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Twilight and Rainbow Dash, together? Must be that 'opposites attract' thing. Then again, maybe they have more in common than they're letting on...

An ongoing series of slice-of-life snapshots. RD, I said to keep the Library clop-free, not... oh, forget it!

All chapters originally written as separate entries for flash-fic blog Thirty Minute Pony Stories (TMP). I highly recommend a visit to TMP if you're looking for some of the best 1000-word gems in pony fiction. Many thanks to TMP for inspiring me to write!

Chapter Summaries:

Epilogue - The next Daring Do book isn't out yet, so Twilight convinces Rainbow to read a romance novel instead. That never works - does it?

Second - Twilight reads everything she can get her hooves on. Sometimes she finds things she'd rather not know, or in this case, that Dash would rather not know.

Becoming Daring - The latest Daring Do novel isn't quite what Dash expected, and her reaction isn't what a friend of hers expected, either.

Firelight - Not every schedule has to be full and not every list has to be checked off.

Lift, Weight, Thrust, and Drag - Dash's friends can't save her from an anniversary date with Twilight, at which she will show Twilight a secret skill she's kept from everypony. Twilight's definitely not complaining!

The Wait - Agony is knowing the one you love is standing hoof to hoof with danger and knowing there's absolutely nothing you can do to help.

Hoofing It - One day, Twilight will learn that reading Daring Do alone won't get Dash to do everything. That day is not today.

Variations on a Theme - How many combinations of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash can there be? Plenty!

Reluctantly Yours - There's something Rainbow Dash doesn't want to lose, and Twilight refuses to let it go. Will this be the end of the awesomeness that is Dash?

Closer to Home - Giving up one dream to keep another isn't always a bad trade.

Wings, Wonderbolts, and You - Always read the fine print. And the rest of it, too.

Pinfeathers - Dash was all she ever wanted and all she'll never have. Twilight hasn't lost Rainbow Dash, but someone has.

Daring Do and the Chapel Perilous - Something's wrong with the Daring Do fanfic Dash and Twi are reading, and it's not funny.

Pew! Pew! Pew! - Rainbow Dash finds new and unexpected uses for the Elements of Harmony.

Less of Me - Twilight decides to help Dash's career along, but she might be getting ahead of herself.

The Ink Wasn't Even Dry Yet - Dash and Twi go head to head in a battle for the ages! And oh, the stakes...

Audience - Twilight Sparkle doesn't dance. We hope. Dear heavens, please let her not dance.

The Trip and the Destination - Dash took on one storm too many and Twilight's had enough of it.

A kind chap by the name of munngojerrie graciously offered to do a dramatic reading of Egghead and Featherbrain. It's done, and it's an hour of audiobook shipping goodness your ears will thank you for! Take a listen to part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE and part 3 HERE.

NOTE: Not related to the Luna's Librarian / Rustic & Romantic / If the Flight Suit Fits continuity.

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Epilogue? I think you mean Prologue. Epilogue is AFTER the main story, Prologue is BEFORE.


Seems interesting, I'll give it a go.

True. But the real action in this chapter is what happens after the chapter-within-a-chapter, and... well, makes more sense after you get through the first 840 words.

Ah. Thank you for the explanation, really clears things up. Also, I haven't started reading yet, I just put it under my favorites so I'll remember to read it later, but it seems good (I like most AppleDash, FlutterDash, and TwiDash ship stories) so I plan on reading it soon. Mustache x5 for a good ship idea! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Is it weird that Dash's lecture got me wet too?

Good lord. Pinkie gets off to Lazytown songs. :rainbowlaugh:

i read all on the thirtyminuteponies
good to see that is now on fimfiction.
nicely done

You might need medical treatment, but they would prescribe Ponies, so it's okay.
After all, the treatment for Contagious Clopping Syndrome is Ponies, so no big.

You get an up-vote just for that lecture. :twilightsheepish:

Horribly, that's in character for Twilight Sparkle. I wonder if Celestia knows that she was her prize pupil's first? :twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

Heeeeeey, how come I'm the only pony who be reading this adorbs drabble series? *pouts* This just ain't fair.

Well, ooh-la-la! 'Professor' Dash? ... I think Rainbow's gonna like hearing that soon... :raritywink:

*Clutches at heart and falls over*

The D'aaws, they got me!

This chapter is really scary cause I was being pressured last night to act like a romantic for my Girlfriend last night...

The only problem is I'm more of the jumping-off-cliffs-while-still-putting-on-the-parachute kinda guy.

Luckily she's the same

Ya' know, if'n Ah were the vencha' capitalist Ah wish Ah could be, then Ah'd follow you around bottlin' up everythin' ya' write 'n go sellin' it.

