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Rainbow Dash's favorite book series is finally over, and, needless to say, she's feeling a little bummed out. But when Twilight's attempt to help drags the very character herself from the pages of the book into reality, Rainbow Dash finds herself caught up in a Daring Do adventure of her very own.

But as the days go by and Twilight tries to reverse the spell, Rainbow Dash realises that the character she knows from the stories isn't the same pony that's standing in front of her.

And Rainbow soon finds that sometimes, the best stories are the ones that are yet to be told.

Note: This Fic was written and conceived before the events of Season 4 episode 4. This fic proceeds under the understanding that Daring Do is a work of fiction by an author who isn't integral to the plot and who also isn't Twilight's mom.

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“Why were you screaming?”
“For the element of surprise!” Daring yelled.

Pretty much, yeah.

Okay, Daring, let's bring you up to speed. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Nice start to a very promising story! I can't wait to see how this all plays out. If you ever need any help, lemme know :twilightsmile:

Very nice rhythm to this, honestly, and a pretty genuine-feeling to Twi and Dash's interplay together. It was great how Dash made a few jokes even though her feels were stirred up. I totally know people who do that -- hide their feelings behind humor to try and take the edge off, really. Ofcourse it doesn't work, either, same as here.

This was a great nod to Read It and Weep. Ha! And Professor Daring or whatever likes tea? Ha. That was good it convinced her to drop her guard. It's cool you made her kindof deductive about danger and other ponies and stuff rather than just a clone of Dash like some authors.

The Amulet was a really nice touch. A good macguffin to answer the "Why wouldn't the soon-to-be-a-princess-just-own-her" type question. I wonder what other cool stuff she has in that vest...

Anyways cheers. 'Looking forward to seeing what's next, here.

Ok. This is gonna be GOLD.

I'm in. All in.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm with Skeeter.

I cannot overstate the allness of my all-innedness.

Nice start. although Rainbow seems a little bitchy.

How is the ship with


Thank you for the offer! And yes, thank you.

Oh hay! It's the infamous Skeeter! Hello! Thank you for reading! =D

But do I have your int... no... wait. No. That's not how it goes. Either way! Thanks for coming. ^_^

Thank you! I hope this fic will pleasssseeee.

The fic is actually going to be a RD/Daring sort of light romance, but it will focus a lot more on the story of Daring outside the book. It won't be just her adventures around Ponyville, though. The idea is to write about the untold life of Daring -- the stuff that Rainbow HASN'T read about. Well, you'll see!

To address her bitchiness, she's just taking it out on Twilight because her favourite series ended! Don't worry, she'll apologize for it later. It's been taken into account. =)


Infamous? Eh, it works.

Nice start all the same.

~Skeeter The Luker

Man, I know that empty-chest feeling that Rainbow Dash had. It wouldn't leave me alone for at least a day after the final episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, "Diabolik".

It wouldn’t be long until Dash would turn into a proper lover of all the literary arts!

Only if she can find graphic novel adaptations of all the literary arts.

"You don't exactly have a good track record with messing around with spells."

No, she does. Just not in fanfiction. Fanfic authors can only come up with so many ways to generate a conflict. Or, more accurately, among multitudes of people generating thousands of stories, certain scenarios are likely to show up very frequently.

I completely disagree with Skeeter. You'd think Spike would do more than jack shit while the most important person in his life is being threatened. Not to mention have more than a millimeter of depth and three-point-five lines while the ponies get reams and reams of dialogue.

Infamous in a good way, of course!
I mean, let's face it, who's not heard of you? :twilightsmile:

or covet your presence in their fics.... *rubs hands together menacingly*

D-do stay for some... some tea... sir... :scootangel:


Happened to me when Friends ended, or The Office. Or LOST, but that empty feeling was more like they had ripped out my stomach and left a gaping void of dumbassery in my brain....

But I digress.

It wasn't really that clear, but I was being a bit tongue in cheek about the whole deal. I'm very aware that the whole 'spell failing' thing is a trope that is overused and overdone, and I was calling attention to it whilst, well, using it myself. I usually write in different layers, if I were to excuse myself.

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the way I handled Spike, but thank you for the feedback nevertheless. I assure you there's a reason planned for why he was pretending to be unconscious, but as for why I didn't give him more time, it's because he was non-essential to the scene outside of his presence, which is specific to an event. I try not to write more than three primaries in any given scene to avoid convolution, and Spike was just sadly chosen to be the bit of comic relief in this circumstance.

Also, we probably might disagree on this one point, but I never really saw Spike as the kind to jump straight into action. Most of the time he has to work himself up a bit first, or convince himself or have others convince him (outside of anything to do with Rarity, of course!). But I will argue that the situation was chaotic and fast enough that the fact that he was trying to hide something, along with how Rainbow diffused the situation quickly, made it excusable. Maybe you don't see it that way, but, again, this is just my interpretation, and thusly how I wrote the scene.

Also, the story isn't actually about Spike. So there's that. The ponies get reams of dialogue because the story is about them.

Thank you, again, for the feedback. I will be sure to address the Spike issue in the future, at least in passing comment!

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Hehe, I'm nothing special.

Just a guy who reads. And comments, a lot...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Very amazingly done.^^ I'm eager to see more.:D

Grats on the (non-mature) feature box!

Melancholy about the end of a long running series? I know that feeling, Dash.

