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What brought Rarity and Applejack together, nopony knows, but you can bet your last barrel of cider that nothing this side of Discord could separate them.

An ongoing series of slice-of-life snapshots. This barn here'll be clop-free, y'all got it?

These stories are in continuity with Luna's Librarian and If the Flight Suit Fits.

All chapters originally written as separate entries for flash-fic blog Thirty Minute Ponies (TMP). Many thanks to TMP for inspiring me to write!

Lift Carefully - Applejack and Rarity hatch a plan to 'help' Twilight by stealing her journal. What they discover is more than they bargained for.

Among the Hills a Winding Way - Confused about her feelings for Rarity, Applejack seeks comfort from her apple trees, who are eager to listen.

Torn - Rarity finds a philosophical Applejack irresistible and finally makes her move. Will an old hat be the only thing torn by night's end?

Drama-Induced Audience Apathy - Rarity thinks angsty drama will spice up their love life. Applejack is a bit more practical.

Ejection - Twilight and friends are determined to see Applejack and Rarity separated. How will the lovers cope?

Not Again - Applejack isn't feeling like herself. Can her marefriend Rarity help straighten her out?

The Honorable Thing - One more disappointment for Applejack might be one too many.

The Best and the Worst - Rarity's having problems with her work and her magic - nothing that an attentive and perceptive marefriend can't help with.

Crossed in the Mail - Letters bearing bad news can make a mare say things she might regret. Sometimes it's hard to remember that we don't have to endure life's troubles alone.

Tickets - With Mac gone to Appleloosa and Granny needing ever more care, the pressure mounts as AJ is left to fend for herself. A certain dressmaker's attention to detail may come handy.

Calendar - Some dates are more worth remembering than others.

Suddenly There Came A Tapping - The Cutie Mark Crusaders are on the run, forced to flee, and about to learn something that hopefully won't earn them cutie marks.

A Meditation Upon the Day's Toils, or, 'Bark' - Who's a good little dog? You're a good dog, Winona! Yes you are!

Slow and Steady - Big Mac notices a whole lot more than he lets on.

Tailoring the Conversation - Oh, what wisdom from the mouths of fillies! Especially the ones who've been peeking in the barn at really inconvenient times.

The Quiet Revelations - Applejack has a nice quiet sit on the front porch to think a few things over. Maybe a little too quiet - or maybe it's just right after all.

Answers Above - Rarity has something to ask; for other ponies this would be a formality, but for her, it will be out of this world.

Happily Ever After, Checklist Never Ending, Part 1 and Part 2 - With Twilight Sparkle as your wedding planner, you're in good hooves. Right?

Winter by the Pond - There's something Applejack hasn't been able to ask, and isn't sure if any living pony can make it easier for her.

Diminished Distance - Headed for their honeymoon, Rarity and Applejack find there are still things to learn about each other - things they'll wish they could forget.

Facing Worlds - Rarity said some things she shouldn't have at the latest Apple family reunion.

Subtle Like a Hurricane - A lady never begs, especially when public displays of affection are at stake.

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“Set yer sexy flank down over by this fireplace with me, an’ Ah’ll show ya what Ah got a sense fer.”


Alright, now this one was quite funny... :rainbowlaugh: I seriously thought they were gonna break Rarity and AJ up, lol :derpytongue2: You almost had me fooled. Almost.
Have a mustache. :moustache:


Glad I could help! Most of my shipfics are full of diabetically deadly levels of d'aaaawww, and RariJack is no exception. There's just too much fun potential here.

1625959 Well, keep it up! :flutterrage: I need more d'awww!

“Ah’m inspired to remind you that it’s darn near midnight, and Ah gotta buck the whole East Orchard by mahself in right about five hours. If y’all want some ravishin’ Ah’m all fer it. But if Ah gotta set through another o’ them monologues, y’all are gonna have to do the ravishin’ yerself, and yer probably gonna have to wake me when it’s over.”

Still the best snippet of AJ dialogue in the history of ever. :rainbowlaugh:

Adorbs. :twilightsmile:

Query: Are these all set in the same continuity?

The twist ending. Oh, Fluttershy. Using your friends to pen thinly-veiled roman a clef smut novels? For shame, yellow pony ... :twilightsmile:

“Well, thank Celestia that there’s over! But…” The orange mare rubbed her temple with a tired hoof. “Ya’ll know this here is mah own barn, right? Ah ain’t leavin’ mah barn, no matter what yall’re callin’ it. Island, my left hoof! How’d I let mahself get talked into this here crazy game?”



Roughly, yes. They're obviously not all in order, and I may have to do some extra post-TMP editing to get the chronology right. For instance, either this chapter or Lift Carefully could reasonably pass as the "first kiss / first hookup" chapter.

“Don’t worry, love. Next week I shall avenge you by forming a cunning alliance!”

