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Heh. Sexy, cheeky, and heartwarming all in one little piece. You didn't even need an M tag and it was better than the most that do.

Keep up the great work on ALL your projects, because they're all awesome.


Still waiting for Vampony Twilight/Luna

Thank you for taking time to expound on how the cello is the sexiest instrument in the string family. Thank you for your amazing attentions to the detail and scent and behavior that made Octavia real to me. Thank you for writing some amazingly saucy, ship-happy, joyous OctaLight. Day=made, no doubt about it.

The attention to detail, the use of imagery, the depth of description...so lovely ^^

Kudos to you

A great, delicious work. You have my appreciation.

Twilight and Octavia? I've only see that ship even HINTED at in one other story, and that one was canceled

Quite a nice little read, I do like the switching between Octavia's dialogue and Twilight's inner thoughts

The two major ones are Private Gig, which hasn't updated in a few months, and Sonnets by Twilight - both are excellent, and I absolutely recommend them. I do remember a throwaway scene in a comedy fic that had Twilight dating every eligible pony in town, including Octavia, only to have them all turn into disasters - can't remember the name of that one. Anyway, you can never have too much Twilight shipping, and I wanted to give this one a shot. Glad you liked it!

Thanks! Happy you liked it.

I appreciate it! If Octavia came alive for you here, then I'll consider this little experiment a success.

That was part of the goal - to wave hello to the Mature tag without crossing that line. Glad it worked! Yeah, I think I'll release To Still the Beating of My Heart soon, though I might mark it as On Hiatus until I can find time to keep it updated like I want.

Yessss. Need more of these. Or just ship Twi with everyone. All the ships, a veritable fleet.





In all seriousness, not bad at all. I quite enjoyed it!

Mmmm, yes, that was tasty -- exactly the kind of cheerfully-saucy-but-not-overdone fic that I love. Lovely work with the sensory details, especially the cello-playing and the, ah, other playing. Octavia's dialogue seems a shade off, but Twilight's voice is pitch-perfect throughout. (Music pun? OK, you can punch me now.)

Twilight and Octavia? I approve!


Oh, you should see what's coming next. Have to take a break from TMP for this one.

Just imagine Kate Beckinsdale speaking her lines and you'll forget about the dialogue entirely.

So do I!

That...was surprisingly effective. :rainbowderp:

Really enjoyed this :yay:

2310395 I do remember a throwaway scene in a comedy fic that had Twilight dating every eligible pony in town, including Octavia, only to have them all turn into disasters

U-Harmony maybe?

Honestly, this blew me away. I really wasn't expecting to like Twi x Octy, but this is amazing.:twilightsheepish:

Amazing! Loved this story! And I love this ship too! :heart:

Jesus, this writing is flawless. I love the perspective. I love the lack of Twi's dialogue, making us fill in the blanks ever so mysteriously. I love the vague, simple feeling it all brings on. It's a great fic, a great ship, and from the sound of it, great, great sex.

10/10 from me, good friend. I'll be tracking you. Keep up the seamless writing. :twilightsmile:

Aww, that was so adorable! :twilightsmile:

Commence read.

Well that was nice.

For someone who has Octavia and Vinyl as their OTP, this was completely and utterly adorable! Damn you, Brunnen, for making everything work. Hey, you know what? You know what? I want you to write Gilda/Neon Lights romance. If you can make that work, then heeeeeell, you're Cuteness God.

Never seen this ship before, and I'll really take anything that isn't OctaScratch or whatever you call that crap.

First I was like:unsuresweetie:
Then I was like:yay:

2317265 Heh. I have. It's an interesting one. I like the weird Twilight ships. Twilight x Cheerilee is more fun I think but Twilight x Octavia is interesting too.

Anyway, like I said, I've seen this one at least once before. Hope Brunnen doesn't mind me linking to someone else's stories :D


Updates on an annoyingly sporadic schedule though.

Octavia the Death Dealer? As long as she wears the suit:

Thanks! I'm thrilled people are enjoying this.

Comment made my week. Many thanks!

I do like OctaScratch, but it's a little overdone. Few writers take the time to throw new or unique twists on the characters, so it gets stale.

Thanks again! And NeonGilda? Really?!?

Sonnets by Twilight already got a thumbs up and gold star from me, so it's all good. The other big TwiTavia is Private Gig, which hasn't updated in a few months. Shame, because it was excellent.

No, that wasn't it. Close, though. The one I remember had Twilight hitting it off with Octavia, date looked wonderful, and she turns around moments later to find Octavia making out with Vinyl after having (very suddenly) patched things up.

2322987 And HILARIOUS. The idea of Octavia being a high class whore was priceless. I suspect it hasn't updated because some rabid Octavia fan hunted the author down and is now wearing him as a hat.

