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A.K. Yearling's mail mostly consists of the usual fan correspondence. However just before the Friendship Summit in Griffonstone and the Daring Do Convention, the Griffon Ambassador writes to demand the return of the looted Griffon's Goblet. This is followed by a variety of letters from Griffonstone and elsewhere.

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Well, this is a fine situation. Standing by for the inevitable hilarious conclusion!


I really appreciate the trouble you went to to create the images. The little touches really enhance the story! I actually laughed out loud when I saw "PAR PEGASE."

Now this is beautiful. :twilightsmile:

That last griffon cub clearly has strong business instincts. :duck:

This is easily the funniest, most adorable, and most productive cultural misunderstanding I've ever seen. I appreciate the amount of work you put into the different stationery and voices as well. Thank you for this. :twilightsmile:

That was great. I loved seeing this story in physical letter form as opposed to just quote boxes, and you did an awesome job on those. Kudos on a story well done! :twilightsmile:

One question remains, though. What did happen to the real Griffon's Goblet?
I mean, all the books were written after her actual adventures, so it has to be somewhere, doesn't it?

(Kinda makes you wonder... If A.K. Yearling really donates those artifacts to museums as she allegedly does after each adventure, where are they now and why has nopony drawn the connections yet?)

That poor professor has absolutely no idea. :rainbowlaugh:

Where's the HNNNNG! emoticon when you need it?!

7475230 I'm sure she could do so anonymously or as Daring Do.

Of course she could. And she probably would (I mean, who's to say that A.K. Yearling isn't just a pen name?)...
But that would only make it easier for ponies to note that there is an actual Daring Do running around, and that she is always retrieving just the artifact Yearling writes a book about later. If they didn't suspect they're the same pony, they would at least all but know that the two are in contact, and somewhat regularly at that.

Edit: Not trying to criticize the story here, just so you know. If anything, the plothole would be in the show itself, not the fanworks.

A bunch of pegasi teens who identify as griffons. (Snerk!)

How the heck did the griffon infrastructure reassert itself so quickly? Even assuming Gilda became a Friendship Ambassador an entire year ago, I find it hard to believe that a government of that magnitude could spring up within a year.

I have to ask, is A.K. responding to any of these? Because professionalism be damned, I wouldn't be able to keep up a hermetic pretense at little letters from eight-year-olds asking when I'll come to Griffonstone.

Indiana Jones was a terrible professor.


Friendship Magic? Probably... Or the Princesses gave them money.


I like that idea! I mean who wouldn't want to be a griffon? Griffons are the best!

You'd think claws would enable better penmanship.

Nothing is stranger then fanmail is what I learned here. Also, Daring can't catch a break.:rainbowlaugh:

This is special and very good.

Ponies aside, I don't see why a story like this shouldn't find a place in bookstores.

The fact that Glitzy Feather-Fluff thinks Rainbow Dash is a character created by AK Yearling when she's performed multiple sonic rainbooms and saved Equestria... uhh... (I want to say 7 times, not sure) is amazing. :facehoof:

Are Ditzy Doo and Daring Do related?
If so, this is interesting.

Multiple parties squabble over the McGuffin. This has the makings of a new book.

Well, if you read between the lines, Glitzy clearly isn't the sharpest griffon in the aerie.

They're blowing smoke. Those laws weren't even being enforced at the time, let alone recognized by the griffins themselves. They had no central government until recently, heck, they didn't even have their own currency, let alone a police force, army, etc.

Ironically I imagine the Princesses are in on Daring Do's activities.

The buzzards are circling.

Better than mouth writing but worse than handwriting. That quality is entirely plausible for 7-8 year old griffons.


Given the mountains of mail she gets, I imagine it all gives her a headache. Also, since she's trying to keep her double-life outside of Equestria in the fiction section, I imagine she does the most intelligent thing and says nothing. (Seriously, when you say nothing, people come to their own conclusions, and since they thought of it, it must be the right one, and so they debate with those who inevitably come to their own DIFFERENT conclusions, while Yearling is allowed to just continue in peace).

When Daring Do was introduced, she was a boring Indiana Jones clone, the 'author, author' aspect actually makes things interesting with her.

Amusing snippets. Do you have any plans on writing Yearlings responses ?

What we need now is how the newspaper are reacting to all this.
And Yearling's answer of course!

7476527 That's almost certainly racist

Corruption. Is it completely unrealistic that a failed state unable to provide basic protection and housing to its citizens, nonetheless somehow manages to allow a small elite to live a life of comparative luxury in exile?

7475583 7476557 7476758
My thinking was that A.K. would not read any of this, as she's away searching for the Seven-Sided Chest of Chicomoztoc.


Only if they're all griffins.

7475637 He was one those that preached: Do what I say, not what I do. :derpytongue2:

7476961 not even the ones from the chicks? That's evil. No author should go without reading children's letters.

7476949 While that certainly seems plausible, it also seems like the sort of thing that would have been mentioned during all the exposition in the Griffonstone episode.

Of course, your theory is also the only plausible way Griffonstone could have a team in the Equestria Games despite not even having baking powder, and also explains how the 'No Musical Numbers' law could be enforced, so....

The former capital city of Griffonstone is now almost entirely occupied by royalists so disillusioned with their government that they find it preferable to pretend it doesn't exist and live in squalor.

Headcanon accepted.

7475567 Ponies most probably. :yay:
The little guys can clear winter in a single day, compared to that raising up a sinking nation is probably a weekend project. :derpytongue2:

Loved this, great work. :twilightsmile:

7476961 Even better then! It mean she get's to read all at once like we did.

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