Caught that, did you? If I had the skills, I'd PMV that.

And of course:
"Yar har, fiddle dee dee, being a pirate is all right with me! Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!"


NO. No it is not. It is perfectly normal and not weird at all. And let us never speak of this again. :scootangel:

Oblivious Rainbow Dash is great.
Oblivious Twilight is also great.
Presumably, then, double-oblivious TwiDash would be amazing.

...someone needs to test this hypothesis.

How did the one about mi amour go?

Careful, Rarity, that's Twi's sister-in-law you're talking about.:twilightoops:

And you just single handedly made me a TwiDash fan. ME WANT MORE!! :pinkiehappy:

That is positively the first time I've seen basic aerodynamics succinctly explained in a way that causes someone to get excited...

Good job on the lesson and the twist at the end!

HNNNNG!! :twilightsmile:

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall during their session on Fluid Dynamics?


You, sir, are a champion of rhetoric. I bet you're a master debator.


Interesting. Knowledge is a well known sexual aid for eggheads, so.... :twilightblush:

Oh god, I burst out laughing after reading that. Thanks for the lovely image of Twilight dealing with her first heat by rereading notes from sessions with Tia, and then needing to go to the "bathroom" during some intense lessons.

Wait, I can't tell what tone of voice you're supposed to use to read that last sentence. ...Meh.

Same here! I teared up laughing so hard.... :trollestia:

It takes guts to start with the Epilogue.

Already I'm liking this.

Do you even LIFT? or Thrust? (giggiy) Or even drag? :facehoof:

sorry, I just HAD to

Really good man, i think this earns 5 mustaches!! and of course a Twidash

Aw, gee, you're making me blush! And yes, you are impressive.

Totally never expected this! I thought Rustic and Romantic would make it instead, maybe, but I'm not one to complain. FiMFiction readers are some truly wonderful people (and ponies)!

That whole chapter was originally going to be one long series of saucy Freudian puns, but as the 30-minute writing window commenced, I changed my mind and cut it down to just the second half.

Yep, just ribbin' ya! :trollestia: Although you should totally change your blog name to "I'm impressive!"

Finished my TMP submission a few minutes ago - considering TwiLuna is my OTP, I couldn't resist today's prompt - and coming back to see a packed inbox and a Featured story was a heck of a present. Your (pre-edit) post was the icing. Thanks, twice over!

:rainbowhuh: well, that was...unexpected. But hey, as long as both Fluttershy and Gilda keep their mouthes shut (they were with her in flight school, after all), then go on.
But in all seriousness, that was a great chapter. Great story too.

I like this. Very good.

Nice romance lacking clop, rare for the featured box. I applaud you.

Oh my god! This is glorious, perfect slice of life, no crazy complications for the sake of building a crazy romance, just the romance. Love it.

A-ha!! The moment I saw RD on top of Twilight, I knew shipping was gonna happen!

I 'pffft'ed so hard when she said teach me. Also, memes turn pinkie pie on.... That makes perfect sense.

Short, fluffy Twidash vignettes? Take all of my yes. All of it. No more yes for ol' Batsy. Put that yes in a bank.

You said that both long thin and short wide wings were high aspect ratio. #Corrections

This was a hilarious story though!

1742884 Actually, Gilda was at Junior Speedsters Flight Camp, A Different thing to Flight School altogether. I'm assuming it's something like Maths Camps or Soccer Camps, Basically a Place where they train youngsters with Talent to better utilise their Skills.
Also, I was of the Impression that Fluttershy never finished Flight School. We see she fell to the ground and earned her Animal Cutiemark at a young age, So I assumed that she left Flight school and went to a School situated on the ground, Since She doesn't appear to be a terribly good Flier

I knew someone was going to use that screenshot for a TwiDash cover... :rainbowlaugh: :twilightblush:

1744286 If yer speaking in fancy, at least say it right! :ajsmug:

Thanks for the Flight School notes!

I imagine Flight School to be something like a technical boarding school: they teach the bare minimum of arts, civics, history, etc., and spend most of their class time on flight theory and practice. This way RD can still play "Professor Dash" when she needs to, as long as she sticks to what she knows, while still pleading ignorance with cries of "egghead!" when Twi brings up magical theory, archaeology, classic literature, etc.

DashXTwilight huh? havent seen that ship yet^^ but so far it seems pretty nice^^ Also, Im suprised that Dash of all ponies requested to just do nothing at all^^ Usually shes is (almost) as active as Pinkie and cant sit still for more than a minute or two^^ Suprised that she has a romantic side like that^^

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