While OctaScratch is pretty much my headcanon, I also love seeing new takes on both Octavia and Vinyl. Adding Twilight to the mix never hurts (because Twi is best pony and makes anything better). Private Gig's version of Octavia (i.e., a high-priced escort) is a lot of fun.

That would certainly be agreeable. :trollestia:

2322987 If you make it work, I will crown you King Of MLP Cute Stories. :scootangel:

That was such a delicious take on Octavia, it was irresistible. Loved it! Author says he hasn't abandoned it, and I hope that's true.

I will never ever ever have time to write it, so here's your TL:DR version: Vinyl and Neon are headlining opposing clubs. Gilda passes herself off as a record company agent and talent scout just to get some hot DJ action with Vinyl and Neon. She's playing them against each other to keep the sweet DJ-on-Griffin love going, and they're playing her against each other to secure what they think is a record deal. Gilda genuinely falls for Neon, and he for her, while Vinyl gives up, is about to concede defeat, then finds new inspiration when an out-of-work Canterlot cellist stops by her club. Having two talented and now very inspired DJs in such close proximity ends up attracting real talent scouts, Neon and Vinyl release a "W1SH VS. P0N-3" DJ battle album that ends up being a huge hit, and everyone goes home happy. Fin.

2312710 Uhm.... stupid question but.... Who's Neon Light?

2323353 I see. Must have missed him then cause I can't really remember seeing him anywhere^^; Do you remember which episode he appeared in?

2323400 dont be, it's okay^^ Actually gives me a reason to re-watch season 2 again^^ hehe


Just imagine Kate Beckinsdale speaking her lines and you'll forget about the dialogue entirely.

Hnnnnng :rainbowkiss:

Oh gosh, I am now 20% more turned on than I was in the first place. At work. During my coffee break.

Thanks for that :facehoof:



Glad I could help! Octavia has that effect on me, too. I'd love to hear someone who can pull off that accent do a reading of this story. Instant distraction!

From the MLP wiki, about Neon Lights: "Watches Rainbow Dash stop the out-of-control baby carriage in The Mysterious Mare Do Well. He also appears in Sweet and Elite, Hearth's Warming Eve, The Last Roundup, The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, A Friend in Deed, It's About Time, A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2, One Bad Apple, Magic Duel, and Magical Mystery Cure. Shares his color scheme and cutie mark with Bruce Mane. His cutie mark is three white stars."

Well, now I have an excuse to rewatch all of them. :pinkiehappy:

2328720 ahh I see^^ thank you:twilightsmile:

And by genius I mean adorable.

As a normal fanfic: 9/10

As a clopfic: 3/10

Well, get to it!


Thanks! If it were a clopfic, you'd see the Mature tag.

2426337 Oh. Look at the lack of mature tag... I feel like a stupid...

This story is amazing. :heart:

I don't see nearly enough Twilight/Octavia pairings out there, and this story was so well done, so vibrant, so cute, so intimate, so sweet, so, so... *is at a loss for words* :twilightblush:

Sir, you have my admiration. *bows*

I must say I love the way you told this; Twilight's inner monologue versus Octavia's actual spoken lines towards her. It's nice, blocks out any unnecessary details (though it would be nice and possible to expand on said details), and makes it short, sweet, and to the point.

I'd say a mustache is in order: :moustache:

Many thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a real hoot to write!

I am considering writing an expanded version, or maybe a sequel. These two are just too much fun to put down.

Just got around to reading it, having it fav'ed as a 'read later' a while ago... Marvelous is the appropriate word, I believe. Perfect voice-thought clash. Perfect sensory and emotional picture. Put simply - perfect.

Even if Twi(Dash)L(un)estia is invariably bestia, ()'ed parts being optional, this is just too good regardless of the ship.

2470819 Heh. Despite it not being a clopfic, Octavia's cello scene and the just before the end were positively orgasmic.
Great, now I'm jealous of Twilight and Octavia's cello. :rainbowlaugh:

Now that is how you do a one-shot. Seriously, maybe it's just me coming off of a mediocre one-shot (of Twiliestia! How do you mess that up?!), but this was absolutely gorgeous. Without even using back-and-forth dialogue, you said more than that other story could hope to. I found myself falling in love with Octavia all over again during the concert scene. This is a work of art, don't you dare change a thing on it. If however, you get the urge to expand on it in a separate story, I greatly encourage you to do so, poste haste. :raritywink:

very nice the change in point of views as it was were from whats happening and the depper workings of Twilights mind really bring this particular story out

Well done mate, brilliant in fact. There needs to be more TwiTavia. Like, a lot more. I enjoyed your writing style with this fic as well. Cheers!

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