“Oh, any size, really. I’ll make it life-sized! Just for you!” Twilight explained eagerly.
“And… can I bring her home with me?”


Experimental spell, I'm sure nothing could have gone wrong. Explosions are how you know it works after all.

That was a fantastic start to this, nicely written.

3202640 the line is "You had my curiosity but now you have my attention."

I agree with most comments before me. Very good story, showing a lot of promise, very excited to see where this will go, yada yada yada. Really I've got little more to add, besides one thing. I think I speak for all Ace Attorney fans here when I request you please, for the love of all things, not use the words ladder and stepladder interchangeably.

OMG I snuck that in just for me and I thought no one would notice but you did AHHHAHAHAHAH


Objection, damnit!

Are you excited for Ace Attourney 5?


... no wait.


Yes they are.

I shall now show you my LADDER KNOWLEDGE.

TECHNICALLY, stepladders refer to a specific type of ladder. Ladders in general refer to any sort of... ladder-shaped object, really. But of these there are three main types of ladder and some other varieties.

There is the TRUE ladder, which is a single unit of two legs and rungs that are either step-shaped or just circular pole-shaped rungs. You must lean ladders on walls for them to function, and these are the kinds of ladders that walking under gives bad luck. They can also be mounted on walls to scale towers or cave walls or what have you.

The STEPLADDER is the kind of ladder where the rungs are WIDE STEPS, and they also have its own support. Stepladders are folded up and when extended, resemble an upside-down V when set into place. These have more support and stability than the regular ladder, and can be used anywhere, really.

The TELESCOPIC ladder is like a TRUE ladder, but they are, as the name suggests, telescopic. They are pretty much the same as the TRUE ladder except that it can be transported easier because it sort of blobs inward on itself.

There are also other minor varieties of ladder, such as the LESSER GIANT STRAWBERRY LADDER that can only be found on the Galapagos islands. It is not really an actual ladder if you go by genetics alone, but it is more of a parallel species that grew up under its own genus but resembles ladders in all ways and shapes.

Nature truly is a fascinating thing.

>Spell brings to life a scene of Daring Do on a rocky ledge at the side of a volcano.
>Daring Do and the ledge become real and are physically there in the library.
>Lava DOESN'T become real; library doesn't even burn down.

Fuck you, Rissie. Worst story ever.

Please write more soon.


Stop calling me Rissie

:rainbowderp: :facehoof: Awesome! Can't wait for more.

You failed to burn down the library. You don't get to lecture me on good story writing anymore.

And no. Rissie.

Looking forward to reading more of this... And RTC too. Write faster. Jerk. :rainbowwild:


AntiquatedAnnomaly hangs his head in shame.

... I know.


You put quite a bit of backstory into her.

I liked it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

More to come! :rainbowwild:
It's Daring's story, after all. Dash just has to deal with the emotional turbulence.

Trying to tell the love story through Daring's life. #riskymove

Thanks for liking it!


So far the risky move is working for you.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Damn, man. Poor HaleyDo :c

I like how Rainbow avoids things. It fits her, I think, in a lot of ways. Run far, run fast, get out of there when it's hot.

I take a lot of risks in my writings. Glad to see this one working.

Up next: Haley gets things put into her.

What a story. In my opinion, seems to me that works of fiction are actually links to other realities. At least, that's my opinion.

[Rainbow] probably was, Twilight reckoned, but only about how difficult it was to say this, and in that did Twilight find the gesture incredibly sweet.

Dang ship-tease.

Really liking the story and its development, can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Oooo, I'm loving the backstory we're getting for Daring Haley.

At the moment I'm leaning towards it being a full blown alternate universe that they pulled her out of.

Sooo... yeah. Twilight breached the fabric of the multiverse, I'm thinking.

Waiting someone to notice a major dimensional incursion and come investigating ;) C'mon Discord, this is right up your alley :pinkiecrazy:


Hey fellas! Thanks for reading and thanks very much for the comments. Boy, don't I love them.

I sense a pattern here. Alternate dimension, eh? Well. Sometimes it doesn't matter what it is. What matters is how we see it. What will Rainbow see, I wonder? :twilightsmile:

3252801 I've always thought the Multiverse would be more interesting if things that we imagine were real. or, more interesting still, if the act of imagining them made them real. Somewhere.

This of course requires the ability to believe in the possibility of an infinite (or nearly so) multiverse, which is considered kinda stupid by most people.

You know my argument about that?
Let's say that there ARE an infinite number of universes. Infinite being that there is every single possible iteration of the universe with a separate number of factors to distinguish them.

By that logic, there must then exist a universe IN WHICH MULTIVERSES DO NOT EXIST.

Think about that for a while.

In fact, there could be an infinity of such universes, if you varied the other factors.

Once we get to transfinites, though, I flee for my life, or at least for my sanity.

3251168 If it weren't for the fact you've told me you never intend to write clop again...:twilightoops:

Getting things put into you doesn't necessarily have to be sexual...~

3256695 Yes, but last I checked Many Worlds isn't super popular even among the fringe of quantum physics, and it doesn't imply that the collective will of other living beings has a hand in it.

>Most of chapter taken up by backstory of Daring's parents with no apparent relevance beyond the very last part.
>Hasn't even released third chapter to reveal if there is further relevance to all this backstory that I'm not seeing yet.
>Library still not burned down.


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