too good for only one chapter.

1009021 I'll never tell! But, yeah... he's a nice guy, and one of my favorite writers.
1009950 Chill out, dude! A guy can only work so fast! I absolutely love your enthusiasm, but there is a speed I have to work at. If you want updates from me, I suggest following me so you can get access to my blog. It would be greatly appriciated! :raritywink:
1008856 hey man, it would be greatly appriciated if you could be mine too. Not saying you have to or anything, but I need one consistent reader to look over my stories. You don't know how much it would mean to me for somebody to do that for me!

Moar moar moar dear god moar.

1013843 I got mixed up with the author of "Rainbow Dash Gets a D-". I'm HER editor.

"About 20% of you will be involved with some sort of weather control"
Did anyone else get that?

wow chrome big thanks for this awesome story though i didn't like the kiss at the end
added to favs, i'm looking forward to reading more of your awesome storys

Also I've got a question:
Where did you get the cover of this story from? I'm really fan of this black and white pony pictures.

please. continue. this story. thank you :pinkiehappy:

I made it using a vector and filters on GIMP. Feel free to use it.

Very promising piece here. Consider me interested.

982277hey i read a story where octavia and a oc had bacon for breakfast so LOL!

I was actually thinking about writing a dark story about a pony who becomes obsessed with bacon, and decides that pigs are not the only suppliers of tasty back meat.

You have almost brought me to tears 5 times now in one story, you're really good at this.

I am really looking forward to the next chapter.

Definitely, I require that you follow me,and I will give you access to all of my stories in advance, so long as you proofread for errors and give me plot feedback, and be as specific and brutal as you wish.

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