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Somedays, I sit, looking at the stars. I muse and wonder. I meditate and reflect. And I find the miracle in a new day of life. Especially since I swallowed so much glass the day before.


This story is a sequel to Entry #649

I can't believe she's back, after all this time.

But will she forgive me for what I've done?

Either way, I see she's brought a gift...

These are the final pages of the diary of Fluttershy, collected from her home and from the waters of the pond by her retreat. We hope she returns to us soon.

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Listen. You've read the title. You've read the short description, and now you're reading the long one. It's not THAT HARD. Sunset Shimmer Breaks Up With Everyonetm. Okay? In this story, Sunset Shimmer, the Pony, breaks up with everyone. Because that's the thing you need to have in this entry for this contest. That's right, this is for a contest. Alright? Okay? Yeah. I'm writing it like 2 days before the deadline because who gives a toss. I'm not gonna win. Are you? Maybe you are! Maybe you, the potential winner of this contest, is reading this right now going 'hahah this ass, he's never gonna win', and you know what, you'd be right.

But before this story gets rejected because I didn't add the story summary in the description, let me repeat what happens in this damn story:

Sunset Shimmer breaks up with everyone.

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Take a look at the entire events of Season 1... through the eyes of a Princess.

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A History of Cooking

An Extremely Irreverent Tale

In which Princess Celestia picks up an important life skill

and then some other things happen

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Where is Rose?

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It has been a year since I last saw her when she appeared on my doorstep, strangeness in her eyes and a mumbling under her voice.

She asked for my help to investigate a peculiar object, which once held an odd ancient magic. But it's benign now, she said.

It's benign now.

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Under the last tree at the end of the world, two ponies discuss the events that led them there and what the future holds.

Originally written for Aragon as part of Obs' 2015 Jinglemas gift-off.

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Moonlight Raven doesn't date much. As a dark mistress of the night, she often finds that others cannot comprehend her mysterious nature and her unfathomable magical powers, poor mortal fools that they are. Besides, her loving sister, Sunshine Smiles, is the only real friend she needs. But when Sunshine sets her up on a date with none other than Maud Pie, the only pony in Equestria more mysterious than she is, Raven finds herself having to do some serious self-evaluation.

This story is about Moonlight Raven from the Canterlot Carousel episode.

Mods plz add tags already D:

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Hooray Animals! Sunset Shimmer sees all the animals! She is very happy to see all the animals.

Today she went to the zoo with her best friend New Twilight! They had a lot of fun! Come read about their funs!

Sunset Shimmer had a great time!

This story is tagged Dark Comedy. I mean it.

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