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Somedays, I sit, looking at the stars. I muse and wonder. I meditate and reflect. And I find the miracle in a new day of life. Especially since I swallowed so much glass the day before.

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ouch, right in the feels

I have to say, even if the ending didn't surprice me, this was a very good read. There will be a time when we really won't be anything but our memories, and that even while we're still alive. Good one.

Very well done. The twist was expected but not unwelcome.

Yeah , I wasn't entirely going for the twist to be a main focus. I wrote this more for a practice of tone and character interaction, as one of those quick fixes. It's a very cliche and overdone set up, I know. But I just felt like giving it a shot. And I literally did it over my lunch break a couple hours ago instead of working. =)

It's great that you liked it though. Thanks!

Ouch, sucker punch right to the feels.

It wasn't unexpected, but it was smooth, and it's the elephant in the room ever since they gave Twilight wings. I would have liked to heard what she's been up to, but that's part of the charm of this story.

Hmm, another take on Twilight outliving her friends. Makes me wonder if the show continued beyond season 9 if she would've sacrificed her immortality to be able to see her friends in the afterlife.

We'll meet again,
don't know where,
don't know when,
but I know we'll meet again,
some sunny day...

this was a great, sad read and I enjoyed it a great deal. Very believable story for Twilight and how she'd feel as the last one of her group left. Tugged at the heartstrings wonderfully. Kudos! :raritywink:

I often find my head in the clouds thinking what would happen when all our friends are old. Who will be left while some wallow in the old rickety rocking chair. Who can still leave the house to mingle without breaking any bones. Stories like this bring me back to that thinking space leaving this sad feeling followed by a regret that shall soon be felt in the later years of not enjoying my now limited youth.

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:ajsmug: Yep, Apples

The Song The Parting Glass came to mind when I read this story it is often stated to worry no of the future or the past but stick to the present for that is were life with family and friends is happening and the most important thing to Remember Rule Number 34 of Zombie land
Enjoy the Little Things

Oh, hey! You're still around!

I distinctly remember rule 34 being something completely different

so was she imagining the conversation?
or were they actualy there, visiting from beyond the veil and shes just sad that they can only speak to her, but cant hear her back.

Zombie land rule

From what I can tell from the context it seems to me that Twilight was using a type of memory magic so she could relive that moment in her life. The last time she saw all of her friends together in that one room but when she used the magic to fix the vines and such it dispelled the spell and returned her to the actual present. She knew what she was seeing was an illusion but it's the only way she can coupe with losing the ponies that she treasured most in her life.

Right in the feels...

The atmosphere and tone are masterfully constructed and had my heart in a vise the entire time. Absolutely beautiful portrayal of a potential future that manages to balance the expected with the surprising, and the melancholic with the cheerful. The twist ending was neat too, but the story would've worked even without it, which I find to be a good thing.

Mm, that transition. This was nicely crafted, and it definitely leaves me feeling the feels.

I think the story benefits from the twist not being the heart of it. Too many writers miss their mark trying to out-clever the audience!

Also, this was a sweet, sad little read. And such unexpected directions for the girls to have grown into as they grew old!

There's a principle of writing that I follow.
For the life of me I forgot who said it but it's really good advice that I take.
Once you play your hand early, it forces you to draw new cards.
If everyone already knows what you have in your hand, in this case the twist, might as well just play it without ceremony so that your new draw (in this case I focused on the journey) will be much more effective.

And thank you for reading!

God, I am the worst reader ever. I knew what was coming at the end of this little story, but I didn't wanna face it. Thinking it was gonna be something new. That twist at the end was beautifully written and the descriptions of the surroundings are magnificently sad. You've achieved greatness here. Be very proud. This story definitely made me cry. (I literally sobbed, it's so sad.)

In all seriousness though, fantastically beautiful work you've done here. :twilightsmile:

“You want words?” Dash shot back. “I got words for days!”

I gotta ask... Is that meant as a Lost Narrator reference?

This made me cry

Probably not, since I don't know what 'Lost Narrator' is.

It's just a phrasing that I like. "something for days"

Don't remember which one of the Blooper Specials it was on her youTube channel, but one of them has her shouting out, in RD's voice I might add, "I've got words for days!" and it was the only thing I could think of when I read that.

TheLostNarrator is a voice actress/YouTuber that voices mlp fanwork s, comics, etc.

Great story but again just like everyone you forget Spike why does everyone always forget Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike spike and let's be honest they have a very close relationship he would stick by Twilight especially if she's going through something as emotional as this it's implied that dragons live a long long time hell it's implied that they might be immortal he could have been there but no everyone always forgets Spike I'm sick of it is it a good story but I'm sick of everyone always forgetting Spike

Ouch. That hurts...

I mean, it might just be me, but I thought it was implied that Spike is grown, off on his own now. That's how I interpreted it, anyway.

The ending to the story got me cause someday we will just be remembered by memories and books

Or attempted to reverse the aging of her friends. Age spells exist, it would probably be within her abilities. And if it took centuries, that's what time travel is for.

I knew it was coming, but umph... right in the feels there at the end. Excellent job

Stories like this make me think of this excellent song, by someone else who is now gone before his time.

Sometimes I imagine I'll be the one reminiscing alone about all my friends who've passed. Other times, it seems like they'll be the ones doing the remembering. I want to hold onto the old saying that goes, "Don't be sad for the ones who've passed on. Be happy that you knew them."

Dinner For One (Princess)

I was already looking forward to what I assumed the ending would be (and was happily not disappointed- it's such an interesting, bittersweet concept) although I found myself skimming a bit in the middle, but even then it was all different enough to keep me engaged.
But that ending, that's the good stuff right there.

I saw this story pop up while I was at work, and knew that I'd have to put it on my to read later list because I knew the ending was going to be what it was, and even then I'm still crying my eyes out.

I came for the story, I stayed for the feels :(

You can interpret that way, I suppose. But, given the author mistakenly said there are six chairs around the table, Occums' Razor suggests that Spike's existence was once again forgotten or ignored.

Seems I missed that. While I don't personally think it disproves Spike being alive with his own life(which was all I was saying originally,) I have to admit it does add to the eternal pain of Spike not existing.

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I should not have read the comments. The story hit the feels.
The comments just made me feel depressed and want to wallow in a pity party.

this is really sad, though i feel for Twilight when she just can't talk of her year

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