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Rainbow Dash walks through the deserted, snowed streets of Ponyville, looking for a place to get warm and finds herself at the door of the local library. Even in the coldest of winter days, warmth can be found, and, as she soon figures out, there are many ways to share your warmth with another.

Some more special and meaningful than others.

A heartwarming story during the cold winter months. Contains feel-good TwiDash shipping

Credit for the picture goes to NyuuChanDiannePie on DeviantART

Edited by: Inumaniac & Shumiry

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Huzzah! My first story not involving alicorns! :pinkiehappy:

I figured I would do something festive for the holiday season :twilightsmile:

To those of you that might be wondering, this story will be more than just one chapter long. It will follow Twilight and Dash's relationship as it progresses through the winter months.

Second I guess.

Edit: Wow, no clop? Kind of unexpected of you.

wow. 10 seconds flat after I put this up... :rainbowlaugh:

1719143 Believe me, I follow you closely. Shame your other story didn't make the feature box, but hey, cheers!

This looks very pormising. RIL'D. :)

cuteness overload! abort abort


I'm glad I inspire d'awwwing. :pinkiehappy:

I don't read too much RariDash but its possible that it had an influence on my story if I did read it :rainbowderp:

Thank you. :twilightsheepish:

That actually means a lot to me, to know that other writers enjoy my work. And I'm glad this story can be considered in your top 4 emotion inducing fics :twilightsmile:

I wouldn't mind bouncing around ideas or talking with you over stories that you would like to write. If you ever want some other opinions on your plot or story development, feel free to pm me and we can talk about it.

My heart just exploded from the D'AWWW. :twilightsmile:

Hey! I resent that.

Just because majority of the stories I have wrote contain clop, doesn't mean that every one of my stories will have clop in it.




*secretly plans a clop oneshot based off the ending*

jk jk.

but maybe not :rainbowderp:

really hope to see more of this :pinkiehappy: really well done!

1719740 I am certainly looking forward to that, more or less. Just hope you enjoy the fame.

umma call diabetes warning right now *opens fic*

edit: eeeeeeyyyup

Commence read. :scootangel:

Cute TwiDash.

Damn you! I was gonna use that concept

Apart from a few grammatical errors, this is pretty good.

Sorry about that, I wanted to get it up and my editors were rushed. I'll clean it up a little more later.

It's nothing too bad, just a few word mix-ups. I counted about three of them during my read.

D'AWWWWWWWWW! :rainbowdetermined2::heart::twilightblush:

This is pretty cute so far. A few minor grammar errors, but nothing too bad. Can't wait to see more.

FUCK YEAH! That's how you do it!

Dat ending :heart:

This is all sweet and such. :)

1719221 Dude, you have mad skills with a synth. It reminds me very strongly of Fox Amoore's work, which if you've heard his stuff is a really huge compliment.

Feel good Twi-Dash. Count me in.

next to joining the wonderbolt of course

Wonderbolts should be capitalized and plural.

To the rainbow mare, that was the best thing she heard since she found out you could pre-order Applejack's apple cider.


Right in the feels! :pinkiehappy:

Great story!

That was sweet :twilightsmile:

And I have to give you props for the ending. Not a single word spoken, they just let themselves act, feel, and understand. I think that gave it so much more meaning, too. Really nice piece (especially the snuggles, oh God the snuggles) and I can't wait to read more of this when it's written.

Oh Celestia this is good

:twilightsmile: so fucking DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

You know, just for once i'll like to see a fic about pure friendship between two female characters...

Aw, how cute. An excellent start. Will be waiting for more.:pinkiesmile:

im a sucker for twidash and you pulled me in well done 5/5 moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

ish so cute

Now this was really well written! I liked the pacing. Not too fast, not too slow. I really think you nailed characterization just right.


Just one thing...If Ditzy was delivering anything, then who delivered the Daring Do book?

P.S. I was listening to my Youtube favorites list as I was reading this fanfic. Just as I finished the ending, the classic version of Heart's "Alone" began playing. Talk about you-couldn't-arrange-this-timing-if-you-tried!

1721432 Then perhaps you shouldn't be clicking on stories with romance tags.

Alright, now I'm really jealous of you:trixieshiftleft:.

That pic looks like Rainbow is trying to eat Twilights face

So cute. :twilightsmile: Can't wait to see more!

I love stories like this. I think there should be more stories like this instead of all those mature rated ones (we all know why they are rated so)


Stumbled upon this. You have my attention.

The warmth we all share in our hearts...
I support this entirely.

That was so sweet, and that part at the very end, the whole nonverbal thing? Spectacular. The part that really pushed it to an 11 out of 10 on the D'aww-O-Meter was when Twilight licked the tip of Rainbow's nose and hid her face. :twilightblush: So CUTE!

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