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When Twilight discovers an invisibility spell, she decides to use it for pranking her friends. However, she soon finds out some interesting news that one of her good friends, Rainbow Dash, might be interested in her as more than friends. But can Twilight accept this news, or will she rebuke the rainbow maned mare? What chain of events will this set off?

Edited by The Abyss

My amazing cover art was drawn by Graphic~Lee!

An extensive re-edit will be happening soon. Expect a re-working of the ending, if it stays the same.

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I really like the extended chapters :twilightsmile: , the two first chapters seemed like they should have been one when I read the original and now you've fixed it.
Looking forwards to more


I had intended to add the pranking chapters together when I was done with them, but now I plan to just hold my chapter's until there at least 1000+ words each.

Also I did not know that removing chapters would remove any comments that were linked to that chapter lol.

Yay this story is great. :D

I'm enjoying this so far. Not sure where it's going from here yet, but I look forward to finding out.

really good! hope to read more soon :rainbowkiss:

I'm glad you're not just writing the story of how they got together, but also the story of what happens next :twilightsmile:

Quite good thus far, I'm quite interested in how this is going to pan out. Kudos, slrvertigo, you've caught my crazily short attention span like a trout on a fishing hook.
I need to work on my similes. :facehoof:

Rainbow answered, stuttering slightly, her muzzle already a rosy red. Twilight cocked an ear at Rainbow and saw the ponies cheeks color ever so slightly.

I'm pretty sure you meant "cocked an eye" in that part, saying that Twilight cocked her ear before looking at Rainbow just seems odd.

Seems like this could use another once over. I'm spotting things like 'than' instead of 'then' & 'mine' instead of 'mind':applejackunsure:

ah! I caught you using the word "hands"

m.On one hand Twilight

Also you need a space after that period

imma like to see Twi ease her way outta eavesdropping. Or burn and crash and crawl out of the wreckage not too much worse for wear.

:rainbowlaugh: lol dude nice but good job so far

I'm really enjoying this keep at it:rainbowkiss::rainbowdetermined2::twilightblush::moustache:

It seems quick and rushed, but it is still very enjoyable.

Whoa, expected a cliff hanger there...anyways good story, very interesting.

Wow giving up flying for the wonderbolts... yep dash is head over hoves in love with her.

Boooo Twilight should have INSISTED that RD fly with the wonderbolts.


No Boooo you

Now we get to see what could if, when, might happen when rainbow does fly with them.:rainbowdetermined2:



My thoughts are that Twilight was both shocked and happy that Rainbow had turned the offer down to spend time with her and that if she had argued with Rd over it, it would have kinda made the gesture seem cheaper.

My thoughts are that (with them both liking each other) she would be willing to give up this time to let RD live the dream. She understands just how much RD wants that and would at least offer up the opportunity. Just an opinion of course. And it would have taken nothing away from the gesture.

I kept waiting for it to all be a dream, because that's how the sequence of events plays out. Or have it end with "Also Rainbow, the Wonderbolts want you to have this MILLION DOLLARS! Also you're President and Registered Cool Dude now!" then she wakes up.

You forget to capitalize i's and the first letter's of people's names every now and then... but otherwise I love this
I could only imagine what Pinkie would do with an invisibility spell:pinkiecrazy:

m>>1755475 that would NOT be cool at all

1762020 Does she even need one?

Twilight threw her handstogether


The adorableness burns good sir... also I laughed when Princess Celestia stumbled upon them when they were in a rather... suggestive position.

Carry on.




Lol I knew I was missing something in the chapter! I couldn't figure out what I had missed lol

EDIT: Wow I missed quite a few uses of people instead of ponies lol

"I've never been here long enough to just see the sites." I'm fairly sure it's "sights" not "sites" though I'm not exactly the best at spelling and grammar, so I could be wrong. Other wise, I almost died from cuteness overload so great job. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: ""Twilight Sparkle? Rainbow Dash?" A voice called out, a few feet from behind the,." I'm assuming it's "them"

EDIT2: I feel like I'm pestering at this point, but again correct me if I'm wrong. When using quotation marks with a continued sentence, are you supposed to be using commas instead of periods at the end of the quotes? IE, ""We do," Twilight said..." note the comma instead of a period? Where as if it's a quotation that ends the sentence you use a period still.

Also regarding the 3rd paragraph, I think it might just be a personal thing but when you do an ellipsis I would use three full stops instead of two. It makes it look like you didn't just accidentally hit the full stop twice.


Thanks Cap. Lol I was hoping to get a chapter out but I seemed to have done a pretty bad job at post editing it lol

You are correct, I must have hit the comma instead of the "m" key.

Yes that was supposed to be a comma, and I'll fix that in the third paragraph.

Comment posted by Musharna deleted Dec 13th, 2012

My only response is:
This is awesome!!

Please do more!

good job so far have a pinkie pie day

An enjoyably lighthearted chapter. Well done.

Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, cutness.... overwhelming.... *explodes* :rainbowkiss::heart::twilightsmile:

It's amazing flying and having people cheer for you, but the solitude of the night has always called to me in a way I can't define.

Did you like the fireworks, most people do but I wasn't sure, and the when I saw ya'll looking at me I just decided to yell SURPRISE!



I thought I had fixed that lol Sorry Caloo >.<

I don't think asking how Pinkie got there is the important question. The important question is how is she standing on a cloud.

I liked this chapter.

:twilightsheepish:great story.


ARGGG! Why has the spontaneous-kiss thing become so common? It's like, seriously, everyone's using it now a days...
I really like the story, and the plot premiss, and the shipping pairing; pacing could use some work, but it's not bad; English is pretty good, just a few small mistakes, probably because of inattention if anything.

All in all, good story, but god damn that now-overused first kiss scene.

1802455 probably the same way that Twillight is I would imagine, though.... hmm, maybe she got rarity to cast the cloud-walking spell on her or something?

Gotta love them cliffhangers!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

:twilightangry2: you better make this next update quickly :twilightsmile:


Oh, don't worry, we'll have the next update within the next few days!

And also, would everyone like shorter chapters with more frequent updates or longer chapters with less frequent updates?

1865039 I say longer chapters with shorter updates :pinkiehappy: get to writing or i will be forced to get out my :pinkiecrazy:

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