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Alicorns, Unicorns, and Stories to Come. · 5:29am Feb 17th, 2013

As an enormous Twidash reader/writer, I guess this post was inevitable considering the alicornification stuff.

First of all, I'm not going to be changing any of my previous stories to match, nor any of the current story ideas that involve Twilight to match as well. If I think of an idea with unicorn Twilight, it's staying an idea with unicorn Twilight.

Instead, I'll just put a little thing in the Description stating that the events are to take place before the Season 3 finale.

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Comment posted by Jackelope deleted Sep 8th, 2021

do you know why I love you? You are extremely talented and you give me SoL fics. Atta boy. Or girl...:rainbowderp:

Please give me more Applejack stories!
THERE ARE SO FEW, AND I NEED MOAR:twilightangry2:.


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