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The Wizard of Words

Come what may and test what will, I always find peace in some form of writing. Be it famous, hidden, or simply my own, it is and forever will be a sanctuary.


Looking back, it should have been obvious. It wasn't at the time of course and they knew that, but it was now. All those brief moments they spent together, the close encounters, it was like they were dancing around the subject.
And it all began with something so very small.

Set during season two.
Story eight in my Twidash Challenge: Song Fic
Cover art by johnnoz

Edit: Yes, I won the contest, to my absolute glee!

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Why must you tag it with sad! I am a hypocrite of the ninth order and dislike reading sad-tagged fics, but only write them (so far)... It makes it difficult to want to read this ><

Commence read.

There were no less than four different laws prohibiting the action. If Twilight were older than the pegasus she was snuggled against, it very well could have been five.


:twilightsmile::rainbowwild: :heart: :twilightsheepish: :rainbowkiss:


Please take all my money, my love, my strength, my loyalty. Please take everything and continued this masterpiece.
For information, how long it take you to write this wonderful 13 000 words fic ?

Thank you for this fic, it boosted my will to write.

Why so serious ?

This was beautiful. Not much else to say.

24 likes, 6 comments... and Featured? :ajbemused:

There have been stories with 10:3.
Thank you kindly.
Sad at one part, but not really a sad ending, hopefully.

I don't get FIMfic's Featuring system. I've had stories get 100+ likes and 50+ comments on the first day of posting (within a few hours, actually) and they didn't get Featured.

The feels.
I really wish that this wasn't a one-shot. So amazing.

J.R.R. Trotkien Orion Colt Card

The first one is obvious but the second one took a bit of figuring out as Orsern Scott Card

Yay! Even more from you:pinkiesmile:
I certainly liked the song, liked the...progression of the relationship from start to finish:rainbowkiss:

I was waiting on the sad the entire time like 'Oh no, Twi's gonna get caught and it'll be awkward' but then I thought I'd be really lousy if the rest of the 10k words was just sad moping around. And then you brought up the wedding and I was like 'AHA, there you are!' but then forgiveness and understanding happened. And then finally confrontation scene:fluttershysad: Aw, they're so lost in each other, and Twi's just chosen to do what's 'best' for the both of them. YEAH, you play your final card Rainbow! And so it reaches the... climax, and everything is fine and dandy and implied:twilightblush:

So is this how song fics are supposed to go? The ones I've read are always either straight interjection of lyrics in dialogue, the actual song plays during the climax in the story (concerts and whatnot, including an attempt at a band/artist poni-pun) or the author just says they listened to 'so and so' while writing (though this might just fall under inspiration pieces or maybe just background noise...).

Well we get a little look into what kind of music you listen to...sort of

(There's a "you're" where a "your" should be, somewhere in the post-wedding scenes)

Contest huh? Good luck then:twilightsmile:

if that dont reach the F.B. I'll never look at it, never again

I do not want to say it's your masterpiece, because I know you will surprise me more and more. but man, that.. that




I took too much to read lol, and apparently my fears are pointless

I'm glad I continue to impress. I hope that I continue to improve as well. We'll just have to see... for all I know this could lead into... One Last Game.
My favorite authors of all time. Hooves down.
Yeah, sad, but not my usual sad.

Goddamnit this better win. I know it sounds cheesy and stupid and I've said it before, but a Wizard of Words indeed. This just helped make my day.

2147842 I have one of the Ender's Games books one my Kindle (which I hope is the first one) and I am enjoying it

What your Devianart acount so I can stalk watch you over there aswell

I demand some kind of sequel! and that you win the contest, 'cos this my dear friend, was utterly amazing! :pinkiehappy:
And feels. that's all :pinkiesad2:

the sad and alternate universe tages probably aren't necessary

the former is usually reserved for sad conclusions, and the latter is rarely used outside of those twilight-sparkle-tries-to-overthrow-celestia fics

but really well done good job

wow... just wow.
Twidash is my favorite pairing :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

This one seems very serious. I've got a good first impression.

Good luck in the contest, WoW. You are certainly a formidable opponent and I promise to not gloat at you should my entry manage to win. :raritywink:

I quite like your writing style and pacing. Splitting things up between little moments between the two and expository scenes gave a nice sense of time passage. I'm not big on songfics, but it was unobtrusive, which was nice. Didn't add a huge amount aside from a skeletal structure to hang the narrative off of and didn't take away from the narrative; perfect!

I'm not overly fond of the contrivance, though. It's hard to believe any pair of characters, regardless of how oblivious they can be, would get this far into a...nonrelationship? without talking about it earlier. Neither Twilight nor Rainbow Dash are particularly tactful in canon and you make the point of them being open books to each other early on. Then getting this intimate without it being actually intimate breaks my suspension of disbelief. And the level of emotional dependence both of them develop, to where they're obsessed past the point of fuctioning? That's not really romantic; it's creepy codependence to me.

Just my two cents. You've earned an upvote from me for the adorable first scene, emotionally cathartic post-wedding scene, and steamy-d'aww post love-making/heavy foreplay scene.

This is a thing of beauty; there are no other words that fit.