Not sure if my mine is just making this sound like what I think it does or if you meant for it to sound a bit perverted..........:rainbowhuh:


If you think that's bad, you should read Flutter's previous book, Pink Creamsicle in the Sun.


What ever do you mean? Rarity's merely being a cunning linguist and if she wants to snatch victory away from her opponents by proposing a cunning alliance, that's her business.


Thanks! I had this song stuck in my head for days and needed a way to exorcise it. Song lyrics are totally unrelated to the story but that chorus just wouldn't leave me. My solution was to write that entire piece just so I could use the line "wake me when it's over". I could only hear AJ or RD saying it, and in the end it sounded better in a good Southern drawl.

ERMAGERD! :pinkiegasp:
ReriJerk! :pinkiecrazy:

Excellent work, buddy.

where the other two teams meant to be a twinkie pie and flutterdash reference because if it was thats awesome

heheh, I wouldn't put this talk with her tree's beyond applejack, so I think this would have been quite realistic. good job!:pinkiehappy:

Very nice...

A realistic portrayal of talking to trees to be sure.

I like it. :twilightsmile:

those are some very intelligent tree's

Thanks! After seeing how attached AJ was to Bloomberg, I figured Bloomberg couldn't have been the only one.

Glad you enjoyed it!

The rest of us think she's just unloading some emotional baggage to no one in particular, but I think that in her mind, AJ is having a conversation with something like this.

1641508 I dont know how you make exceptions, whenever i see Applejack with dash:applecry:, or Rarity with Fluttershy:raritycry:, or worse either of them with Big Mac :raritydespair: i wanna just flip the table:flutterrage:, or i just avoid the picture/fic altogether. but the former is more likely to occur


Some pairings are definitely overused, and some just don't make any sense. Love is funny that way, though.

Sometimes I make exceptions in the name of variety, or to see if I can pull it off. For instance, I can't write a readable Pinkie ship for anything. TwiLuna is and always will be my OTP, and I suspect Season 3 will set that in stone for me, but because it's been done so well by others, it's hard for me to write TwiLuna while staying original. At least if I resort to talking trees, Survivor shoutouts, and maybe one day an animated fainting couch, I can try digging for something that hasn't been beaten to death.

I love AJ's often hidden quirks--such as her anthropomorphizing (ponypomorphizing?) of the apples trees--and I liked how you used it in this chapter.

1625959 I love the dawwwwww. It's more enjoyable than strait up clop.

STOP THE DAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! :fluttercry:

I love it :heart:

You should tell peole from Luna's Librarain to come view this one

good stuff, every story so far has been great, and this is no different. Good job and keep it up!

Stop killing me with the cuteness, man. It ain't cool.
Anywho, now let me squeee in peace. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Thanks, all! Next chapter will be a little gloomier but still sweet.

1626747 wait so Twi/Luna Rari/Jack and Pink/Lestia?

Only if you think Fluttershy's novels are all based on true events!

My RariJack and TwiLuna stories are all in continuity with each other. Haven't decided what to do with Fluttershy, Pinkie, Dash, or Celestia yet.

Wow. That's rather heartfelt. Applejack decides to set Rarity free, and she gets: "Don't be absurd, darling, I'm not going anywhere."

1686029 Duh, cuz that's how Rarijack works. :derpytongue2:
But, YOU, Mr. Author Man, you're the one taking care of my hospital bills cuz I think I've got cute cancer :heart:

1686029 you put that so much kinder then my translation, I omit simply because this story is too cute to ruin.


I see AJ and Rarity taking turns being the no-nonsense half of this pair. This time it was Rarity's turn, just like in "The Best and the Worst" it was AJ's.

Loved Rarity's response.
Also, stop giving me diabetes!

...Actually, no, keep doing that. This (and Luna's Librarian, of course) is just too adorable. If this kills me, I regret nothing. :heart:

I am glad I found you.

If I weren't in Sociology right now I'd be chuckling mightily. Best Applejack, excellent good yes. Hilarious! :D

Your voice for Rarity is not that bad actually. The prose is unpolished and a bit rough, but it's still a fine bit of marble--I like it. Keep on, friend. I'd like to read some longer, more developed Rarijack from you.

Many thanks!

Rougher than a barnacled sharkbutt, generally. I'm leery of trying longer dedicated pieces; my one effort there was an unreadably dense mess (which I later recycled into the chapter "Names" of Luna's Librarian). One of these days, perhaps, though it'll probably be TwiDash if anything.

I love your take on Rarijack, the SECOND best pony pairing (speaking of which, bring on the Twidash! :pinkiecrazy: ).


Thanks! Speaking of TwiDash... actually, that's up next. I have a few more RariJack and TwiLuna updates to get posted, then it's on to Egghead and Featherbrain.


You had me scratching my head for a moment there. Well done.:twilightsheepish:

Hahaha, oh the HORROR! :rainbowlaugh:

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