Right back at you, though that's what happens when you have two respectable authors trying to accomplish the same thing, huh?

I never said they were oblivious to the relationship. Quite the opposite, Twilight knows it's there, but she says it's just gone too far. Nothing like, "I don't know what it is, but it has to stop." More like. "We've been doing this for too long and it's starting to affect my work." That's what I was shooting for. Guess, I gotta aim a bit more true next time.

Eh, call it preparation for the the sadness that melts down in the second part. I go a little AU with the wedding, because I normally don't bother to dive into the show's episodes aside from recalling a plot point here or there.

Reading this with the song on repeat was something...I can't really put into words.

I can see where bats is coming from with the creepy codependence, and yet that feeling of undeniable attraction to the point that nothing else in the world matters or can be focused on speaks to the romantic inside me in a way that many stories can never achieve. Not much more I can say, mostly because I find myself speechless.

Thank you for this. It's amazing beyond words.


I suppose oblivious was the wrong word. It's not that they're unaware of their intense closeness, they're just not facing what it means in terms of a romance. They're not being oblivious to their feelings, they're willfully ignoring what they represent. What I'm getting at here is it feels like, in-story, Rainbow Dash should've made-out with Twilight ages ago and the fact that it didn't happen until that fight seems out of place and damages believability for me.


This was incredible!:pinkiehappy: How does this not have more views?

Well, this time, it's more of a conflict in their characters. Yeah, normally Dash would do that, but she normally doesn't have affections for a shut-in like Twilight. Do you think Twilight would have let her without the build-up that I tried to give them? Sparkle would have needed a few good reasons other than "I want to."

All of my feels... Just... :fluttercry:
So much feels... It's so warm... Like a freshly removed spleen. You just destroyed my feels processor, and fried my heartdrive. Great.

Make moar of these, good sir. This was just too good.

<3 DarqFox

plz do make more

2148394 I kinda disagree, bats. Twilight and Dash are both pretty thickheaded and tend toward denial.

wow, just wow.
I'm still catching my breath... good job!

This is a awesome masterpiece, I hope you win.
Histories like this one, are why I love the TwiDash fics, well done you made my day.

As small as this was it was extremely touching. i havent felt this way while reading a fanfic for a LONG time. You better win for this

I have no idea what that is for.
Thank you kindly.
It's Twidash, obvious Twidash, and people either love or hate Twidash. Guess which one I am? :eeyup:

Its from a really old movie. Brilliant story by the way:twilightsmile:

Can't lie, this was an absolutely amazing fic. Any chance of you continuing this? There really aren't enough feel goods out there and this is one hell of a feel good.

This was enjoyable to read. I'm not sure if it would really take that long for falling in love to click, but I suppose anything is possible when you're too frustrated by the problems at hand hoof to see it. I'm really glad you addressed the Canterlot Wedding. That episode has always given me a lot to think about in terms of the confrontation between the two for Rainbow's lack of immediate support. All in all, I'm liking this idea. :scootangel:

Oh man. This is my favorite Twidash fanfic I've read so far. So awesome! :pinkiehappy: and you also better win that competition because you fucking deserve it!

I was really moved by this story. It was quite heartwarming.

That said, the last movement was rather disturbing. When you lose your aspirations, lose your independence, forget your family, when you can't even follow your own hobbies and interests that have held your devoted attention since childhood, that isn't love. That is a mutual and unhealthy obsession. Love doesn't strangle possibilities like that.

Aw, c'mon, man! I was gonna enter that contest; the plot that I chose can hardly compare! I did notice a hand(hoof?)-full of grammar errors, but nothing more than one would expect from a long one-shot like this--mostly missing conjunctions or slightly clunky phrasing.

This was very well written, my friend. I'd give it 5 stars (and I didn't give that out very often) if we still had that rating system, but we don't. So, I hope you'll settle for a thumb!:pinkiehappy:

FANTASTIC STORY! I love it ,but I don't know why you have a sad tag. This fic is far from sad.

2147598 <- What he said.

I loved the scene at the end, where it degenerated from yelling to whatever you want to call that. I think we might well have different opinions about what the sad tag means though. Great story, bro.

HOLY HELL THAT WAS EPIC, I lost myself to the words. I read a lot of fan fics, honestly between reading and writing it's lik all I do, and this one is like a shining gemstone absorbing the shine of the gems around it. It is defientlyi n the list of the best fics I have read. BRAVO BRAVO good sir

Good read, but I don't think it needs a sad tag. Good luck with the contest :)

Pleaseeeee make a sequal :applecry:

You seriously need to get yourself an editor or proof reader.

I mean, premise, execution, pacing, all wonderful, wonderful, but the speeling and Grammar were very off-putting, even at the best of times, for this story.

I'd go back through the story and find the really jarring ones but it's 2am and it's an awful lot easier said than done at this point.

A very flawed diamond that needs a vigorous polishing to truly shine, but the sheer potential is overwhelming nonetheless and made for an enjoyable read.

2151715 The speeling, huh?

Quoting a certain Youtuber- NAILED IT

This was genuinely fantastic! If you put your mind to it you could get published! And then I'd buy everything that was published. Bravo, bello, bellisimo!

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